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Monday, June 27, 2016

Societies are upside down today—has it always been that way?

Evidently, yes. In reading an article in National Geographic from June 1988, an Italian archeologist named Cataldi, in talking about ancient Italians—the Etruscans--, stated, “There is a moment when you are strong and you take what you want from other cultures. Then comes the moment when other cultures are forced on you.”

That is the United States today. Instead of “Out of many, one,” it is 'Out of many, many.' Read the back of the American penny. The Etruscans dissolved because times became difficult and they resorted to imagining 'the afterlife' and how evil that must be. They were absorbed by 'The Romans,' who have a lot to thank Etruscan society for. The Romans' rule lasted about the same amount of time as the Etruscans...900 B.C. up to Rome's creation.

About Etruscan reign: “There seems to have been in the Etruscan instinct, a real desire to preserve the natural humour (sic) of life,” D.H. Lawrence wrote. “And that is a task surely more worthy, and even much more difficult in the long run, than conquering the world or sacrificing the self or saving the immortal soul.” The quote sounds pretty much on spot.

Today we have in the Middle East a serious problem because of Israel. Israel was created by Truman, Britain and the U.N. in 1948 who felt they had to give Palestinian land to Jews to either 'shut them up' or buddy up to them (and the wealth they can can create). What ever the reason was, the U.S. has created a 'state' so horrid and dangerous that it is leading to the destruction of Middle Eastern nations and their peoples, not to mention the United States. It has even lead Americans to believe that the people that want their land back are “terrorists” and that Jews (aka Israel) are victims. This war against anyone not Jewish is going to lead to the realization of the archeologist's quote for America.

Number one, Israel's wall MUST be torn down. Jews want everyone else to 'tear down their walls' except the gated communities they live in today. Next, stop sending Israel $20-$30 billion a year that they don't ever have to pay back.  The only thing Jews are 'scared of' is that the U.S. will stop protecting and funding them against the 'terrorists' that want their land back.  And stop sending our healthy boys to slaughter fighting Israel's wars for them. 

And this mantra of 'Poor Israel' or 'Poor Jews' is repeated over and over whenever someone exposes their selfish, lying and horrible behavior. I read recently that the ADL believes Trump's campaign promise of 'Make America Great Again' is anti-semitic. I saw on T.V. a picture of Trump with that quote on a baseball cap that 'the media' had changed it to read, “Make American White Again.” Jews are not afraid to telegraph their moves because NO ONE dares goes up against them. It is sure political, career death or even death.

After 2,000 years of being thrown out of nations they invaded and destroyed, they have found a wonderful bed fellow in the U.S. government. First time any nation has done this for them. And most Americans don't research 'the holocaust' or who really did 9-11 because the truth will hurt you...literally. Not many realize Jews were terrorists LONG before Palestinians began fighting back.

The U.S. Republic is in imminent danger today because of Israeli/Jewish terrorism and propaganda, not Muslim/Arabs. ISIS is killing Christians and Muslims, not Jews. The Zealots of Christ's time, the Rabbis and Pharisees, evolved into a snarling, hateful glob of people hiding behind 'Judaism,' and are out to punish the world for not liking them.

Communism is a Jewish ideology. Communists are everywhere trying to undermine countries. They are in Central and South America. They have been in our U.S. government since WWII and even Joseph McCarthy (who exposed “Jewish/Soviet spies" in our Federal government in 1952) has been demonized in the Jewish-run American press to the point that trying to expose something corrupt is called 'McCarthyism.'

I can understand the collapse of a long-running rule in ancient society but I cannot understand a young nation, such as the U.S., collapsing because of 100 years of Jewish rule. Our nation was built on solid ground, rules and morals and we're giving that all away to destroyers...willingly. There was nothing wrong with The Establishment that Jews methodically dismantled and replaced with the chaos we have today. The 60s Revolution/Civil Rights/Desegregation/Busing/Affirmative Action didn't work. And we can't fix it now that we KNOW because we can't identify who did it all because they are Jewish?  Get their communist agenda out of office!

Do what I did to find out the truth about history...RESEARCH. I'm just about ready to throw Americans to the wolves.