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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Joseph McCarthy vindicated....sort of

The most wonderful show was on Sixty Minutes on Sunday, October 16, 2016. It was about the Rosenbergs—those “Jewish Soviet Spies.” For over sixty years, Jews have bad mouthed Joseph McCarthy for having the Rosenbergs hung. Although translated Soviet spy documents validated those spies as Jewish-Soviet Spies' in the early 80s, this show was a revelation.

Rosenberg's two sons were on 60 Minutes talking about how no one wanted them after their parents died because 'they owned shops and didn't want clients to stop coming in.' Finally, a couple did adopt them and changed their last name.

The two brothers went in search of the truth, trying to clear their parents' name. What they found was that their parents were actually Jewish Soviet Spies and quite guilty.

So, I questioned Why Now? After all these years, what changed that caused the Jews to finally tell the truth? Joseph McCarthy's name was never mentioned, and that is odd also. Jews coined the word 'McCarthyism' to describe anyone falsely accused, in defense of the Rosenbergs.

Any thoughts on Why Now? Why three weeks before a presidential election?

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hurricane Katrina and the Flint water crisis

I noticed a similarity between the Katrina aftermath and the Flint water crisis:  That, coincidentally, both local governments, Flint and Louisianan, are both run by predominately black people, including the Flint mayor and the Flint emergency manager.  Flint now has a female black mayor named Karen Weaver.

The New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin, could not be found after Katrina hit.  He had left and wasn't located until after the storm.  He has since been convicted on corruption charges.

Evidently, in Flint, a man named Darnell Early was the one that switched Flint's water from Detroit to Flint.  He is also, coincidentally, the person in charge of the deteriorating schools in Flint. In 2012, Governor Snyder voted against changing water to Flint.

This should not be a racial issue.  It is a competency issue.  Just because a city is predominately black, does not automatically mean a black mayor or emergency manager can run it.  To select someone or vote for someone just because they are black ignores the competency issue.  That's like voting with your heart and not your head.

Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of Chicago and the black residents there despise him and he's Jewish.  He just isn't a good mayor.

It seems to me that the public, or whoever puts a mayor in power, should look at the person's credentials and background before voting for them.  Not just their race...and that includes gender.  Stop being Politically Correct and start being intelligently correct.  Electing someone just because they look like you is dangerous.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Societies are upside down today—has it always been that way?

Evidently, yes. In reading an article in National Geographic from June 1988, an Italian archeologist named Cataldi, in talking about ancient Italians—the Etruscans--, stated, “There is a moment when you are strong and you take what you want from other cultures. Then comes the moment when other cultures are forced on you.”

That is the United States today. Instead of “Out of many, one,” it is 'Out of many, many.' Read the back of the American penny. The Etruscans dissolved because times became difficult and they resorted to imagining 'the afterlife' and how evil that must be. They were absorbed by 'The Romans,' who have a lot to thank Etruscan society for. The Romans' rule lasted about the same amount of time as the Etruscans...900 B.C. up to Rome's creation.

About Etruscan reign: “There seems to have been in the Etruscan instinct, a real desire to preserve the natural humour (sic) of life,” D.H. Lawrence wrote. “And that is a task surely more worthy, and even much more difficult in the long run, than conquering the world or sacrificing the self or saving the immortal soul.” The quote sounds pretty much on spot.

Today we have in the Middle East a serious problem because of Israel. Israel was created by Truman, Britain and the U.N. in 1948 who felt they had to give Palestinian land to Jews to either 'shut them up' or buddy up to them (and the wealth they can can create). What ever the reason was, the U.S. has created a 'state' so horrid and dangerous that it is leading to the destruction of Middle Eastern nations and their peoples, not to mention the United States. It has even lead Americans to believe that the people that want their land back are “terrorists” and that Jews (aka Israel) are victims. This war against anyone not Jewish is going to lead to the realization of the archeologist's quote for America.

Number one, Israel's wall MUST be torn down. Jews want everyone else to 'tear down their walls' except the gated communities they live in today. Next, stop sending Israel $20-$30 billion a year that they don't ever have to pay back.  The only thing Jews are 'scared of' is that the U.S. will stop protecting and funding them against the 'terrorists' that want their land back.  And stop sending our healthy boys to slaughter fighting Israel's wars for them. 

And this mantra of 'Poor Israel' or 'Poor Jews' is repeated over and over whenever someone exposes their selfish, lying and horrible behavior. I read recently that the ADL believes Trump's campaign promise of 'Make America Great Again' is anti-semitic. I saw on T.V. a picture of Trump with that quote on a baseball cap that 'the media' had changed it to read, “Make American White Again.” Jews are not afraid to telegraph their moves because NO ONE dares goes up against them. It is sure political, career death or even death.

After 2,000 years of being thrown out of nations they invaded and destroyed, they have found a wonderful bed fellow in the U.S. government. First time any nation has done this for them. And most Americans don't research 'the holocaust' or who really did 9-11 because the truth will hurt you...literally. Not many realize Jews were terrorists LONG before Palestinians began fighting back.

The U.S. Republic is in imminent danger today because of Israeli/Jewish terrorism and propaganda, not Muslim/Arabs. ISIS is killing Christians and Muslims, not Jews. The Zealots of Christ's time, the Rabbis and Pharisees, evolved into a snarling, hateful glob of people hiding behind 'Judaism,' and are out to punish the world for not liking them.

Communism is a Jewish ideology. Communists are everywhere trying to undermine countries. They are in Central and South America. They have been in our U.S. government since WWII and even Joseph McCarthy (who exposed “Jewish/Soviet spies" in our Federal government in 1952) has been demonized in the Jewish-run American press to the point that trying to expose something corrupt is called 'McCarthyism.'

I can understand the collapse of a long-running rule in ancient society but I cannot understand a young nation, such as the U.S., collapsing because of 100 years of Jewish rule. Our nation was built on solid ground, rules and morals and we're giving that all away to destroyers...willingly. There was nothing wrong with The Establishment that Jews methodically dismantled and replaced with the chaos we have today. The 60s Revolution/Civil Rights/Desegregation/Busing/Affirmative Action didn't work. And we can't fix it now that we KNOW because we can't identify who did it all because they are Jewish?  Get their communist agenda out of office!

Do what I did to find out the truth about history...RESEARCH. I'm just about ready to throw Americans to the wolves.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Beautiful Mind

The story, A Beautiful Mind, by Sylvia Nasar, is everything but a beautiful mind. It is the story of one man's mental illness, schizophrenia. The long Prologue tries to make the reader believe John Nash was a mathematical genius that lapsed into a twenty-year breakdown and when he miraculously came out of it, he still had a beautiful mind.

John Nash is surrounded by Jews at such schools as MIT, Princeton and Cambridge. Nash was one of only a few non-Jews. Just as Machiavelli wrote The Prince for the Medici (Jewish) family in Venice during the 1500s, I believe A beautiful Mind was written to tell people how many Jews are in academia. Many people I have spoken to that have read The Prince, dislike it because it tells leaders to lie. I liked the book because it was a 'blueprint' on why leaders (or princes) must lie to keep their positions. The same is with A Beautiful Mind. It shows the reader what goes on in our colleges and universities and who runs them.

John Nash had an illegitimate son and a legitimate son and refused to support either. After his mental illness was in remission, his first son was free of any mental illness but his second son developed schizophrenia. Even after Nash reconciled somewhat with his first son, he still said insulting and cruel things to him.

This story, however, does explain a lot about mental illnesses and how people react to them. It asks the question of whether schizophrenia can really be 'cured' and also states that manic depression could more easily be cured. What I have witnessed is that manic depression can never be 'cured' because the axioms and neurons that develop in the brain have been hardwired before the age of ten. Drugs can 'change' the behavior of Manics and schizophrenics but does not cure them.

It appears that John Nash was born again after his mental illness subsided. It was as though he began learning the social and emotional skills that he never had, those skills being thwarted by this genius. Einstein, a Jew, was also a mathematical genius and although strange acting, did not seem to have a breakdown as Nash did. Perhaps Einstein wasn't quite as intelligent as John Nash.

I have known a couple of high-IQ geniuses. Both were drawn to the military and both were paranoid, believing people in grocery stores were saying 'things' to them or someone would go into their homes to put a penny on the table, tails up. Having a high IQ is not a blessing. It is more like an 'acceptable' mental illness because of their genius in academic fields.

More remarkable than a genius are those people who are very intelligent, wise, well adjusted and kind without an IQ of 150. But there seems to be no story about 'normal' people, those people who are level-headed, logical and know the answers to most of life's questions, yet are humble.

From reading this book, I came away with the distinct feeling that it was more of a boast book for Jews in academia. Jews and liberals saturate our schools of higher learning. I believe that John Nash was just an excuse to brag about those in academia and how ironic that the only mathematician that went crazy was an Episcopalian.

Friday, February 19, 2016

One Huge Mistake

I wrote a blog a while back about Who The Israelites Really Were because I wanted to know.  It took me nine weeks of research.  From the Ice Man to Christ and only at Christ did I find the answer.  They are the people without guile...good people. 

The reason I wanted to know is because people that call themselves 'Jews' today say they are Israelites.  They are not.  They were Judian citizens, just like the other races in that area.  Read below, because this story is quite similar to what I have written, with a little more detail about when 'Jew' was inserted into the Bible and what word it replaced and why this lie is important to Jews today.

18th Century King James version of the Bible. First time 'Jew' appeared in the Bible.

At the time of Christ's Mission, in the days of His flesh, few of the citizens of Judaea were Judahites, that is, direct descendants of Judah and so the "Chosen People"; the true recipients of the Bible Covenants. Following the destruction of David's Kingdom (its dismemberment first by Babylonians and then by Assyrian's) the forced depopulation of Israel and its people in Exile and bondage, their release by Cyrus the Great and their return and restoration of the Temple, the population of Palestine was very mixed. Although some did indeed belonged to the tribe of Judah and others to one of the other tribes of Israel, many others were descendants of other patriarchs, but, especially, of Esau. These were the Edomites who had been conquered and now assimilated and become co-religionists with the Judahites and remnants of the other tribes of Israel. Moreover, this mixed race were melded together by a hybrid religion  developed during the captivity in Babylon. This is the religion of the Pharisee .... Pharisaism  ... the man-made religion of the Talmud that is today called Judaism. This man-centred, man-made religion was the religion vehemently condemned by Christ since it is the antithesis of the Mosaic Law and the prophets and makes the Word of God of no effect (Matt. 15:1-9).

Now, Judah was the largest and the most influential of the Twelve Tribes of Israel with the governing right whose sons where to provide the rightful kings of Israel. That is, they were the inheritors of the Bible Covenants but especially the Davidic Covenant. In short; the Chosen People of Yahweh. However, Jacob prophesied (Gen. 49:10) the tribe would only maintain its pre-eminence until "Shiloh," came who would then assume headship and receive the allegiance of true spiritual Israel as Isaiah 9:6-7 foretold. That is, when the Messiah arrived. This is why Jesus' lineage was established in Matthew 1 and Luke 3 to David, Judah, Jacob and Abraham. So that when He took the sceptre from Judah all who receive Him as Messiah give Him their allegiance.

A modern misconception is that "the Jews" are direct descendants of Jacob and so the people of Israel, the true, biblical Israelites. However, by the time of Jesus, because of wars, enslavement, migrations and miscegenation, a Jew may or may not have descended from Jacob. He could have been descended from a number of patriarchs, especially Esau, since Edomites were then dominant in the racial mix. However, although a disparate racial mix the Jews by this time all recognised Pharisaism as their personal and state religion and NOT the Law of Moses. And so, a point of uttermost importance: someone who is called a "Jew" in the Bible is not necessarily a member of the tribe of Judah, a true Israelite, or even a Semite nor are they an essential part of the Yahweh's Chosen People, a follower of Moses and the prophets. In the Bible, a Jew is simply a resident of Judaea .... he is simply a Judaean ... with or without the special status arising from blood of the Covenant People. Yet, this fact of historical identity has been subverted by a secret force whose aim is to use the ancient yet special status of the true biblical Covenant People, the true Chosen People of Yahweh, for their own very dark designs. That is why this incredibly well organised and well-financed secret force created a  "secondary meaning" for the new word "Jew," which is not the understanding intended by the 18th century redactors of the New Testament. That is, those who today call themselves Jews and arrogate the special status as God's Chosen People and all its privileges by claiming to be direct descendants of the tribes of Israel and of David, Judah, Jacob and Abraham. Millions claim this yet few of them are "Jews" in the proper sense as they are not "Judaeans" or residents of Judaea. That is: the so-called modern day Jews -the Modern Tribe of Jews- are not "the Jews" of the Bible. In other words, the Modern Tribe of Jews claiming the territory in Palestine that was Once the Holy Land are not the biblical Jews, they are not the true biblical Covenant People: they are not "returning" to their "Promised Land" because they were never there in the first place ...

original, un-redacted "1611 Authorised King James Version"

Pontius Pilate had posted over Jesus' cross that in the Greek is "Ieous Nazoraios Basilius Ioudaios," which in modern Bibles is rendered: "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews"

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Jewish question...

Why would Jews of today, mostly Ashkenazi (or however you spell it), want themselves inserted into the Bible to replace 'Citizens of Judea?' To do that would identify them as the ones responsible for the murder of Jesus Christ. They did this because 'Citizens of Judea,' as stated in translations such as the older Aramaic, is too general. They needed to specifically insert themselves into the Bible so people would think 'Jews' existed in Christ's time and therefore, they could take over the world. Seems a bit ambitious but not unrealistic as long as things fell into place.

Jews did not exist in the Middle East during Christ's time. The Rabbis and Pharisees in Herod's Temple were Zealots. Christ chastised them and eventually the Romans did also. These Zealots, by their own admission, came 'from the north,' meaning north of Syria. Jews of today say them came from Mesopotamia but many people believe they are Turkish-Mongolians. Either way, they have no property right to Palestinian land. But by inserting themselves into the King James version, however, they claim they do...as if religion matters in this country.

A group 'of people' pushed the publishers of the King James version of the Bible to change those two words to 'Jews.' At first the publishers resisted but gave in. The King James English version of the Bible came out early 1600s. Read and compare the earlier translations of the Bible to note this, especially John.

Any book such as the Bible or the Koran are strong binders of people. Religion has caused wars for centuries. That is why Constantine created the Catholic Church...to control the masses.

Hebrew was a written language that the Bible was written in, same as the Catholic Church used Latin. The Jews of today claim they speak Hebrew instead of Yiddish because 'they are the Chosen People.' They have no problem changing these things because Jews own the publishing companies and almost all the media.

Just as Jews worked on the Czar for 20 years with their liberal mantra of 'The peasants need to be treated fairly, and then later, 'The workers need to be treated fairly,' Jews have worked on the United States for almost a century to introduce Communism. Communism was created by Karl Marx and Engels, both Jews, as a plan (or philosophy) to take over the world. They chose Russia because their first choice didn't work. If a nation is healthy, Communism could not exist. So, Jews made the U.S. sick.

Jews worked relentlessly working on our government, creating and running the Federal Reserve and the NAACP and newspapers in the U.S.  Senator Joseph McCarthy found “Jewish-Soviet Spies” in our Federal government after WWII and correctly identified them. He imprisoned 40 (who were confirmed in early 1980) and the 200 he could not quite get, he banned them from making subversive movies until about 1965. 

After that (and desegregation and Civil Rights and the 60s Revolution) the movie industry exploded with perverted movies, TV situation comedies, books, magazines, music, video games, clothing, public school books, slogans, derogatory 'racist' terms, laws...and all things 'civil rights.'

The evidence is there if only people would look for it. But people don't want to research. They want to be entertained and Jews can be VERY entertaining because the dream world is their world. When exposed for lying they reply, “But it should have been that way.” Well, it wasn't.

Today Jews have succeeded in inserted themselves, however incorrectly, into the Bible. They call themselves 'Hebrews.' They say they speak Hebrew. Even Christ spoke Aramaic. They destroyed the Catholic Church and 'Christians,' whatever or wherever they came from, are now the big 'C,' not catholics. The Church HAD to be destroyed (by Vatican II) because they were too strong, ceremonial and too rich—a huge threat to Jews. Vatican II took away the Latin, the nun's habits, the spirituality of the Church and their strength.  Today leaders want a Vatican III 'to right the wrongs done to the Jews.' Same with the Masonic Temple. 

There is NO 33rd degree, only the 32nd Scottish Rite, of which my husband was a member. He was proud because it was the highest degree. Back then, before 1984, no Jews or blacks were allowed in it.

So, what are we going to do about this? Nothing because we don't have the money to change it and not many Americans want to do the research. They are afraid of hurting the feelings of the Jews. Sly devils.