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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

'America's Retreat from Victory,' the story of George Marshall, by Senator Joseph McCarthy

America's Retreat from Victory
by Senator Joseph McCarthy

In McCarthy's copyright 1952 book, he correctly identified the sinister plans of liberal thinkers in the United States that has led, as he predicted, to Communism in China and beyond.. The same tactics and infighting that McCarthy identifies as leading to the destruction of the strength and might of the United States, were also at work for 20 years before the Bolsheviks took over Russia in 1917.

Firstly, who were the Bolsheviks? They were Jews, aka Liberal Thinkers. For 20 years they worked on the Czar to become 'more understanding' of the peasants. Peasants under the Czar owned their own land and were flourishing but propaganda is much more powerful that truth. The Czar's demise was to listen to the Liberals. Chiang Kai-shek's demise was in listening to General George Marshall to accept the Communist Yenan Reds, or rather, being sabotaged by Marshall.

For us, as pro-Americans today at the American Nationalist Network, trying to salvage our Republic from the hands of Communism, it is very important for us to understand in detail how Marshall was able to accomplish, even behind the back of then-president Truman, so much destruction on our nation, so much pro-Communist kiss + and still maintain his status as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff....the military...then became Secretary of State.....and at the end, Secretary of Defense.

In reading this book I can now see that there ARE good men in our government but they are overpowered by the now existing Liberalism that has rotted our Republic's foundation. I understand much better how these lying, deceptive and anti-American people in our government take over. I can also understand better that the president doesn't always rule if he doesn't understand situations—if he is ill advised and doesn't research it himself.

Joseph McCarthy, next to John F. Kennedy, were the two most pro-American and anti-Communist men of the 20th Century. Character assassination happened to Joseph McCarthy by the very group he identified as Jewish-Soviet spies. JFK they merely murdered. But because of George Marshall, the stage was set for a major expansion of the USSR's communistic agenda. Just like the Czar, Marshall 'thought' being friends with Communists would further the goals of America. He believed their lies and broken promises over and over, being intimidated by the Red leader General Chou En-lai yet treating Chiang Kai-shek with the utmost disrespect. Marshall delivered the Republic of China to the Yenan Reds on a silver platter.

Chou En-lai was the first Premier of the People's Republic of China, serving from October 1949 until his death in January 1976. Zhou served under Mao Zedong and was instrumental in consolidating the control of the Communist Party's rise to power, forming foreign policy, and developing the Chinese economy.

Joseph McCarthy begins his book, which is a condensed version of a speech he gave on June 14, 1951 before the U.S. Senate, about George Catlett Marshall's rise to power and actions during and after the war.

In 1933 Marshall was relived of his job at Fort Benning by Douglas MacArthur, then Chief of Staff, because the Inspector General of the Army reported he was incompetent to handle troops. In 1939, Roosevelt would place Marshall in command of the entire United States Army. No one knows for sure why but it could have something to do with Roosevelt's like of Stalin. In 1936 Soviet transpolar fliers, headed for a reception in Oakland, landed instead on the small airfield of Vancouver Barracks, where General Marshall was the commanding officer. This was the first time Marshall's name shows up in the New York Times Index.

During this time, a Confidential Report was sent to Marshall and spoke of files were almost destroyed identifying subversives and servants of the communists and communists in the military. In the Marzani case, under the scheme called PRESENTATION Inc., which contracted with a Communist dominated organization to disseminate propaganda. Unqualified men were given intelligence and security jobs over highly respected personnel. The FBI identified Soviet espionage activities in the United States but Dean Acheson of the State Department refused to listen and the two agencies would not cooperate afterward.

The Report also stated, “There is also the extensive employment in highly classified positions of admitted homosexuals, who are historically known to be security risks.”

At the First Quebec Conference in August 1943, Marshall triumphed over Churchill, which ended his sway over the great decisions of the war. Thereafter the policy of the U.S. in European war was wholly and without deviation the policy announced by Joseph Stalin.

George Morgenstern stated in his investigation of the 'winds' message received at Pearl Harbor about the coming attack, that Captain Stafford had been told by W.F. Friedman, chief Army cryptanalyst, that the “winds' message had been destroyed prior to the Pearl Harbor investigation “on direct orders from Chief of Staff Marshall.”

Marshall was warned by a report April 12, 1945 that Russia entering the Asiatic War would be disastrous and far reaching. He ignored that report also. The Report said, “If Russia enters the Asiatic war, China will certainly lose her independence, to become the Poland of Asia; Korea, the Asiatic Rumania; Manchuria, the Soviet Bulgaria.” “Under no circumstances should we pay the Soviet Union to destroy China.”

The Big Three Meeting and negotiations at Teheran took place in November and December of 1943. Stalin wanted to get to the Balkans through France. It was Marshall, who, at Teheran, made common cause with Stalin on the strategy of the war in Europe and marched side by side with him thereafter.

It was at Yalta, February 4 through 11, 1945, that the sad fate of the Republic of China was decided. It was Marshall, with Acheson and Vincent assisting, who created the China policy which, after destroying China, robbed us of a great friendly ally, a buffer against the Soviet imperialism with which we are at war.

July 10, 1947 Marshall was warned about Dean Acheson and the State Department he ran. It stated, “It is evident that there is a deliberate, calculated program being carried out not only to protect Communist personnel in high places, but to reduce security and intelligence protection to a nullity.” Marshall again ignored the report.

President Truman sent General Albert Wedemeyer to China in 1947 and together they developed a plan for East Asia to provide assistance and military aid to China. Wedemeyer stated in his Truman/Wedemeyer paper that was submitted before the Marshall paper, that “Soviet practice in the countries already occupied or dominated completes the mosaic of aggressive expansion through ruthless secret police methods and through an increasing political and economic enslavement of peoples. Soviet literature, confirmed repeatedly by Communist leaders, reveals a definite play for expansion far exceeding that of NAZISM in its ambitious scope and dangerous implications.” However, Marshall did his own plan, The Marshall Plan, which only gave assistance to China without military aid, which doomed The Republic of China forever to the Yenan Reds.

Communists were being allowed to enter the U.S. in 1948 under the aegis (e-jes, a shield) of the United Nations. Men such as Robert C. Alexander and Admiral Hillenkoetter, who identified these Communists, were either slandered or removed from office.

On the editorial page of the Sunday Compass of New York, July 19, 1947, is an article by Owen Lattimore with the heading, 'South Korea—another China.' He writes about a grant from Congress for $150 million to South Korea. Lattimer wrote, “The thing to do, therefore, is to let South Korea fall—but not to let it look as though we pushed it. Hence, the recommendation of a parting grant of $150 million.” Lattimore wanted the Communist and Liberal readers to know how well they did.

At the Truman branch of the Democratic Party meeting at Denver, Colorado, the men responsible for the disaster, which they called a 'great victory,' were named--Dean Gooderham Acheson and George Carlett Marshall.

It was Marshall who fixed the dividing line for Korea along the 38th parallel, a line historically chosen by Russia 45 years earlier to mark its sphere of interest in Korea. Japan had owned it from 1910 until they lost the war. Marshall's friends, the liberals of Yenan, shouldered their way into the war in Korea in December 1950. The Korean War began in 1951.

Marshall-Acheson's strategy to build the defense of Europe around the Atlantic Pact nations, excluding the two great well of anti-communism manpower of Western Germany and Spain and spurning the organized armies of Greece and Turkey. The Truman doctrine, however, is the opposite of this and talks about giving aid to Greece and Turkey for fear that Communist forces in those countries will take over. March 1947. But of course, this is not military aid.
McCarthy experienced a rapid rise in national profile on February 9, 1950, when he gave a Lincoln Day speech to the Republican Women's Club of Wheeling, West Virginia. His words in the speech are a matter of some debate, as no audio recording was saved. However, it is generally agreed that he produced a piece of paper that he claimed contained a list of known Communists working for the State Department. McCarthy is usually quoted to have said: "The State Department is infested with communists. I have here in my hand a list of 205—a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department."

From 1950 to 1953, Senator McCarthy exposed 40 “Jewish-Soviet Spies” in our Federal government, including the Rosenbergs. They were 'former members' of the American Communist Party and accused of convicted of passing nuclear weapons secrets to the Soviet Union . They were implicated by Ethel's brother-in-law, David Greenglass and a Philadelphia chemist, Harry Gold, who, “after admitting to their own espionage activities, served as the primary witnesses in the trial.” The Rosenbergs were executed by the electric chair after two years of prison on June 19, 1953. McCarthy also could not quite get the remaining 200 Communists so he banned them from producing subversive movies until about 1965.

Jewish interests did a character assassination of McCarthy, calling him a homosexual and that he was incompetent for warning the U.S. about Jewish-Soviet spies in our government calling the shots.

The truth is that the 40 JEWISH-Soviet spies in our Federal government that he tried in 1952 were, in fact, Jewish Soviet spies. What McCarthy did to earn the wrath of Jews was identify the threat to the United States from Communism. George Marshall earned the honor and respect of the Communists because he let them take over the Far East and major ports. Marshall had anti-American interests and McCarthy was pro-American.

In translations made of Soviet spy documents in the early 1980s, it was proven that the 40 Jewish-Soviet spies McCarthy named and tried were indeed Jewish-Soviet spies. Even though these facts are documented and proven, the Jewish-run U.S. media still condemns Joseph McCarthy and with good reason.....he almost single handedly rid the United States of Jewish Communism in our federal government.

Let's look over why our government has fallen to Jewish Communism:

The Army and the State Department were suffused with pro-Red propaganda emanating from General Joseph W. Stilwell's circle, who was Marshall's protege. Roosevelt had socialist thinking and therefore, put Marshall in charge of buttering up to Stalin. Truman seemed to not pay much attention to what his advisers were telling him because he first initiated the Wedemeyer/Truman Plan to give military aid to the Republic of China. Then oked no military aid to the Republic of China by signing in the Marshall Plan. Eisenhower was seen by McCarthy as a rubber stamp to Marshall and Stalin.

As I have personally heard a Jew say, “In government, the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing.” He should know. Some in our government wanted the Republic of China as an ally and some did not and they BOTH were working side by side for the same entity.....the United States. Is it still happening today? Of course, but it is more dangerous and vile then when it began during WWII. McCarthy stated more than a million people fall prey to Communism a year. Today our government is full of the very people McCarthy and the military warned us against: Subversives, incompetents and homosexuals.

And that was the dichotomy within the U.S. government during and after WWII. There were those like McCarthy, Leahey and Wedemeyer that did not want communism in our nation and those like Marshall and Acheson that enabled Communism to spread to the Far East. And all the while, our government put out propaganda saying the United States was anti-Communist.

One thing that must be done is to stop worrying about hurting the feelings of Liberals. They are destructive people as proven in the creation of the USSR and then the Republic of China and now the United States. They ferry in Communism by softening up our leaders to be sensitive to the feelings of 'the peasants'...then later 'the workers.' Today its unmarried mothers, obese people and homosexuals. When a nation's infrastructure and thought process is waylay-ed by a minority, that is what you get....the world of a minority.

There is something abhorrent in the minds of many Americans today to follow a fair minded leader. There must be more bad guys than good guys. We have seen those good leaders either murdered or subjected to character assignation by the very Liberal-thinking Communist-leaning people that are and have destroyed our nation. They destroyed Mother Russia, Poland, the Republic of China, Manchuria and Korea. The very people NO ONE should take seriously if they had common sense and a love of the United States.

Those Jewish-Soviet spy followers are still angry with Senator Joseph McCarthy for putting their conquest of America back 20 years. They immediately began a spear campaign against him that continues today. If you go to Wikipedia, they state that because of his 'claims' of Communist subversion, that “Ultimately, his tactics and inability to substantiate his claims led him to be censured by the United States Senate.”

Wikipedia describes his years in the Senate as “Largely undistinguished.” They state his cause of death was acute hepatitis and “...it is widely accepted that this was caused, or at least exacerbated, by alcoholism.” He is described as a mediocre judge. 
After McCarthy's death on May 2, 1957 at 48, liberalism in the federal government ran rampant. Not the strongest power in the world any longer, the U.S. fell prey to liberal thinking, as did Socialistic Britain, propagandized by the very people he sought to expose. There was no one left to battle Jewish-created Communism.

The U.S. hasn't been a viable nation since after WWII when Marshall and Acheson caused its demise. In this weakened and embarrassing state, it was reasonably easy for Jewish Communists to start desegregation, Civil Rights, busing, Affirmative Action and bloating the welfare state at the same time they they increased their coffers by creating these institutions and bloating our government.

Here is what Joseph McCarthy wrote at the end of America's Retreat from Victory about the future of this nation:
McCarty states, “The will to resist Russia here at home is vitiated. (vi·ti·ated) meaning destroyed. Gone is the zeal with which we marched forth in 1941 to crush the dictatorships. The leftist-liberals who preached a holy war against Hitler and Tojo are today seeking accommodation with the senior totalitarianism of Moscow. Is this because we are today arrayed against, to recall the phrase of General Bradley, “the wrong enemy” in the “wrong war”? We were on Russia's side in the last war—our strategy after the first Quebec conference might as well have been dictated in the Kremlin and teletyped to the Pentagon.--and is that why the Marshall who prosecuted World War II with bloodthirsty zeal, eager to storm fortified shores, sat this one out?” pg. 167

Why did McCarthy think the purpose of Marshall's policies, ideas, papers, intervention in the Far East was? In his own words:

I think it is clear from what has occurred and is now occurring: to diminish the United States in world affairs, to weaken us militarily, to confuse our spirit with talk of surrender in the Far East and to impair our will to resist evil. To what end? To the end that we shall be contained and frustrated and finally fall victim to Soviet intrigue from within and Russian military might from without. Is that far-fetched? There have been many examples in history of rich and powerful states which have been corrupted from within, enfeebled and deceived until they were unable to resist aggression.”

The United States, because of the incompetence of its rulers in the presidency and military, opened the door to Communism throughout the world during World War Two and destroyed many strong and vibrant anti-Communist nation nations. As we have seen, it was easy to do and yet Americans today will not connect the dots to understand the communist ideology and its processes that overcame Russia in 1917, China in 1948, Korea in 1950, the second Yugoslavia in 1945... because it is too difficult to do the research. That is all I can think of. Do you know the answer?

Note: 'The Communist Manifesto' was written by Karl Marx (born Jewish) and Friedrich Engels, father of the Marxist Theory