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Sunday, May 6, 2012

How We Fix America--Children First

Anything your senses come into contact with makes an impression, especially what we hear and see.  "Schizophonia" describes a state where what you hear and what you see are unrelated.  Is that happening to America?

There is a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo out there, much propagated by Jews such as Feminism, that influence people's conception of themselves.  Sites such as http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=12861 puts out information such as, "men typically adopt a reductive listening position, listening for something, often a point or solution.  Women, by contrast, typically adopt an expansive listening position, enjoying the journey, going with the flow. When unconscious, this mismatch causes a lot of arguments."

Certainly males and females are different.  One bears children and the other defends the cave.  I know many women, including myself, that "adopt a reductive listening position..." looking for a solution when a person has a complaint.  Yes, this had made me a bit unpopular with women but the fact is, woman CAN be logical like men and still be women.  It just isn't encouraged in females during their training.  That would be too powerful and threatening.

Women thinking logically would destroy feminism.  It would make women great, faithful partners for men and make our nation strong again.  But again, we are what we see and hear and forty years of Jewish-run propaganda has told women they need to take that job from the man because 'you are equal.'  They never encouraged women to be strong.  They encouraged them to be weak followers of the propaganda.

Socrates said, "Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul, on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace, and making the soul of him who is rightly educated graceful, or of him who is ill-educated ungraceful."  Socrates was speaking of men, not women.

 As the above sites states, "Compressed music makes you tired. However clever the technology and the psychoacoustic algorithms applied, there are many issues with data compression of music, as discussed in this excellent article by Robert Harley back in 1991. My assertion that listening to highly compressed music makes people tired and irritable is based on personal and anecdotal experience - again it's one that I hope will be tested by researchers."  That is what rap music has done to millions of American children.

And headphone abuse is creating deaf kids let alone hard, thumping rap music.  And then there are the WORDS in the rap music that encourage children to be mean.  Television shows for young girls depict petty, nasty behavior towards each other.  They plan attacks on other girls.  They kiss each other on the lips.  Listen to 'I kissed a girl and I liked it' by Katy Perry.  Here are some of the lyrics:

"I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chap stick
I kissed a girl jus to try it
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it"

Girls HEAR that.  Girls see them kissing each other on cable television.  Girls SAW Madonna kiss Brittany Spears on TV.  K.D. Lang kissed Ellen De Generes on the lips on television in March of 1997.  There are sites out there such as http://www.afterellen.com/node/35819 featuring "bi female and lesbian singers."  Girls think that is okay if you don't tell them its not.

So, how do we fix that?  Pretty simple.....tell your children rap music is creepy but if they want to be creepy, that's ok.  Take your children to the museum, the opera, stage plays.  Encourage your child to be strong and take care of themselves.  Spend TIME with your kids.  Listen to them.  When kids are confident, they are much less likely to listen to musical garbage or take drugs. 

Help kids with their homework or get them a tutor.  Do NOT drug them.  Our children are messed up because of busing and the Liberal agenda now in schools.  Teachers are overwhelmed with meetings and training indoctrinating them into this 'new' way of thinking and they are angry about that.  Support your teachers.  Go to their Union meetings.

Just plain think.  That's how you fix America.

Diary of a City Cop

It is not easy being a city cop and especially being a female cop.  I have never had feminist feelings towards men.  I love real men and as a city cop, worked with the best.  I also worked with the worst.

During my 16 years with the Columbus Police Department in Columbus, Ohio, I met many good citizens.  In fact, sometimes the citizens had more morals and character than some of the officers I worked with.  But the bad officers were in the minority.  My police department has many good cops.  I am proud of my department.

Let's get back to the female thing.  During my career I was asked, in fact TOLD, to lie for the department to avoid a law suit.  I refused to do that because of my training.  My training taught us to do the job by the rules.  My training said 'Do it right.'  But later on, I found some supervisors that somehow felt the badge gave them authority and power they did not deserve.  Some supervisors and officers believed that choosing to put someone in jail "would teach them a lesson."  I would not lie or abuse my authority but at the same time, did not tell on them.

What happened to me was that in 2006 my sister and I put 9 videos up on YouTube about what we had found out about the destruction of America.  We had no idea there were others out there that had been saying the same thing for decades.  We were alone in our research and that research is as true today as it was then.  The problem was that the people we discovered were destroying America were Jews.  Jews run Columbus, Ohio and yet, we never thought that proving this in videos was a bad thing.  We wanted people to know what we had found out.  It was a revelation.

In the spring of 2007 I received a death threat.  See video at:  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=44c_1218318444

In that video, I read the threat received.  When I received the threat as a citizen, not a police officer, I contacted Homeland Security.  They told me to contact the Terrorism Tip Line.  I did.  When I say 'as a citizen' I mean that I never identified myself as a police officer, which was our only Rule requirement.

The same people I was exposing, Israel and the Jews, were the people sending the death threat.  Internal Affairs never made that connection or defended me.  Instead Lieutenant Fred Bowditch, of the Columbus Police Department and Homeland Security, took the tip and worked with Jewish organizations to expose me as 'anti-Semitic.'

I never identified myself as a police officer.....Homeland Security did.  This made no difference to those running the Columbus Police Department.  Lt. Bowditch told me, "Susan.  We investigate Hamas and Hezbollah...not the Mossad" who I believe were making the threats.  The Mossad is Israel's intelligence agency.

It only took a month in August of 2007 for a Jewish agency to contact Channel 10 television and expose me as 'an anti-Semitic cop.'  Those Jews wanted to make it a racist issue against blacks.  Our videos were never against American blacks.  In fact, after I was 'exposed,' black officers were the first to support me.

In Internal Affairs paperwork, they wrote humorously that I didn't even know the Terrorism Tip Line was the Columbus Police Department.  There it was...in writing.  Homeland Security worked against me and never investigated the threat.

Knowing my department would try and destroy me as they did my good black Sergeant, Terrance Wilson in 2000 (read Moral Cowards at Amazon.com) I decided to retire.  I had been in the retirement mode for over a year anyway.

So, while some people say 'all cops are bad,' they are mistaken.  The goods ones are in the majority but having one heck of a time doing their job right.  Many times good cops do what is right knowing if they 'were found out,' they would be in trouble.  Policing is upside down.

What I found out by 2006 was a drop in the bucket to what I found out about Israel and the Jews in September of 2007.  By their own actions, I found that Jews control everything.  They control the media, local government, advise the president and Israel is the heart of their evil.

For two weeks, my story was on national news throughout the United States.  People were writing to me that they 'thought Jews owned the media' and the tide began turning.  People were writing letters of support to Columbus media and calling in compliments about me to the Columbus Police Department.  Citizens of Columbus knew I was not a racist or anti-Semitic. 

My sister was on CNN September 6, 2007 and although Rick Sanchez tried to do a hatchet job on her, it backfired.  Even liberals in California detested Sanchez.  So what did the Jewish-run media do?  They decided to ignore us and not put our story in the news ever again. 

It is a sad situation that a police department would sacrifice good officers and detectives because Jews running local government tell them to.  But hey, they put the chief in office so why not?

The DEmasculation of Good Men

Let's cut to the chase here.  Lower species of humans have strong sex drives.  It has been researched and proven that Asians are more intelligent than Caucasians who are more intelligent than the African black race.  The sex drive, or selection drive, of the Asian is less than the Caucasians who are less than the black.  Therefore, it can be concluded that the more intelligent a human being, the more selective he is when mating.

The next question becomes:  Why are the races with a higher sex drive destructive toward those with a lesser sex drive?  Could it be testosterone levels?  Probably.  Higher testosterone leads to more aggressive males. 

A third question is:  Why would a 'race' of people such as Jews want to destroy Caucasians?  And why would they use blacks to do that?  This is a complicated yet simple question.

Jews were condemned by Jesus Christ for their wicked ways.  They took this personal.  The Rabbis and Pharisees of Jesus' time that lived around the Temple in Judea were ruled by money and power.  Their behavior was repulsive to others that practiced the same ceremonies and traditions but were not mean or selfish.  This group of disliked people, who believed they were superior to everyone else, became more clannish.  Wikipedia describes such people as, "a clan or guild is an organised group of players that regularly play together in a particular (or various) multiplayer games."  This clan, or cult, bonded together because outsiders did not like them, similar to bullies today.  As centuries passed, they lashed out at those that tried to convert them, hurt them, or kick them out of a nation, and they became more hateful.  They never succeeded in becoming powerful until the United States government began backing Israel.

Just as the Jews during the 60s Revolution instilled in many American blacks that the 'white man was responsible for all their woes,' Jews in Soviet Russia did the same to Russians through the peasants and later 'the workers.'  There is never a shortage of oppressed people that can be easily manipulated by con-men.  It's always the fault someone else when you are dealing with psychopaths and power freaks.  Read Power Freaks by David L. Weiner.

Sex is very important to the identity of males.  Many men judge other foes by their height, aggression, muscle mass and penis size (although that is sometimes assumed).  Taking away a foe's sexual prowess is thought by many in the lower species as winning.  During the 60s Revolution, which destroyed America's established and working white leadership, the next step was to emphasize black and female prowess. 

Just as with the 1917 Russian Revolution, it took twenty years or more of propaganda beginning with liberal ideals to accomplish this.   In the United States, since most of the newspapers, magazines, movie theatres, music industry, television stations and book publishers were then owned by people with Jewish names, all that had to be done was publish that the white male was the reason for all this chaos.

Actually, the white American male had nothing to do with the chaos.  He never changed.  He can't.  The American male works hard, gets an education, takes care of his family and wants to live peacefully and comfortably.  The white male never knew what hit him.  But forty years later, the white male cannot find a job, can't find a good woman that stays in the marriage and they start whining about it.  Television commercials today depict the white male as non-existent or quite clownish.  So the white male feels helpless, as if his testicles have been cut off. 

Of course, black males don't feel emasculated because the Jewish-run media has promoted them as highly viral, ignoring intelligence and creativity.  Those Jews that own the media would never, ever allow blacks to run their own movie or music business.  Asians don't seem to be affected by the propaganda because it wasn't aimed at them.  And Asians are similar to each other and clannish....American males are not. 

Since American males are a mixture of all European nations, they are unique in that they are brave and carry on the traditions of creating a harmonious society.  But they are totally defenseless against 'words' and propaganda.  They don't know how to fight that today because they are a combination of all other nationalities and their unity has been broken by Jewish propaganda.

Schools now teach that Mommy and Daddy can be the same sex.  Catholic schools teach that Joseph was the "Foster Dad to Jesus Christ."  The marker to measure your sexual prowess against is the white male.  HE is the problem and must be emasculated.  He keeps on creating and building working societies that won't let minorities rule.   Jews have change that order today for their own selfish interests.  They are on the cusp of ruling the world.  They are finally paying back the others that wouldn't choose them to play ball on the playground.

In conclusion, I believe that at some point good white and black American males will realize they have been snookered and will be brave enough to put this Republic back on track at the 'expense' of those trying to destroy it.  After all, our world depends upon it.