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Friday, August 22, 2014

The paw is on the tail of the rat

I sent an email to a friend of mine from another nation who is, in the last few years, finally identifying the problem in the Middle East. I told him, “You are like a cat with his paw on the tail of the rat.”

Peter sends reports around that he has researched and they are now mainly on what is happening in the Middle East. He identifies the atrocities Israel is doing to the Palestinians. He identified the leader of ISIS as a Jew. He knows about the tunnels Gaza used to blast Israel, although not enough. He identified Ukraine as shooting down the Malaysian air plane, not Putin.

ISIS kills mainly Muslims. ISIS is said to have highly sophisticated equipment and weapons. That doesn't describe any Muslim nation I know of. Israel has weapons like that. Hummmm. Could it be SATAN?, as the Church Lady used to say on Saturday Night Live.

What I see out of all this is that many Americans, who want their Republic back, are all focusing in on the main issues. We aren't united in that if we all got a phone message not to go to work that day that we would do it. But we are united now in the subject matter: Israel is the problem in the Middle East.

There wouldn't be all these 'terrorist groups' out there if not for Israel. Israel was the first terrorist group in the Middle East, trying to get Britain to move out, which they did, so they could take over. And they were successful.

Why doesn't the United States government see that? Well, we've had communists in our Federal government since WWII. Senator Joseph McCarthy identified them and wrote a book about it called America's Retreat From Victory. What did he get, and still gets, for saving our nation from communists? He got demonized by Jews, aka communists.

The Southern Poverty Law Center provides books for children in public schools. Jews say they run our school system. They run all of our media and our government. They tell us what to think, who to hate (Muslims), how to act. They use our healthy young men to fight their 'wars' so they can get more land. They run our financial institutions. They took over Mother Russia in 1917. They allow perversion to prosper and morality to suck. They pit people against each other...black against white, heterosexual against homosexual, rich against the poor. They are masters. Or is that spelled with a B?

In conclusion, we have finally identified the rat and we're holding onto its tail and not letting go. We can't. The future of Humanity is depending on us.

Thank you.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Story of O--a message to my readers

Obama's accomplishments? Even a clock can be right twice a day. Many presidents since 1980 remind me of the movie, 'Rosemary's Baby.' They are created puppets that bow to the will of the Powers That Be. And that Power is the Jewish lobbies and Israel.

I am ashamed to live in a nation I don't recognize, with stupid creatures out there which must be alien, although I do not think they are from outer space, unfortunately. Clinton was a groomed creation of those Powers, along with baby Bush and then...Obama. Obama is the culmination of all the other creations before him and the most successful of them all in destroying our Republic.

You will still hear people today say that 'Obama is a Muslim.' But he is not murdering Jews; he's murdering Muslims. His mother was Jewish. He was raised by his grandparents in Hawaii. Remember that Clinton was 'adopted.' Who knows where he came from.

What I want the people reading this blog to know, especially from other countries, is to not hate 'the American people.' If you must hate, then hate our 'leaders.' We certainly don't like them. We can't get good leaders voted in because the Power has brainwashed most Americans with propaganda through the Jewish-run media. We can't fix it, but you can.

I've read some reliable information on the 'war' between Israel and Gaza. If Hamas stops now, the Middle East is doomed. The walls around Israel will never fall. Israel is dragging the American people down into a cesspool filled with the blood of many Middle Easterners and Muslims. I am so sorry for that.

The ONLY way to fix this and to get our nation back and yours, is to dismantle Israel, just at the Romans did to Herod's Temple in 70AD. Those people in Israel have completely drug us down and destroyed our Republic, our Rule of Law. Without them controlling our media and government, our nation would become strong again and help the world. Without the U.S., the world is doomed. Not the U.S. we have today. The one we had under John F. Kennedy and Nixon.

We won't go around killing bad people over here. All we have to do is destroy the spirit of the Beast...Israel. Al Jazeera and PressTV are doing an excellent job of getting the truth out and trying to save lives. Thank you for that.

That is why you cannot stop. Target the walls around Israel. Yes, Israel targets your schools and refugee camps and lies about it, but never sink that low. The good will prevail.  Tear down those walls.