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Sunday, December 7, 2014


Since the beginning of the 20th century, the United States has fallen into the manipulating hands of one group of people, one race, that refuses to assimilate into our culture and, in fact, does not have the interest of our nation at heart: Only the interest of their ideology.

These people have taken over all forms of our media, our government and our banking system. These people are responsible for putting into law, laws that protect THEM. To get these protections in place, they threw out to the public that the 'poor blacks that were slaves.' Then the sad story of feminism and homosexuality.

Many dictators have done the same thing. Hitler, Lenin, Hillary Clinton and hundreds of others coddled the freaks to garner their approval. The freaks are mailable. They have been 'held down' by someone and the main reason this plan works so well to gain power is because White men are the problem. They are passive or egotistical and want problems to 'go away.'

How many times have you heard a white man say, 'Stop aggravating the situation. Just shut up.' Or, 'If the job was that horrible, why didn't you just leave?' The Bad People know blacks and women and homosexuals don't have any power on their own. The Bad People do fear, however, that the white man will actually collectively 'wake up' some day and put their foot down by not being afraid to speak the truth. The King has no clothes!

Civil Rights, desegregation, busing, Affirmative Action, Hate Crime laws, Gay rights, quotas and bloating the welfare state were ALL BAD IDEAS, put into place by the Bad People, who are cunning linguists. They create a 'problem,' then come up with a plan to solve it and no one says, 'There was no problem in the first place.' Many politicians do this.

It seems to me that many people in the Middle East, excluding Israel, have the manhood to fix the Bad People but, just as with the Free Republic of China that fell in 1947 to the Reds, they are given no ammunition to fight back. The Bad People give the ammo and money to bused-in Rebels to destroy the very sovereign nations that have no weapons to fight back. The Bad People want to control ALL of the Middle East.

It was a clever plan thought up by a group of united, devious people with no feelings. They are united in their plan and protected by their 'laws.' They tell a story about how they always have been the Good People when, in fact, they stole that story from the true good people. Heartless people can take your homes, murder your families and force you take drugs, legal or illegal. It's in their plan, which would be no 'plan' to white people because they have feelings and compassion. Those are a big negatives when fighting these Bad People, but first the good people have to really open their eyes.

What is even more unimaginable is that the Bad People have gotten the good people to fund and fight their trillion dollar wars in the Middle East, while our economy and our society flushes down the toilet and anyone that finds that out dies or their careers are ruined.

White men seem to have no defense against being accused a racist, or anti-Semitic, or unfair. If they did, they would stand up confidently and tell the Bad People to sit down in one loud voice. There are some groups in the U.S. that are doing something about the Bad People. They are uniting on one subject, such as billboards, and telling the public that we need to 'Stop sending $30 billion to Israel each year.' These billboards have been in Kansas and California. They aren't identifying the name of the Bad People. They are identifying the problem. Fix the problem and we put a few million Bad People out of a job.

Pick ONE issue and have all your friends concentrate on that. Each group of people have to target ONE issue at a time, not fragment into small, egotistic, ineffective small groups. There are other American people that are joining with others to speak out on Press TV. That is their venue. Regan said, 'There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.'

Before the Tea Party came into effect, my sister and I were going to give out tea bags on major corners downtown with a message about 'no taxation without representation.' Well, at least one group did it. And that's all that matters. Now, I would like to start a Light Bulb Campaign to get that one light bulb to come on, to get that one brain cell to spark, and realize we are losing our Republic to people that let our industries/factories go overseas; that pass laws that are not in the interest of our Republic; to stop the massive flood of drugs coming into our nation; to eliminate the Hate Crime Laws; to stop taxing our American small businessman; to stop giving out thousands of dollars to people from foreign countries that come over here; to stop any visa that enables a person to come here and take our jobs, including China; to stop the media from producing violent, perverted and 'magical' movies, books and TV shows (I call them Training Fimls) and don't be afraid to get back to reality.

All these laws used to 'protect' a minority are bad. We aren't supposed to be a democracy. We HAD a Republic, a Rule of Law, and we need to get it back. There are white and black men out there that can do all this. They just have to unite into a mass on one subject at a time and scare the bee-gee-bees out of Congress. Remember, it was all the Whos in Whoville that yelled in unison that were finally heard.

There was a time, maybe 30 years ago, when Americans still knew who the Bad People were and didn't want to live around them. They didn't like their selfish behavior. The Bad People were not allowed to be in the Masonic Temple or live in certain neighborhoods. Today, those neighborhoods are inhabited by Bad People and the Masonic Temple is ruined. They moved into the very neighborhoods they were denied access to. And with the U.S. government backing them, they can only become more powerful.

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