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Friday, August 28, 2015

ADDENDUM to my blog, 'GETTING TO YES' May 19, 2015

In my article, I wrote that I had read that book but reread it again recently and found that every time the author used an example of 'negotiations,' it was this peace treaty. After the third time, I stopped reading the book. But I did not connect Sadat's assassination with this treaty.

When I wrote my blog in May of 2015, I had not realized that in October of 1981, Sadat was assassinated in Cairo, Egypt, during the Egyptian Third Army's parade commemorating the 1973 surprise attach against Israeli forces occupying the Sinai since 1967. 
Oct. 7, 1981 marked Egypt’s Armed Forces Day, so called in commemoration of the Egyptian Third Army’s launching of a surprise attack on that day in 1973 against Israeli forces occupying the Sinai since 1967. The Third Army pushed Israeli forces back toward Israel for several days until an American weapons airlift helped Israel turn the tide in what became known as the Yom Kippur war. Remember the USS Liberty attack? I do remember seeing the murder on TV, however.

The attackers would eventually come to be identified as Islamist nationalists associated with the Muslim Brotherhood under the name of Islamic Jihad. Although the http://middleeast.about.com/od/egypt/a/me081006a.htm article blames Muslims for this assassination, it seems more likely that Israel would have killed Sadat because of his usefulness being over.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Do you really believe Assad is killing his own people?

I am not an authority on the Middle East (M.E.), but close. Here is what I've seen concerning Syria. Syria, like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Lebanon, had a society that functioned for them. And they also had a ton of natural resources. In 2008, Israel bombed Syria because they 'thought Syria had nukes.' Israel got into no trouble.

The U.S., Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar want a natural gas line through that area. For example, Damasks, in Syria, is along that gas road. These nations want a natural gas line through Syria to damage Putin's gas contracts in Europe. Then 'rebels' came into Syria to get people riled up a few years ago. I don't think they were to 'rile' up people but to take over Syria. Down with the government!!  Down with the Establishment!!  These 'rebels' were not Syrian. They came from other nations such as Africa. Bused-in rebels from places like Rebels R US. These very rebels are still riling up trouble in the Middle East. Same as with Liberal protests in N.Y. in the 90s being sponsored by Communists.

Interestingly, these rebels are doing nothing to Israel, who murdered women and children in Lebanon. Israel, who murder Palestinians. Since Syria did nothing when Israel bombed them in 2008, don't you kind of think Israel is behind all this chaos in the M.E.? This is the same as when Kissinger told Nixon to look the other way as Israel gathered nukes and aircraft. Israel is responsible for all the M.E. Chaos. If you look at the facts, it will tell you the truth.

When I watched on TV tonight that Assad was killing his own people, I did not believe it. It doesn't make sense. But then, sense is not what all this killing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya is about...it is about money, natural resources.  It's about making Israel safe.

Today a barrel of oil is less then $40 a barrel, but instead of paying $1.50 or less at the pumps, we are paying $2.97. After WWII, a cap was put on the price of a barrel of oil until the 1970s of $45 a gallon. Gas was 15-25 cents a gallon until that cap was lifted. Do the math. It doesn't make sense.

Didn't Iran just make a huge oil deal with China? And isn't Iran going to sell oil to Israel? Might that stop a war over Iran? And aren't they all trading aircraft? According to End Of The American Dream web site, “If the U.S. showed support for the Israeli attack (on Iran), that would greatly discourage his anti-war supporters from going to the polls. If the U.S. did not show support for the Israeli attack, Obama would potentially lose many of the Jewish voters that he desperately needs in swing states such as Florida.” Wonder which candidate supports destroying Iran? Maybe Jeb Bush?  We know Trump won't bomb them. And we know a bombing will tick Rick Steves (travel show) off because he now sees the lies the U.S. puts out there about Iran.

And when Obama wanted that Arm Sgt. Bowe Bergdhl by the Taliban in Afghanistan so badly, he was traded for five 'terrorists.' Why did Obama want him and why did those five 'terrorists' go to Qatar for a year and where are they now?

Remember how I mentioned Lebanon earlier? Just now, on Russia Today News, they said 'rebels' are destroying Beirut, Lebanon, and killing women and children. And 'someone' is using Sarin gas to murder women and children in Syria. Although they are trying to blame Assad, we know it is the 'rebels.'

Thanks to the U.S. and U.N. backing the rebels, people from these war-torn nations are fleeing from Africa and Sudan and the Middle East to Greece, Macedonia, Jordan, France, Italy and NO ONE wants them, especially not Israel. Nice job, US. And kudos for giving Jews Palestinian land in 1948 that started this mess.

If you haven't noticed, the media is lying to us. Just research for yourself. And when you find the truth, what will you do?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DIABETES—I have a question

Is there anyone out there that understands what diabetes is? Like a doctor? I have a theory. I think a lot of people are told they have diabetes and they don't. Same with breast cancer. I'm sure there are more misdiagnosis, but let's talk diabetes.

My mother lived to be 86 years old and she didn't die of diabetes. She died of a heart attack. She was not overweight and had no symptoms but her doctor, a female Asian, prescribed thyroid medicine in about 2002. She immediately got very thin. I told her she had no symptoms and tried to talk her into reading up on it. She said her doctor knows what she's doing.

In about 2005, the same doctor said she had diabetes. Again no symptoms. She gained some weight back, though. In about 2009, I sent this doctor a Notice of Intent about not watching my mother's depression medicine and said that if she hurts anyone, I would blame the doctor. Not too many years after that the doctor dropped her. She continued to take diabetes insulin, though.

In about 2010, her sugar level went out of control, sometimes dropping to 60 and then going to 600 but she still had no diabetes symptoms; no weight gain, no burning feet, no amputations. Other than the fluctuating sugar levels, she was OK.

By 2013, I had to go back to where she lived to give her injections and watch what she ate. Her new doctor said she could not live alone in her home. We tried to get people to come in but she ended up in a nursing home. She was very angry. That's where she had the heart attack that killed her.

This is my theory. She didn't have a thyroid or diabetes problem. Does anyone know what happens to a healthy body that is given these medications for years that does not need them? Would it deteriorate the body, such as kidneys and brain? Has anyone ever done experiments with mice to see what happens when they are given drugs they do not need?

My son has an old cat that has diabetes. The vet found the cat's sugar level to be very high after the cat was brought in for not feeling well. I gave it shots for 10 days recently. The cat peed a lot and drank a lot of water and it is overweight. Symptoms of diabetes.

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Friends, Romans and countrymen. Lend me your ear

It took the Romans almost a century to realize how bad it had become around and in Herod's Temple in Judea. These Judeans that took control of the temple had great confidence that no one could stop them because they had gotten away with having Christ murdered. They were out of control....a real terrorists group.

We are in that same situation in America today. These zealots control our media and our government. These zealots are today called 'jews' because these groups forced the King James version of the Bible to insert 'jew' in place of 'Judean.'

Michael Hayes shot nine people in North Carolina and because one of his pictures had a Confederate flag in it, 'someone' wants the flag taken down. Can you imagine going off on this flag tangent? I had a difficult time even coming up with Hayes' name. The stuff is all about the flag, a U.S. symbol of the War Between The States. If Hayes had an Israeli flag, do you think that flag would be banned?

And that is what jews in the media do...they go off on tangents. They said they were standing up for blacks, but discrimination is WAY worse today than in the 60s. More white people are being murdered by disgruntled blacks. Jews like it that way.

Christ was against those Rabbis and Pharisees that took over Herod's Temple for financial gain and perverted rhetoric. That was the moral thing to do. But He failed. The Romans succeeded. So much for faith. Might wins.

And that is what jews do. They pound away at people until they give up. Those zealots circulated gold among the people to vote to release Barabbas and not Christ. This gold came from Herod's Temple because the money changers collected gold and gave the people tokens to offer to god. That made Christ (Yoshua) angry.

Separate jews from the 'religion' they hide behind. Don't fall for their lies. Stand up and tell the truth. Jews stole everything that belonged to Christ's followers; their Old Testament and scriptures and perverted those words to apply to them. Unless you want to follow Christ's killers, better blow off what jews say and write. They are the destroyers of peace.

Almost worse than what jews have done are the non-jew enablers that let this destruction continue. Politics is a dirty word. Democracy is a dirty word. I want my Republic back and thank goodness I'm Italian because it seems no other race can fix this.