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Friday, June 26, 2015


I have found that in my quest for the answers to, 'What destroyed our nation? Was there a changing of the guard?' I have discovered how difficult it is to motivate Americans to DO SOMETHING. And more importantly, getting Americans to realize how much power they really have.

A friend of mine, who is a retired sociology teacher, read my book Moral Cowards. It is a non-fiction story about the rise in power of a tyrant within policing. After he read it he said, 'Why didn't you just stop pushing and transfer out of there?' He thought I would be upset at his comment. I told him, 'Because if I did, I would be a moral coward.'

After eating from the Tree of Knowledge, I can't go back. What motivates people TO do something? For me, it was when a Jewish professor told me in 2000 that Jews did all this damage to our nation and to black citizens, not white politicians as I thought for 40 years. It took about six more years to find out who owns/operates our media: Newspapers, magazines, movies, TV shows, the news, music, video games, 'comic' books, the clothing industry...all the things that control our thinking and opinions.

I was one of those Americans for a long time. I thought it was good to go into Iraq because they 'were a threat to our nation.' I didn't know about the illegal state of Israel, the King David Hotel, the LaVon affair, the USS Liberty or 9-11. Gone are the Rights of the Englishman: Habius Corpus, Ex Post Facto...all gone. I didn't know General Marshall and Dean Acheson GAVE ammunition to the Reds and not to the Free Republic of China in 1947, causing it and South Korea and Manchuria and Formosa to fall to Communist. No one ever told me that before in school. It was Joseph McCarthy in his book, America's Retreat From Victory, that filled in the blanks.

In the 50s I asked my parents, 'What is a Jewish-Soviet spy?' Jewish and Soviet didn't seem to go together. They didn't know the answer. My dad, who was in all the major WWII battles in the Atlantic, didn't know about the USS Liberty. In Italy, he translated for the Navy big shots and said the women in the crowd called him 'a traitor.' He never knew why. He was first-generation American.

We are the lucky ones that know what is going on. Now that Obama Care is THE LAW, and homosexuals can marry, it will be a very difficult job to expose Behavior as the culprit. Don't attack the symptoms. Attack the cause and stick to that point. Don't go off on time-wasting tangents meant to divert us and keep us picking at the crumbs thrown out to the public. And always, ALWAYS research from many different sources, even the enemy's.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We are not skinheads....we are Americans

This confusing propaganda that ALWAYS equates anyone that speaks out about the Jewish media monopoly or Israel's human rights violations or the bogus holocaust story, must be a skinhead or a white supremacist. There is no in-between, which is where most Americans are. This is done to shut up those who have discovered the truth—that Jewish behavior has plagued the world since Christ was murdered.

It is a chilling discovery, that one group of people could do so much damage and control the United States. They do it with money and use propaganda that attacks our normal defenses. And they especially enjoy throwing out a skinhead story when the threat of exposure is close.

I am one of thousands of educated and kind people that have researched this Jewish subject and found out, first hand, how dangerous they can be. Some of us have found out about the hate from Jews themselves, as I did. A Jewish professor told me Jews did it all...Civil Rights, backing illegals, controlling government but not because he wanted me to know Jews did it, but to take credit for doing it. The professor said to me in 2010, “Blacks don't appreciate what the Jews have done for them.” I bet the Ferguson, MO, blacks have a big 'thank you' for him. All the while, he writes derogatory and condescending books about how stupid blacks are. His name is Robert Weissberg and he is associated with the American Renaissance, which is anti-black and pro-Israel.

Even after Israel blatantly tried to sink the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 during the Six-Day War, they got away with it. They murdered our sailors, machine gunned the life boats and destroyed the ship...but it did not sink it because a Soviet Russian spy ship came by to see why no one was assisting the Liberty.  As the ship finally limped back to port, supervisors had the remaining crew members plug up the massive holes in the ship and paint it.

Do not fall for the fear tactics Jews use to shut you up. This is the time to stand up for your Republic. I think there is still a thread of hope.