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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Gaming Disorders

Hey, America. You hear about the new disorder? Gaming Disorder. Its when someone plays too many video games, too much, and doesn't associate with regular folks. AND CBS said that now that it has a name, it is covered by medical insurance.

Ain't that the cats meow. The Jewish-run media 'creates' the problem, then finds a cure for it. Money, money, money. Either Americans are stoo-pid or they are afraid to research. I think it is both. Both because Americans are afraid to research. That takes time and thought. It is easier to listen to 'opinions' and TV-movie-song hype than find out who is causing this chaos. If they did name the Media, those people would be offended and how DARE an American offend the bad guys.

Same way with violence in schools. Gee, ya think it was when busing was initiated? Ripping a kid from his school, friends, neighborhood and parents and putting them in a strange school? After all, it was never about making schools better because it didn't. It was about creating violence. And it did just that.

Then there are the Training Films the Media puts out that shows kids or adults how to create violence. How to hold a gun. How to terrorize another person. How to rape, make a bomb and get in a car chase. The Media music industry is the same. TV situation 'comedies' are horrible situations, glamorizing obese people, slapping each other for laughs, saying rude things to their friends, family and teachers. And they aren't even funny.

Funny is gone. It left with Johnny Carson, early Saturday Night Live shows, In Living Color, I Love Lucy, Captain Kangaroo (Bull Winkle and Rocky), the Road Runner. That humor is gone because 'it could offend someone.' Remember when Sesame Street starting calling Cookie Monster the Veggie Monster? Remember 'Fraiser'?

Offend who? The Media, of course. There is much more money to be made in perversion than wholesomeness, every body knows that. But we 'used' to have the real Catholic Church, the real Masonic Temple. They are gone because they were a threat, or at least an inconvenience, to the Media.

Anyway, 'someday' Americans will connect the dots and condemn the Media for more than Sexual Advances toward women or actresses. That's been going on since the 50s when McCarthy's ban on subversive movies ran out and perversion became King.

Same way with prescriptions drugs and cancer. Create it then cure it. They're PLAYING with our lives. If it were the Japanese or Chinese or Arabs that were in charge of the media, Americans would be up in arms because the Media told them to be up in arms.

I keep looking for that spark of a brain cell in many Americans, to wake up, research who owns/runs the Media, and COMPLAIN about them. Point your finger directly at THEM. Lobby against perversion. Get our morals back. Get our Republic back. Enforce our Constitution. Think for yourself.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Ya think? Who would have thunk violence?

You would think that after decades of violence begetting violence, that Americans would catch on. In the 60s and 70s, it was black protestors. Violence. But since Trump was elected, it has been WHITE protestors that cause violence.

On August 12, 2017, Charlottsville, VA, Americans gathered to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from a downtown park. The objectors had a permit. The white protestors (ANTIFA) did not. To violently protest against another's free speech, they have to be labeled. In this instance, they were labeled Nazis or KKK or white supremacists. Now somehow the The Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center in Chattanooga thought being against taking a Civil War statue down was not free speech. It ended with a frustrated man driving his car into a group of cars, killing one girl and injured 19 others.

On September 14, 2017, President Trump spoke against the protestors, stating, the violence “Points to ‘pretty bad dudes’ among anti-fascist protesters,” which drew a mild rebuke from South Carolina’s Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate who met with Trump to discuss racial issues a day earlier.

In Columbus, Ohio, when the KKK wanted to speak, the police put up chain-link barriers, keeping speakers away from protesters. After a few years of no violence and less crowds, the KKK stopped coming.

Communists can speak and put on Peace Rallies in New York, but anti-communists (Nazis) are not allowed to. You would think some Americans would finally come to the conclusion that violence begets violence. Don't go to these rallies. Don't provide the oxygen for the fire. This isn't about protesting. It is about getting people hurt to make a point and that is that 'America is not safe and we need more HomeLand Security.'

If we want to label a group that turns violent, let's call them Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Democrat Hate Groups. They need a name also that identifies them. It should not be one sided. These violent protesters do not represent America.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Open letter to President Vladimir Putin, April, 2017

Dear Mr. President,

Let me apologize on behalf of the sane American people in the United States for the propaganda that is being spread about Russia. We understand that when Russia was the Soviet Union, many in our government liked Communism and promoted it.. The People had no idea this was going on. Even though Russia has not been Communist since about 1991, the 'people' that do not like Russia still say 'Russia' when they mean the Soviet Union to confuse the public.

When Russia became Communist in 1917, it changed the world. Communism is a Jewish ideology. People can't put their minds around that because Jews run all aspects of our media. When Donald Trump became president, he threatened their power and those people are doing everything within their power to destroy him. Yes, we should have today's Russia as our ally, not Israel but again, who runs the media?

This issue with Russia changing our presidential election only because 'someone' outed Hillary Clinton and the horrible thing she did by using a private server to send critical government information, has been conveniently forgotten by the media. The People are easily confused because they do not know what has happened to the world since WWII and that it was done by the U.S. government/military.

We saw today's Russia go after ISIS when Obama would not. That embarrassed him into 'intervening' and going after ISIS, however halfheartedly. We know why nations like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria were destroyed and know it was not a 'civil war,' but a war committed by shipped-in rebels, funded by the United States and the U.N. We know Israel/U.S. really want to destroy Iran.

We know the intense task you had putting on the 2014 Winter Olympics by keeping Russia safe from attacks from other nations and the security needed to protect the participants. I believe the enemies were Saudi Arabia and Chechnya. Your Olympics was the first one I had watched for over 20 years and it was excellent.

The pain and irritation your nation is going through will eventually pass. The People have to be told the truth little by little. The bad guy's behavior is being attacked by President Trump. He does not mention race. How Russia was taken over by the Communists is similar to what is happening to the United States. But today we have the technology to find out who the bad guys are and in my opinion, it is not Russia.

Наилучшие пожелания from the American people that know what is going on.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Houston and New Hanover County...you really have a problem

Yes, Houston, Texas. Your policing is out of control. You are arresting people without any probable cause or evidence. And when you put these men in jail for months, you help yourself to their property.

It is not only Houston, Texas. It is also New Hanover County, North Carolina. The most egregious crime was committed there against an innocent man who they stopped (don't know why) and detained for three days short of a year. The County destroyed his car looking for evidence (fishing), did a 'field test' on liquid soap and stated it was heroin. Took his girlfriend (she was pregnant) to jail and their child to Children Services and made her life miserable. Scared her to death. They told her the only way to make her children safe was to get full custody.  They put her in jail for several months and the friend almost a year. They plastered stories in the newspapers like they were criminals.

New Hanover County somewhere along the line found out the 'heroine' was really laundry detergent. They had kept this man in solitary confinement for six months, treating him badly. They took his certificates and cashed them. He got none of his property back.

Both Houston and New Hanover Country never had a court date for anyone.  They simply let them out with a bus pass to go to a shelter.  The father got a lawyer in NC but he decided to go to TX to see his children and 'someone' planted some pink power in his motel room and called the police.  His mother was with him.  The only person that was in the room other than them, was the girlfriend, who has vindictive parents because the father doesn't like them because of their alcohol and drug use.  The father does not drink or do drugs.

Homeland Security and Border Patrol were in on 'the bust' in NC and probably TX.  Word gets around.  When he got out of NC jail, a Social Services caseworker and a judge worked together to give his children (DNA proved he is the father) total custody to his girlfriend and she left for TX with the kids. North Carolina ruined this innocent's man life. These Southern police departments are doing illegal things and getting away with it.

I was a police officer for 16 years and I am ashamed of Texas and North Carolina and who knows how many other states are doing this illegal arresting for Homeland Security.. You, sirs, are communists.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Communists-Zionists-Jews...oh my

When you do something maniacal as an individual, you can be punished. If you do wrong as a group, you can hide behind that group, whether it is a race, gender or sexual proclivity. Whether you are a Jew or a chimpanzee, and whether you like each other or not, when a threat or prey happens upon you, you stick together as one unit and you win just through sheer determination and small numbers.

But Jews have come upon a great shield. Words. Karl Marx created The Communist Manifesto in which he lays out the plan to take over the world using the idea that workers or peasants are being oppressed. It worked. Jews took over Mother Russia in 1917 and created a Communist state, The Soviet Union (Union of Soviet Socialists Republic). It was a horrible and oppressing place to live for about eight decades, until the Berlin Wall came down in the late 1980s.. But Communism's damage was already done and more was to come. The Communists had learned that if you create a protected group through laws, that group can conquer.

Vice President Joe Biden stated, “I'm a Zionist. You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist” and practically no one blinked. I blinked. By then I knew about how Communism came about, how Jews murdered and imprisoned good Russians. I knew since the early 1900s that Jews were working on getting land in Palestine to create their own state and 'pay back' everyone else in the world that disliked their behavior and that the NAACP was created and run by Jews. In the 1940s, they latched onto their host nation---the United States and began buying up our media. Control the media and you control the mind.

Communists did this by infiltrating our Federal government. Joseph McCarthy tried to get them out and he did, but was punished by the Jewish-run media until he died. He was vindicated in the early 1980s when Soviet spy paperwork was translated and showed McCarthy was 100% right, and again on Sixty Minutes on Sunday, October 16, 2016 when the two Rosenberg sons did research and found their parents were indeed 'Jewish Soviet Spies,' and the father was especially bad. Yet no one mentioned McCarthy's name. Look up the meaning of 'McCarthyism.'

When Stalin ran WWII and free nations such as China, Manchuria, Formosa and North Korea were given to the Reds by those in our government (Dean Atcheson and General Marshall), the U.S. began 'fighting communism' in N. Korea and Viet Nam. Make sense to you?

In the 1960s, Jewish organizations and attorneys began using the American Blacks to create a protected group. They did this so they wouldn't be kicked out of yet another nation. It worked. Once the black issue was given protection, Jews could use those same 'rules' to live where they wanted and control our media and government. Even into the 1980s, Jews were not allowed to live in lavish areas.

So, now that we know how those communist/Zionist/Jews did it, what can we do? Probably nothing because Jews know that European Americans can't unite and since Jews have made most of the oppressive rules we live under today, America has lost. There is nothing protecting us. We don't have the ambition to write to Congress or go to the courts to lobby.

One thing that bothers me is that IF we did research and wrote and changed our Republic for the better, those nay sayers and socialist democrats and communists would still live in this nation. Some in Hollywood have said they would move to Canada, but they're still here, sucking off our prosperity. They will always be bottom feeders, a minority that is now in control, but they need to be back on the bottom and the good back on top.

Don't be afraid to say the truth and don't be afraid to back those that are not perverted.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Are we TOO sensitive?

I was watching television the other day and looked down at my black sweat pants and there was a swastika on my right knee!! It was made out of lint but who put it there??? What did I do to deserve this??? I'm Italian, not Jewish, and have never hated anyone, not even Hitler.

The Sunday morning show I was watching at the time is called Face The Nation. There was a senator on there named Schumer making negative comments about President Trump. He's a depressing guy. Of course, he is a Democrat.  99% of the nay sayers are Democrat. Coincidence or is this a sign?

Sadly, it is no coincidence. It is how America now works. Democrats' way of life is being threatened by Donald Trump. Their world of idealism and sensitivity and corruption is falling down and they hate that. This was the first time in history that a major power has backed Jews.

Schumer was talking about Trump being fair to Russia. He said that is dangerous. Want to know why? Because Russia isn't communist any longer. When Russia was the Soviet Union, Roosevelt let him run World War II. That led to a communist China, North Korea, Formosa, Manchuria and probably more countries than we know. The U.S. had sided with communists since early 1940.

If you are old enough, have you seen the pictures of Stalin with Roosevelt during WWII? I asked my parents why he was there, but they didn't know. I asked them in the early 1950s, “What is a Jewish-Soviet spy?” They didn't know the answer to that one either. No one did because the book Senator Joseph McCarthy wrote in 1952, America's Retreat From Victory, was not circulated. It should have been required reading because we all thought back then that America was anti-communist.

Notice that the nations we destroy are anti-communist. Hitler, Franco and Mussolini were all anti-communist. We are buddies with communist nations, such as Israel. Karl Marx, a Jew, wrote the 'Communist Manifesto' at the end of the 1890s. That philosophy is what enabled Jews to wear down Czar Nicholas, so that communism could take over. It took them perhaps twenty years to succeed, but they did after they killed the Czar and his whole family.

The reason this communist link is so important is because it is those-thinking people that hate President Trump. Most protests and peace rallies are put on by communists. See, Senator McCarthy didn't give communist a 'party.' He exposed them in the Federal government (and was 100% correct) and had some executed and banned their subversive movies until about 1965, but his mistake was not giving them a 'party.' Without that, they were free to infiltrate every aspect of our society.

Of course we are too sensitive. That is one of the tools Jews used to break down our society, to make us think we did something wrong. But up to the 60s revolution, we had done nothing wrong. Any extremist white people before 1960 were few but today, the white people murdered by blacks far outnumber those stats.

I entered old police arrest records into my department's computer system in 2007 and the evidence is right there. Before 1970, almost ALL crime was committed by white people and it was mostly burglary and 'walking while intoxicated.' At the 1970 mark, crime became black and violent. Civil Rights did that. Martin Luther King Jr. did that. And of course, communist Jews did that.

President Trump is a very brave man to fight 'the system' that let Stalin rule WWII. That let Jews almost completely run our media, corporations and government today. Of course Democrats
are angry. But why should running this Republic be about parties once someone is elected? Why can't both parties put America first? Because communists can't do that.

President Trump is attacking and identifying the behavior of those bad and hateful people. He is cutting aid to ALL nations. We send over $20 to $30 billion a year to Israel that is a grant and they don't have to pay it back. He is building a wall. And those people who came here illegally and are now boo-hooing that they have done nothing wrong....coming here ILLEGALLY was wrong!

It is easy to identify the bad people. They are the ones demonstrating and saying negative things about Donald Trump on Face The Nation. These bad people are desperate for a smear against Trump but they can't find it because his interest is to make America great again. He has no political agenda.

My hope is that Trump and Putin start working together. Russia should be our buddy, not Israel, and Israel and Jews know that. That is why they are crying. Jews taught American blacks well. They taught them to defend 'their own kind' even when you don't know them or the facts of what they did. Jews taught them to riot for what they want through subversive movies and music. Jews taught them to stick together against the 'white man.' They taught them to repeat and repeat and yell over and over because it will weaken Americans. And it did.

Don't believe the Democratic lies you hear. We were a safe and kind nation before the Jews took over. Jews want you to think that what we had then never existed. Only Baby Boomers remember and Trump is one of us.