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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Coming Soon..........

The Columbus Crier has a couple of articles coming up you will enjoy.  The first is an article on Milosevic.  The next is a book review of 'White Road' by Olga Ilyin and the third is a book review of 'From Double Eagle to Red Flag' by General P.N. Krassnoff.

I found 'White Road' in a book club in the 70s.   You won't find 'From Double Eagle to Red Flag' because Jews in America had it banned but you can buy it on the internet for a thousand dollars.

See you in January!!

Just a Thought......

I listened to the below video about the Constitution and thought how insane our 'government' has become because of WHO is running it.  

On television Dec. 24, I heard some newsman say that 25% of all lung cancer victims are people that never smoked.  They said this must be 'because of some gene.'  LOL

So that means the other 75% don't have this gene?  lol

Then I thought about how persecuted smokers are by banishing them to the cold, snow and rain 'to keep people healthy.'   How kids are taught in school how creepy cigarette smoking is.

Homosexuals are the dominant group with AIDS and HIV.  Are they persecuted?  Are they banished to the far corners of society for their awful deed?  

Are obese people banished because they cause a severe strain on our 'health care' system?  Because these fat people develop diabetes, heart disease, circulation problems AND are loaded up with drugs so they can develop other diseases such as Lymphoma??

Listen to the judge:

Judge Andrew Napolitano on 'Health care' and the Constitution.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why are people MEAN?

I just read an article by Martha Beck from a 2003 Oprah magazine about why people are mean and it was pretty good. She said that the short answer is: They're hurt. The long answer is: They're really hurt.

She states that “at some point, somebody—their parents, their lovers, Lady Luck—did them dirty. They were crushed. And they're still afraid the pain will never stop, or that it will happen again.” I believe that is correct and also believe that interpreting these events in childhood as attacks against you also prevents the brain from making the correct connections, thereby also producing Manic Depressives, aka Bi Polar, people. By the age of ten, the brain is pretty much hard-wired and you're stuck with what you think.

Why does Martha say these people continue to whine? Because “...trapped in a tale of victimization and helplessness, they feel perfectly justified in venting their anger cruelly, using violence or deceit to feel less vulnerable, and striking at other before they can be struck.”

I find that mean people come in all kinds of wrappings. They may be leaders of nations such as Ben Netanyahu, who has no problem stealing Palestinian land, not having his soldiers be responsible for killing Palestinians and for stating that American people are stupid and must support Israel.

Now, we come upon an interesting observation. Why are Israelis mean? Yes, they tried to bomb the King David Hotel and blame the Egypt but got caught. They bombed the USS Liberty in 1967 in unmarked planes because they didn't want that spy ship knowing they wanted to take the Golan Heights in Syria. Jews brag in their web sites that they know how to 'buy' Palestinian land deceitfully. Do Jews think, as Martha Beck states, that they are “trapped in a tale of victimization and helplessness?”

The author believes that the only way for a mean person to get off the merry-go-round of feeding their own actions is for them to 're-write' their story in a manner which gives them power again asking themselves such questions as, “Do you dwell on vengeance or gratitude? Do difficult people and situations appear as forces who control you or as problems you are busily solving?”

Now, this is all well and good if you believe that mean people can change or see themselves objectively. I think they cannot. So my solution is to protect the person that is being attacked by meanness.

One tactic you can use against a mean person is silence. Just because someone asks you a stupid or hurtful question does NOT mean you must answer it. It does NOT mean you have to go into a litany of reasons why you are not guilty. Just say nothing.

And there is nothing wrong with telling the hurtful person that you are not talking to them again because they have nothing useful to say. This is not mean...it is honest. But make sure you do NOT talk to them again. You are not playing their games. You are taking your marbles and going home.

What do you say to your beautiful granddaughter that has been hurt by cruel and intimidating comments from other girls? You say that she is absolutely correct, that those girls are trying to hurt her but all they are doing is making threats and if she believes them, she will be hurt. You also tell her she is probably too young to understand that the best answer is to not say anything and just turn and walk away...to be the GROWN UP in the situation.

Recognize that sometimes a hurtful remark is also done with words like 'sweetheart' and seems to be concerned for you. Your best instinct is your first reaction to the comment. If you feel hurt or oppressed, don't lose that feeling! Take control.....decide if you want to reply to their meanness or just walk away. Whatever makes you feel better.

As far as mean world leaders go, the only defense you have is to speak the truth about what they are doing, maybe even being brave enough to write a book or a letter to the editor of your newspaper about them.

Mean people are mentally sick and a confident person is usually their target so it is important as a parent that we are fair and kind to our children while they are young. Insulting them or hurting them or not loving them can injure them for life.

Communism--The Prodigal Son—the Trojan Horse

In this paper, I will compare and contrast Karl Marx and Frederick Engels' small “complete theoretical and practical party program,” the Communist Manifesto, with Olga Ilyin's true story, White Road, A Russian Odyssey. Olga does not mention Karl Marx nor the death of the Czar and his family in her book White Road. The purpose of this paper is to clearly identify the philosophy, tactics and propaganda that Communism uses since its creation in 1848, ironically 100 years before the State of Israel was given Palestinian land. There is no communism in Israel.

I will be brief as possible and paraphrase large quotes and excerpts because of the short-reading span of non-Communists. Olga's book encapsulates her escape from Russia after the Reds took over and covers 1919 to 1923, when she was finally reunited with her White Army husband-colonel, Igor Volotskoy in Harbin and fled to the United States.

Russia was ripe for the Bolsheviks to conquer. But this is not a history of the Russian Revolution, for there are those more fluent in that story than I. This paper takes the reader step-by-step into how Communism works and how it is working in America today, using the same time-worn tactics of the Communist Manifesto.

The first similarity I noticed between today and 1917 is the constant use of the phrase “White Russians” and “European White Russians.” It seems that Communists have a vendetta against whatever “white” or “European” represents. Before Civil Rights, Americans did not describe themselves by race because assimilation means that all races melt into one American society. Our penny states, E pluribus unum, Latin for "Out of many, one" By creating a 'race war,' the United States has become the same victim as the 'White Russians,” who did not give themselves that title either.

Although Marx calls the Establishment “aristocracy” and “bourgeoisie” in his pamphlet, it is the same thing: Those people with wealth that create a Produce and Sell economy, which is called Capitalism in the United States. Marx preys on the complaints of the workers in these industries/businesses. He takes these 'oppression' complaints and manipulates the peasant's minds into believing that without the wealthy owning these industries, they would be FREE. He neglects to say that the State is a major oppressor.

In 1905, Russia had a weakly-run government and a quite idealistic wealthy aristocratic citizenry who believed, as white South Africans did, that they provided economic stability to the nation and it was their duty to help the peasants or blacks or whatever other human-suffering group needed it. It did not occur to the White Russians, as it did not occur to the Americans, that helping the uneducated poor or the peasants or a minority by bloating the Welfare State or creating Affirmative Action or Busing was communism. The non-poor felt compassion for the oppressed that they were being told by Jewish-run institutions and the media needed to be lifted up to the same level as the middle-class, at least in looks.

Why were the same slogans used to take over Russia, i.e. 'Down with the Aristocrats,' echoed forty-six years later in America during the 60's Revolution with 'Down with the Establishment?' Because they are the same animal...Communism.

"But why did we fail? What had destroyed us? We could have won! We had come so close to winning last spring when our army had practically approached the Volga, and when it was at the very gates of Tamborsk,” the White Russians said to themselves.

"We knew that we were fighting against tremendous odds; that our Volunteer Armies, all three of them--the Southern on the Don, the small Northern one, and our Eastern People's Army under Admiral Kolchak--were just thin strings stretched around the immensity of Communist-held Russia. We knew that we were cut off from Russian war industry, indeed from industry in general; we knew that the slogans we were presenting to the masses--such as 'Constitute Assembly, Democracy! Free Elections!'--were incomprehensible, empty sounds to them, while those proclaimed by the Red side screamed their meaning with intoxicating clarity" 'All Land to the Peasants! All Power to the Workers and Soldiers!' and especially 'Death to Your Exploiters! Grab all you want, it's rightfully yours!' All this would seem to have doomed us to failure from the beginning. But we did not believe so. We had been certain all along that the sheer dedication of our fighting units and the hatred felt for the Bolsheviks in areas that had already experienced their rule were factors powerful enough for us to win in the end." (Ilyin , p. 68-69)

The Manifesto was published as the platform of the Communist League, a workingmen's association, first exclusively German and later on international. Unavoidably it was a secret society (Marx, p. 3). In 1852 at the Cologne Communist Trial by Prussians, members of the Communist League were sentenced to prison because it had grown too strong and the League dissolved. The Manifesto seemed doomed to oblivion. (Marx, p. 4)

But this 'workingman's association idea continued to grow, promoted by Jews to the peasants, according to Olga. Once the Bolsheviks took over most of Russia, all they needed to do was put fear into the hearts of the weak that were only too happy to tattle on their neighbor and win favor with the new government. Communism is a working class movement.

In America, however, Communism has no 'working class' to win over to their side. What they do have through Jewish-creation in the last 50 years, is a huge Welfare State, an economic crisis, a lack of well-paying jobs, professional jobs filled by foreigners and no entrepreneurial possibilities because of overwhelming employer taxes.

Russia of the early 1900s had no industry to speak of. It was mostly agricultural. Peasants worked in the fields and lived in modest homes. Many peasants, thanks to encouragement from White Russians, were becoming 'wealthy' in their own right. The contradiction with Communism is that it states capitalism produces work plus more workers and that is called 'oppression.' This is similar to those Jewish-run organizations telling the American blacks that they were slaves and that somehow, hundreds of years later, that is a bad thing and 'whites are the cause of your oppression.' Quite clever.

“Nothing is easier than to give Christians asceticism a Socialist tinge. Has not Christianity declaimed against private property, against marriage, against the state? Has it not preached in the place of these, charity and poverty, celibacy and mortification of the flesh, monastic life and Mother Church? Christian Socialism is but the holy water with which the priest consecrates the heart-burnings of the aristocrat.” (Marx p. 33)

“The bourgeoisie naturally conceives the world in which it is supreme to be the best; and bourgeois Socialism develops this comfortable conception into various more or less complete systems. In requiring the proletariat to carry out such a system, and thereby to march straightway into the social New Jerusalem, it but requires in reality, that the proletariat should remain within the bounds of existing society, but should cast away all its hateful ideas concerning the bourgeoisie.” (Marx p. 38) Is Marx talking about the Jews in the French, German and Prussian societies? Are these Jews the ones that want to cast off the robes of oppression by using the peasants as they did the American blacks in the 1960s Revolution?

Communism is a creation of Karl Marx, a Jew. Professor Robert Weissberg, a Jew, stated to me in 2000 that the Civil Rights movement was run by Jews and those institutions such as the NAACP. In a paper he wrote called, 'Jews and Blacks: Everything the Goyim Want to Know But Are Afraid to Ask,' he states that over 50% of the attorneys during the Civil Rights and desegregation movement were Jewish and that “The Julius Rosenwald Foudation virtually single-handedly bankrolled the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund.” He named all the institutions Jews have created such as the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League. Weissberg's philosophy is Communist.

I want you to research who owns/runs our newspapers, movie-making industry, magazines, book publishing companies, comic books, Disney, Pixar, T.V. Shows...and you will find a changing of the guard since the late 1960s. Research how many Jewish advisers the president has in his cabinet. I refuse to call any cult, any anti-Republic group, any idealistic group whose purpose it is to rule the world....a race. That is NOT a race. It is communism and the United States' people fell for it just as the White Russians did. They were destroyed by their politeness.

Who were the 'Aristocracy?' There were the old-money wealthy. 'Who were these 'Bolsheviks?' The Bolsheviks were merchants that became wealthy but were never accepted into the old-money society. If the 'working class' is the most suffering class, what then are the Welfare Class now created in America? In other words, there are no peasants or working class in America any longer so Communism attacks the whole infrastructure of the United States...”Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes,” “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax” and “Abolition of all right of inheritance.” (Marx, p. 30) The modern laborer “becomes a pauper, and pauperism develops more rapidly than population and wealth” (Marx, p. 21)

Communism promotes the abolition of the distinction between town and country; abolition of the family, of private gain, and of the wage-system; the proclamation of social harmony; the conversion of the functions of the state into a mere superintendence of production...” (Marx, p. 41)

In France, according to Marx, the Communists ally themselves with the Social-Democrats. In Switzerland they support the Radicals. In Poland they support the party that insists on an agrarian revolution as the prime condition for national emancipation, that party which fomented the insurrection of Cracow in 1846. (Marx, p. 43)

Marx states that in Germany they fight with the bourgeoisie whenever it acts in a revolutionary way, against the absolute monarchy, the feudal squirearchy (sic), and the petty bourgeoisie. The Communists turn their attention chiefly to Germany, because that country was on the eve of a bourgeois revolution that is bound to be carried out under more advanced conditions of European civilization and with a much more developed proletariat than what existed in England in the 17th and in France in the 18th century, and because the bourgeois revolution in Germany will be but the prelude to an immediately following proletarian revolution. (Marx, p. 44) Adolf Hitler was anti-communist.

Marx takes all the things the peasants were aware of--professors, country squires and officials--and created a struggle in Germany between the poorer existence of the peasants and blamed it on the aristocrats that created the work. (Marx p. 37) Today, because of the efforts of certain Jews to free the blacks from oppression, our society has become a service-based economy, a welfare recipient of all things such as Food Stamps and unemployment, low-paying jobs—credit dependent society, and now dependent upon the government for Health Care, which is socialized medicine. Our industries and jobs are in foreign countries, the Jewish-run banks are taking our homes, our government encourages illegals and foreigners to suck off our taxes by enabling them with the H1B visa and NAFTA visa.

Communism is an evil, selfish, deceptive philosophy created to empower those that created it—the Jews—in the name of freedom from oppression. It is rewarding the Prodigal Son; of accepting the Trojan Horse into their mist while not thinking to look inside. Yet Communism still exists today because of unaware and ignorant citizens that do not recognize it when cloaked in 'rights for the minorities.' While the concept might be pure, the implementation is impossible. People need rewards and responsibility, safety and individualism—exactly what the United States had before the 60s Revolution.

The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We butchered the wrong pig

"Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. ...We butchered the wrong pig."
-Winston Churchill  (The Second World War - Bern, 1960)

Okay, okay here. When Americans find out that our society has deteriorated in the last 45 years and they find out that people with Jewish names have taken over our media and government...and those Americans conclude that since our society has deteriorated during the same time people with Jewish names have taken over...that THEY must be the reason....how come those investigators are labeled as “anti-Semitic?” by the very Jews that are the culprits?

This is a complicated question (and quite long) because it defines what is wrong with our Republic. Do we blame those that have taken over our nation in the last 45 years and caused it to deteriorate? Or do we become intimidated by the very culprits who did it because of 'names' they call us? Very strange question. One that our nation has never had to answer before....can our Republic be destroyed from within by Communism?

So, back in early 1917, those future Communists following Karl Marx's philosophy, began to form and unite to kill the Czar and his family in a most horrible way....and to take over the great nation of White Russia because it was being 'idealized' by fair-minded aristocrats (yet stupid liberal thinkers)...who set the stage for a Communist takeover?

Oh, the mind gets boggled. We have today, as of October 2011, people that are protesting the Jewish-run banking system. Now, while these people are maced and tear gassed and brutalized by 'American cops,' those same 'cops,' run by the United States of Israel, are saying any rebels in Syria are being 'terrorized' by their 'cops'.......gee, am I the ONLY person that sees a problem here? A double standard? Like it is OK for the U.S. to terrorize its citizens/protestors but NOT OK for a Middle Eastern nation like Libya or Syria to protect themselves from protestors? “Rebels” in Libya are called 'Islamic Extremists”...the very people our Homeland Security is fighting against...cough cough.

I am a bit confused here as most of your readers, whether of a Liberal or Conservative notion. A black woman named Patricia who gave her real name and the school district she worked for...saying the “Jewish bankers are the problem and they need to go”.....yet she looses her job??? Because she used her real name and was upset by what the Jews have done to our nation?

So the 'United States' was friends with Gaddafi...then hung him out to dry. So the 'US' was friends with Saddam and hung him out to dry. Don't you see a pattern here? The 'US' aka Israel, destroys nations....devalues their dollar...builds them up...and then financially benefits by the millions when their Dinar is revalued....oh, excuse me....I digress and I am being “anti-Semitic.”

Well, if that doesn't strike the fear of God within you...making sure you never say WHO is the bad guy because then can get you labeled “anti-Semitic” and just WHO is the bad guy?...nothing will.

All I am asking is for Americans to THINK. Do the research, do the thinking, do the correct conclusions. Do not listen to what I say...do the research yourselves....Please. And think about saving this Republic because it is worth it.

“Why Israel Matters Today!”

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) puts out a booklet entitled 'Frontlines.' In its October 2011 edition, it addresses the battle for Jerusalem (Israel under Siege) and directs its message at Christians. In this article I will show that those Christians are fighting a fake battle. Israel is an illegal state spoken against even by Sephardic Jews. Christians that 'fight for Israel' have fallen for the Zionist propaganda that 'Jews are the Chosen People' and that Israel deserves everything Christians and Catholics can give them to 'make up for the injustices done to them throughout the centuries.'

Those that were adults in the 1990s remember Bill Clinton's ten-year campaign called the Oslo Talks. This campaign, headed by him and Madeleine Albright (Jewish) was supposed to make Yasser Arafat (Arab) bow down to the illegal State of Israel and get out of their way. Arafat did not see it that way. He saw it correctly that former president Truman, Britain and the United Nations stole Arab land and created the State of Israel in 1948.

And remember that Yasser Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 along with Yitzhak Rabin, the Jewish leader pushing for peace that was assassinated.

Back in about 1917, a paper was written up by some Jews, not necessarily the wealthy Jews in the world, that Jews must be given some land for a state. This was stated in the Balfour Declaration, which was nothing more than a piece of paper. At first Africa was thought of as this land, then land was set aside next to Russia and China in about 1934 called Birobidjan for the Jews and it still exists today. Few Jews live there.

After World War II those Jews, mainly called Zionists now because of their philosophy that they should be the rulers of the world, set their site on Palestinian land. Before the illegal state of Israel was established, Jews and Arabs lived together in Judea without incident. After its creation, the Arabs wanted their land back and warred with Israel. However, by now the United States was firmly on Israel's side giving the state trillions of dollars in cash and technological aid, besides fighting their trillion-dollar wars in the Middle East.

After President Wilson let private Jewish bankers start the Federal Reserve, those particular Jews felt empowered. The Jews' main enemy, for some reason, has always been the German people. But even with this history, there are over twenty million Christian-Zionists in the United States that promote the State of Israel and state that “Israel has the right to anything they want...the Bible says so.”

In the 'Frontline' pamphlet, it states that Gordon Robertson teaches about “The Battle for Jerusalem.” Anyone that remembers the Oslo Talks knows that Jerusalem was to be a neutral city. On March 23, 2011, a bomb went off at a bus stop in Jerusalem killing a British national, 59-year-old Mary Jean Gardner, a Scottish Christian Bible translator who was studying Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Rothberg International School. The streets were full of Jews. Israel retaliated by bombing Gaza, killing eight people under the age of 18.

Then Chris Mitchell, Bureau Chief of CBN News in Jerusalem, states in an article that “It's time to stand with Israel.” This 'Christian' man also says that “The Bible also promises to bless those who came alongside God's chosen people.” Jews, who did not exist by that title in Christ's time, were not the “chosen people.” The Israelite were and they were never the Edomites (the Jews of today). Christ was upset with the Rabbis and Pharisees that were stealing from their own people, as is stated in Matthew 21:21 that “And Yeshua entered The Temple of God and cast out all of those who sold and bought in The Temple and upset the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves.”

Over and over in this pamphlet are stories and articles encouraging 'Christians' to minister to Israel and the Jews because 'the Bible tells us to.' Pat Robertson of The 700 Club, campaigns “...to pray for Israel" because the Palestinian land given to the Jews in 1948 "by God" belongs to the Jews.

This pamphlet is distributed in Christian churches for the promotion of Israel. However, in my twelve years in the Old Catholic Church before Vatican II, no where and at no time did the Church promote Israel. Our main message was to feel pity for those Rabbis and Pharisees that never understood the message of Jesus Christ. Our songs said, “Oh come, oh come Emanuel, to ransom captive Israel.”

In an article within this pamphlet entitled 'The Battle for Jerusalem,' it quotes Ezekiel 37:22, “And I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king over them all; they shall no longer be two nations, nor shall they ever be divided into two kingdoms again.” The New International Version (1984) states, “I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms.”

In http://wes.biblecommenter.com/ezekiel/37.htm, Wesley's Notes state: “37:22 One nation - They were one in David's time, who was a type of the Messiah, and continued so to the end of Solomon's time, whose name includes peace. So when the Beloved, the Peace - maker, the Messiah shall be king, they shall be one again. And one king - The Messiah.”

Then it gets even more confusing in Jeremiah 50:4: "In those days, at that time," declares the LORD, "the people of Israel and the people of Judah together will go in tears to seek the LORD their God."

Not only have all the translations since Aramaic confused the original meaning of the Bible, but most people today are ignoring the facts about Israel being an illegal state and Israel committing human rights violations and terrorizing the Palestinians whose land it originally belonged to. Non-Jews, getting quite wealthy by promoting the 'Israel should have whatever they want' issue, are poisoning the minds of Christians today that are being fed incorrect information that is allowing Israel and the Jews to continue in their rabid quest to rule the world.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Comment from Drollene regarding 9-11

There are witnesses who say there were plans at the Pentagon to invade Iraq long before 9/11. And, indeed, there were warnings about Arabs taking flying lessons as well as warnings about plan of flying planes into the towers. The powers that be refused to accept those warnings. After the fact, it made some sense to invade Afghanistan, but no sense in invading Iraq . . . not over 9/11. If we'd wanted revenge on the country that had the most citizens involved in the highjacking, we'd have invaded Saudi Arabia.


September 11, 2001......Myth or Madness?

There has been much written and documented about what really happened on September 11, 2001 but what is most important?  What is most important is the question of whether the United States government knew about two planes hitting the World Trade Center Towers months before that September date.   According to Susan Lindauer in her book, Extreme Prejudice, people 'in high places' within our government and Congress did.  She told them.

Ms. Lindauer was a CIA/DIA Asset during the 1990s working with Iraq and Libya.  She states that Iraq was under ten years of horrible sanctions and bombings by the United States, destroying their infrastructure and rendering their economy worthless.  She says that Russia was going to help Iraq get the sanctions lifted around the year 2000.  Lindauer also states that she was working with the Iraqi government and the FBI to let that agency completely investigate the charge that they had 'weapons of mass destruction.'  She says Iraq did not have them.  She also said that Iraq was going to give to the FBI a list of the financial network (including banks) that the 'terrorists' were using.  The United States refused this offer.  Later, she states, the President would blame the Assets for false intelligence.

In fact, President Bush decided not to lift the sanctions and went into Iraq in 2003, pillaging, killing citizens and destroying their buildings.  Why would the President do this?

Although Ms. Lindauer does not offer any concrete conclusions as to why the President destroyed Iraq, there are a few possibilities that I would like to offer to you.  Number one, going into Iraq would put the United States first in reconstruction.  Next, this 'war' would devalue the Iraqi Dinar (monetary) to fractions of cents to the American dollar.  Now that the reconstruction is complete, there will be a revalue of the Dinar up to perhaps $6 to our one American dollar. 

Anyone that bought the Dinar at fractions of cents will become millionaires or even billionaires once the RV is set, which should be within weeks.

In conclusion, it is my contention that 9-11 was the impetus used by the President to destroy the nation of Iraq and provide a windfall for the already wealthy bankers and investors in the world.  It doesn't matter who flew the planes into the Twin Towers.  What matters are those that knew about it months beforehand and did nothing because they had a plan, a plan to make Iraq's revaluation of the Dinar the salvation of lost economies in the world.

Hello America...

My name is Susan Signoracci.  I was born in Columbus, Ohio.  My background is Law Enforcement and I have a B.A. in Political Science.  The combination of these two fields has opened my eyes to the injustices committed in my country, the United States, by a Machiavellian government.  It is my duty as a citizen to tell Americans what I have learned.  Hence the name 'The Columbus Crier.'

I have written a true story called Moral Cowards, which is available in paperback on Amazon.com.  It is the story of the rise in power of a tyrant within policing and how out-of-sorts Child Protective Services has become.

Join me in the future as I journey into the minds and hearts of every American citizen.
Susan Signoracci