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Monday, December 31, 2012

Messiah, Menorah and MAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association )

Who knew? Who knew what honoring the Menorah and and the Jewish zealot's holiday of Hanukkah could produce? Who knew that letting three percent of the American population celebrate their holiday at the same time as Catholics and Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ could produce?

Well, we have found out. Three percent of America's population has dictated to the other ninety-seven percent that the Jew Zealots are the rulers. So, what comes next? Yep, you guessed it. NAMBLA celebrating THEIR holiday....sex with young boys.

After five years of investigating Jewish control of U.S. media and government, I have found that Americans are really stupid. 'Ignorant' comes to mind as a word to describe liberal Americans but 'stupid' seem more appropriate. If three percent of the population can dictate how we celebrate the birth of Christ, it is an easy next step to understand that NAMBLA is close to celebrating the sexual revolution of our young boys.

Oh, I'm sorry if you have a son that is under the age of 18. Or an grandson. Sorry that your child could be victim to some adult predator. But that is the way it is. You see, Jewish Zealots are single-minded psychopaths and WAY beyond your compassion or understanding.

So, let your young boys be gobbled up by male adults because that is their 'religion.' You may not call it 'religion' but it is. It is an ideology. You have unwittingly played into the hands of the enemy.

My son is grown. He won't fall prey to NAMBLA. I don't particularly care if your son or grandson does. But you let the stupidity grow lethal when you do nothing. It's up to you. 'Who Knew' is an Israeli phrase to promote tourism to Israel. I say 'have at it' you Jewish perverts at taking our young boys and sexually perverting them. I don't care. I don't have any young boys you can prey on.

Call me apathetic. I am realistic. Let your sons and grandsons fall prey to the next 'religious holiday' called NAMBLA. I don't care. Do you?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The December 14, 2012 Massacre in Connecticut

What can be done to prevent another massacre of innocent children in our schools? For the present, all doors should be locked and the teachers should have magnets in the door frame that they can pull out in seconds to close the door. It takes too much time to use a key to lock it (the teacher would have to stand in the hall to lock it) and substitute teachers are at a substantial disadvantage because they don't even have keys.

Secondly, retired police officers with CCW licenses should be hired to work in the school every day in dress clothes, not uniforms. Since substitute teachers work for about $10 an hour, $15 an hour for the retired officers would be fair.

But to me, the main question is 'how did it come to this' and can it be fixed? Yes. These killers came about because of the change in our society fifty years ago. After Civil Rights and desegregation, which loosened the public's hold on the family, the Welfare State became bloated with girls having babies without fathers. Then, as if this were planned, movies became violent and perverted; comic books became lewd and violent; busing caused violence in schools; video games became graphic and violent; movies like 'The Warriors' glorified street gangs; television shows became senseless, mean and perverted; the music became thumping, violent and perverted; people like Madonna encouraged lewdness, sex, kissing other females and very little clothes. And too many children are being drugged legally while drug manufacturers write that they “don't know why the drug works,” turning intelligent children into zombies.

These killings did not happen in a vacuum. If anyone in our government truly wants these senseless killings to stop, and I do not believe they do, they must fix the media. I listened to some commentator this morning talking about the killings and he blamed guns. He mentioned the lobbies that are crippling this nation like the National Rifle Association but failed to mention the lobbies that ARE crippling our nation such as AIPAC. He wants to ban legal guns but not break the monopoly-hold on all aspects of the media. This shows me the government has no intention of fixing the problem.

The 'media' includes radio, television, newspapers, magazines, book publishers, comic books, movies, video games, clothing, music.....anything that is promoted or published that influences people. The media is owned/operated by one group that began buying it up in earnest fifty years ago and since their ownership, our society has sunk to the present-day level.

President Reagan closed the orphanages and encouraged Children Services and foster care.  He closed the mental hospitals and put mentally sick people into homes in your neighborhood.  He deregulated everything from the trucking industry to the phone company, leading to higher prices and bad service.  He weakened the American dollar.  He did our nation a lot of damage.

Just the same as when a victim confronts his bully and solves the problem, we must confront the truth about how all this came about. Do the research.....you'll find out I am right.

Monday, December 3, 2012

European Superiority Complex, Jewish Persecution Complex and Self-Hating Blacks, oh my

Of the three destructive groups listed in the title, the Self-Hating Blacks are the least dangerous because American blacks realized long before whites how destructive Jews are, even though Jewish-led Civil Rights and the 60s Revolution tried their darnedest to change that. American blacks are more assimilated then the other two groups. Although Jews targeted the blacks as being a weak and needy group, after the glow wore off, blacks realized Jews were only interested in themselves.

The Europeans that came to this 'untamed' nation were English, French and Spanish, although the English took the lead. All three imperialist nations had done this many times and were accomplished ravagers of nations. They used their 'superiority' as an excuse to squash 'untamed' nations and devoid them of their natural and human resources.

This superiority is evident again in the thought that 'Europeans settled this land and therefore it belongs to white Europeans.' The problem with that argument is that until George Washington, this nation had a European attitude. That attitude was changed and was explained in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. President Washington became an American, not a European.

Yes, the forefathers were white but even then, it was a struggle to convince the people here that they must separate from England. It was the first time in history that I know of where a nation in the grips of imperialism broke from England. We were indeed The Great Experiment.

Where did the Jewish Persecution Complex come from? Actually, no where but in the minds of Jews. Today's Jews were the Zealots that fled Jerusalem when Herod's Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD and fled to Masada. The rest of the people in the Middle East, mostly Semitic and assumed to be of the House of David, were not Zealots. The Zealots, aka Jews, were dispersed throughout Europe. Jews had no right to that land then and do not now.

And there has been much reliable research done on the 'holocaust' and that has proven (through records) that there were probably not even a million Jews in the camps (besides Catholics, political dissidents and impaired people) and that most did not die and certainly did not die from being gassed. This assertion defies logic and facts.

Decisions, negotiations and peace can all be worked out as long as emotions and vindictiveness stay out of the picture. Emotions include superior attitudes, persecution complexes and religion. Peace in the Middle East will never be accomplished as long as the illegal state of Israel exists. There was peace before Israel and there will be peace when Israel is dismantled and the U.S. stops supporting them.

What those 'superior' Europeans did to the native Americans and by bringing in African slaves is no different that what Jews are doing to Palestinians, YET people cry about the American Indians and do nothing to help the Palestinians. Well, some strong Americans did try like former Ambassador Edward Peck and Cynthia McKinney, Lebanon and some guys from Turkey.

Americans won't save our Republic. It will be done indirectly though Russia and China who should be our best buddies in the first place and not Israel. Israel is draining our nation of money and morality. Our forefathers got it right and so did our first legal immigrants from Ireland, Italy and Germany but Jews have the present-day American mind and heart and have given moral cowards the right not to think at all.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Be wary of signing those medical papers at the beginning of the school years that state the parent gives the school permission to medically care for their child. Most parents sign it because they believe it makes their child safe.

But guess what else that paper does? It gives the school the 'medical' right to take your daughter to an abortion clinic without your knowledge. http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2010/03/public-school-helps-girl-get-abortion/

Day Care centers check young children for any bruises and report that to Children Services without the parents' knowledge. And there is a possible new blip on the horizon. Is it possible that those Consent papers that parents sign might also give the school the right to inject a chip into children?

Keep your child safe in school. Don't let a teacher tell you that giving your child Concerta (time-released Ritalin) will make your child nicer, smarter and popular. What it gives them is seizures and a zombi-like demeanor.

The Birth of a Nation from an existing one

Egotistical Superiority

Northern and Southern people don't hate each other. The hate is in specific extremist minorities in Northern Ireland. Half the population is Catholic and the other half is Protestant. Catholics usually prefer to be categorized as Irish and Nationalist (or more extremists as Republican), while Protestants usually prefer to be categorized as British and Unionist (or more extremists as Loyalist). This friction was created by Britain and ironically, the Irish can't fix it.

In what was to become Northern Ireland, the lands of the independent Catholic Gaelic nobility were confiscated and given to Protestant settlers from England and Scotland. This is similar to what Truman, Britain and the United Nations did when they imperialistically took Palestinian land and gave it to Jews for the creation of Israel.

England, as usual, screwed up Ireland when they intervened in that nation and couldn't win the southern area. England then shipped in Scotts to Northern Ireland to help cement English control. The resulting killings and extremism--because of English politics and religion--still leaves the nation divided. Divide, create chaos and conquer.
Britain has screwed up many nations with their imperialism and trying to inflict their culture and language upon the conquered nations. Spain has done the same thing. Most people think of South Americans as Spanish but they were not originally. The Spanish went into S.A., conquered the people, stole their gold, gave them diseases and a new language all under the auspice of 'founding a new country.' They use the word 'found' instead of 'invade and ravage' to make people believe they are doing a good thing.

Look at this time line of the Spanish conquest of South America. The tactics used here by Europeans is used over and over again, even today.

1501: The Spanish colonists of Hispaniola begin importing African slaves
1503: Jews escape the Portuguese Inquisition by emigrating to Brazil
Nov 1519: Hernan Cortez reaches the capital of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan, and captures the emperor, Montezuma
1520: Smallpox outbreak in Mexico
Jun 1520: Cortez is defeated by the Aztecs
Aug 1521: Cortez defeats the Aztecs and conquers their capital Tenochtitlan
1522: Pascual de Andagoya explores South America and learns about the Inca gold
1524: Pizarro, the priest Hernando de Luque and the soldier Diego de Almagro organize an expedition in Panama to explore and conquer South America
1524: Smallpox outbreak in Peru
1524: Cortes' lieutenant Pedro de Alvarado founds the city of Guatemala
1528: Holy Roman emperor and Spanish king Karl V grants Venezuela to the Augsburg banking family Welser
Nov 1532: Francisco Pizarro defeats the Inca army led by Atahuallpa at Cajamarca after the Inca Empire has been decimated by smallpox and takes the emperor hostage
Jul 1533: Pizarro executes Inca emperor Atahuallpa
1537: Pope Paul III issues a Papal Bull to affirm that the Indios of Latin America are equal to Europeans and therefore entitled to receive Christianity
1538: African blacks are shipped as slaves to Brazil
1541: Pizarro is assassinated by an Almagrista
1545: Silver is discovered in Potosi (Bolivia)
1546: Silver is discovered in Zacatecas (Mexico)
1548: The population of Santo Domingo has declined from 100,000 in 1492 to 5,000
1550: Portugal ships female orphans and African slaves to the colonists of Brazil
1552: Bartolome` de las Casas's "Brevisima Relacion de la Destruycion de las Indias" is published in Europe, accusing Spain of having killed 12 million "Indians" since 1492
1553: Chile's governor Valdivia is defeated and killed by the Araucanian Indios
TM, ®, Copyright © 2008 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
1554: Jesuits led by Jose de Anchieta found the mission and school of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
1555: French colonists build a fort in the bay of Rio de Janeiro (France Antarctique)
1555: Portuguese sailors transmit smallpox to Brazil, that exterminates the Indios of the coast
1556: The Welser are stripped of their rights on Venezuela
1565: Pedro Menendez founds San Agustin in Florida
569: Don Francisco de Toledo is appointed viceroy of Peru
1570: A tribunal of the Inquisition is instituted in Lima, Peru
1571: The Inca leader Tupac Amaru rebels in Peru but he is captured and beheaded
1574: There are 160,000 Spaniards in America
1576: A smallpox epidemics in Mexico kills more than a million people
1580: Spain forbids the American colonies from conferring any public office to mestizos (mixed-blood people)
1581: Brazil has a population of 57,000, of which 20,000 Portuguese, 18,000 Indios, 14,000 African slaves, and 5,000 mamelucos/mestizos
1585: Black slaves constitute about 25% of Brazil's population
1605: The population of Mexico has declined from 25 million (1490) to 1 million (1605), mostly due to diseases
1613: Smallpox outbreak in Brazil
1618: In Europe Spain fights against France, Holland and England in the "Thirty Years' War"
1624: The Catholic Church foments anti-government riots in Ciudad de Mexico
1624: Dutch colons colonize north-eastern Brazil
1624: England takes St Kitts from Spain
1627: England takes Barbados from Spain
1628: The West India Company seizes 170 thousand kgs of silver from Spanish ships at Cape Matanza in Cuba
1629: Brazilian paulistas/mamelucos (slave gatherers) attack the Jesuit missions
1651: Jews found Curacao
1693: Gold is discovered in Minas Geraes, Brazil, causing a gold rush in the West, and the center of power shifts from the Northeast towards Rio de Janeiro
1695: The Portuguese exterminate the Quilombo dos Palmares
1695: Gold is discovered in Minas Gerais, Brazil
1703: Spain authorizes the colonies to confer public office to mestizos
1713: The peace of Utrecht allows Britain to export African slaves to Spanish America (1,200 a year to Buenos Aires)
1729: Diamonds are found in Minas Gerais

And the pattern is used over and over again. The tactics the Spanish used, including the Popes, are the same as England's and France's. These tactics were also used in the United States during the mid-1900s, when foreigners began pouring into the United States not as legal immigrants, but as 'political refugees,' 'illegals' and later as professionals and engineers taking American jobs. But this time it isn't the Imperialists of old doing it.

Machiavelli was right: It is easier to injure a kind man because he cannot hurt you.