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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Ya know, one thing about getting older and smarter, working for a good police department and getting a B.A. in Political Science summa cum laude, is that once you realize what is really going on in governments today, no one listens.

No one is addressing the BEHAVIOR of America's black trash. The Jewish-run American media is, again, blaming WHITE people with the few 'shooting of unarmed blacks by white police officers.'

Don't be fooled. Police departments all get the same training, which I consider excellent. They also have been desensitized from the brutal treatment by Viet Nam vets that became police officers in the 70s. They were brutal to 'white' people, not black, but who cares about that? Almost ALL 'crime' was committed by white people before Civil Righs. After that it became mostly black and violent and now, they want police officers to stop arresting black criminals.  

It was Jewish people that introduced the race separation in the late 60s by introducing words like 'black' and 'white' into our vernacular. They also introduced 'racism,' and anti-Semitic' and 'gay.'

Although Jews like Professor Robert Weissberg, have written papers about divorcing the blacks but can't, he has also written books about how stupid blacks are in school. Visit Amazon.com and read a 'look inside' of his books. He stated to me, “The blacks don't appreciate what the Jews have done for them.”

While degrading the American black, Jews also still use the American black for their own agenda—Jews don't want to get kicked out of yet again another nation.

Until some genius with common sense speaks out and puts the blame on blacks that don't understand police commands such as, “Stop,” or “Drop the knife,” or “Calm down,” these current problems with black trash will never stop.

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