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Sunday, April 6, 2014

What will people say about the American people in 50 years?

Fifty years from now, the world will ask, 'Why didn't Americans do anything while their nation crumbled?  Hummm.  Why didn't German Jews do anything while their world crumbled?

You can't do anything and you can't judge yesterday by your standards of today.  The 'people' are the same in any generation whether in the time of Christ or today.  Our Republic is all but gone, replaced by a 'democracy' that our Founding Fathers said NEVER to let take over.

Well, whoever is reading this that is younger than 30, please tell those in the future that Americans could not do anything to stop the destruction.  Same with Mother Russia in 1917, same with the free Republic of China in 1947.  Same with North Korea, Formosa and Manchuria.  They could not do anything because those in power had hold of the strings....the money.

Research who runs the banks, the stock markets, U.S. media--ALL of it, and our government.  Research who did 9-11.  Research who tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967.  There you will find the answer.

Then, when you find the answer, YOU will do nothing also.