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Monday, April 2, 2018

Jim Wickstrom was a good man and friend

I knew Jim Wickstrom for 8 years. I was a city cop for 16 years and he laughed about that being ironic.  He helped me get out of my sister's house in 2010.  We were good friends. 
He did not have a hemorrhage.  He had a stroke. He had no stairs.  He was taking blood thinners which caused the blood in his head to accumulate quickly.  The stroke was either before he fell and hit his head or after he hit his head.  He did not regain consciousness.  I was with him when the hospital removed the oxygen.
At this time in his life, he even had an FBI ‘friend.’  Times had changed.  He was no huge threat to the Jews any longer but he was still telling people about them and said people were waking up.  We had constant talks about how dangerous white people were, especially Democrats.
Jim died on March 24 at 5:05 pm EST in Saginaw, MI. 
Jim’s death showed me how deadly it is when a person does not have a Living Will.  I gave him blank Wills and Living Wills but he did not fill them out.  It also showed me to watch who you put on the lease to get in if a person dies   His management company is today putting on the lease paperwork that people named to come into that apartment have the right to all the person’s possessions.  That is illegal but I found with Jim’s death the hospital also wanted to get out of responsibility of his life or death decisions and hastily named the decision maker.
I’m not certain if Jim had lived that he would have been as viable as he had been.  He was a strong person, totally American, only wanting his Republic back and people like our Founding Fathers back in charge. 
One of Jim’s favorite quotes was:  You can’t fix stupid.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

'White' people and the North, or can Americans get any dumber?

Man, destroying the United States from within is working.  That is what the Communists have always stated.  I just saw a segment on Sixty Minutes (3-11-18) about the Confederate states and their statues in honor of those that fought in that terrible war.  These Liberals/Socialists/Democrats/Communists have successfully removed the memory of those brave Americans that fought, however wrongly, to destroy the South.  All I saw in the crowds were white people.

The reasons for the War were economic but somehow through propaganda, it is now about slavery.  It isn’t the American black that is complaining.  They are all WHITE people speaking for the blacks.  Those whites say they know better than the American blacks and that is insulting.

People watch on Sixty Minutes while these beloved statues are removed, usually under cover of darkness because of death threats.  Even death threats don’t wake up the public to the fact that BAD people threaten people because they are wrong and have no other way to get their way but to jump and down like spoiled brats.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

At the same time that these statues were being removed from public spots  (where they had been for over one hundred years) because of ‘what they stand for,’ Jews were gathering a million dollars to have a HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL built on the Columbus, Ohio Statehouse grounds.  Can’t get much more public than that.  Imagine that—take down and hide a war veteran memorial and put up a memorial to honor people that died in concentration camps, and not even American prisoners.

We are methodically losing our American heritage and in its place is being put garbage, stuff that never happened.  I’m from the North and I would proudly hang a Confederate flag and love to see an American history statue.  It is part of our original story.  What I don’t want to see is an Israeli flag behind people in our government.  I don’t want communists in my government.  I don’t want the American media to be so Leftist.  I don’t want the First Amendment to protect perverted, immoral people and corporations in the media. 

And by 2010, the racial issue was all but calmed down but the MEDIA resurrected it again through 60s civil rights movies and advertising black shootings by police officers.  But who cares what I say?  I’m just a smart, educated and kind 'white' American from the North and I don’t have a voice.  I’m on the wrong side evidently.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

White Supremacists – listen up

I am white, but not a Supremacist. I am an American. You guys need to be told how incompetent you are doing things. I'm telling you this to combat censorship and one-sided news.

You are doing right in facing down censorship. What you are doing wrong is almost everything. You somehow do not understand WHAT is causing the destruction of our Republic. For example, in Charlottesville, when YOU had the right to speak and the protestors did not, the police did not remove the protestors and you guys stayed. You need to have a plan when something like this happens. You all leave...quietly...and that makes the protestors look stupid. Then you file charges against the city for letting the protestors cause violence.

The protestors had a plan. They knew they could act all stupid and loud and aggressive and you guys would react. They were right. If you had left, they would have looked stupid and the violent people that they are. Remember – you can't have a fire without oxygen. Remove the oxygen. Walk away maybe even with signs that say 'We don't talk to anti-Americans.'

Research more than 'white.' Most of the bad people ARE white. They own our media (TV, movies, radio, newspapers, clothing, comics, video games...) and you don't have a chance. You ARE 'the other side.' The protestors at your speeches are communists, democrats, liberals and very WHITE. You need to pick a new message. Attack the cause, not the symptoms.

Yes, our forefathers were brilliant, kind and white but the white isn't the important part. These protestors are attacking our Constitution. You should be protecting it and exposing the attackers. Tell on them..

In our public schools, survivors of the 'holocaust' are welcomes into the schools. They would never allow someone like the researcher, David Irving, to speak. Yet, your group says nothing. Just look closely at the advertising commercials on television. THERE'S your enemy and recently it has become more black and white, black children with white parents...yet you don't see it. YOU are causing this! The media is combating you on every front and because of you, they are becoming more intense. Many Americans repeat what they see and hear, not what they have researched.

There is a speaker going to the University of MI soon, taking about the injustice in America. PLEASE STAY AWAY. Let the only protestors there be those white communists, democrats, liberals who hate President Trump. Let them yell and scream...to deaf ears.

Stop using the word 'white.' You will lose that war because our enemy in America IS white-looking. All the public sees is White against White and they can't see or hear the message. Think of our Republic and what it is based on. E Pluribus Unum...our of many, ONE. These protestors are anti-American. They are idealists and bleeding hears. You can't fight that. But you can attack the stupidity and unAmerican activities. Look for those as examples such as Martin Luther, Joseph McCarthy, Henry Ford...who tried to warn us and instead, made the bad people stronger and more determined.

Point out the bad people's strategies and when you don't go to that speech or rally, tell the media you didn't go because of the anti-American protestors. You have better things to do like upholding our Constitution...getting rid of bad decisions in our courts...strengthening our borders...stopping lies in our media.

Put up billboards and sell magnetic signs for our cars. BE KIND. Do it with a kind heart. Your message is somewhat correct but too narrow. This is about all of us Americans. Whatever you SAY will be used against you, so make sure what you say is kind and very American. Not racial. Not one-sided. Not unachievable. Keep it simple. Keep it safe. Show the public what you are for, because your message is sorely lost when the protestors and media shows up.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Zuckerberg, of Facebook, stated around January 8th that Facebook contributed in getting Trump elected and that is bad and he is going to FIX that in the future. At the same time, I saw Margarita Simonovna Simonyan in a interview. She runs Russia Today and is the person that has taken RT into a polished TV show. Top notch.

Zuckerberg is boo-hooing about Facebook contributing to Trump's election. Margarita states that France and Britain said on Facebook that they were behind Hillary. She questioned why the double standard and the discrimination against Trump. She is a diplomatic, common sense, intelligent Russian woman and well worth listening to.

Those Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists and Jews just HATE that a man like Trump, a pro-American, got in office and is going to get rid of the garbage. The garbage, which is white, are the same Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists and Jews that are screaming and scheming to get rid of Trump. He jeopardizes their future!

The same propaganda the Jewish-run American media has been shoving down American's throats for sixty years is the same message being used on Trump to make people afraid to speak up. Don't fall for it.

The woman at some gala Hollywood event, including Oprah Winfrey, are saying that “People have the right to speak up! You should not be afraid!!” Glad they've given us permission because I have a lot to say negative against the Left, the holocaust and other ADL/Civil Liberties lies.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Gaming Disorders

Hey, America. You hear about the new disorder? Gaming Disorder. Its when someone plays too many video games, too much, and doesn't associate with regular folks. AND CBS said that now that it has a name, it is covered by medical insurance.

Ain't that the cats meow. The Jewish-run media 'creates' the problem, then finds a cure for it. Money, money, money. Either Americans are stoo-pid or they are afraid to research. I think it is both. Both because Americans are afraid to research. That takes time and thought. It is easier to listen to 'opinions' and TV-movie-song hype than find out who is causing this chaos. If they did name the Media, those people would be offended and how DARE an American offend the bad guys.

Same way with violence in schools. Gee, ya think it was when busing was initiated? Ripping a kid from his school, friends, neighborhood and parents and putting them in a strange school? After all, it was never about making schools better because it didn't. It was about creating violence. And it did just that.

Then there are the Training Films the Media puts out that shows kids or adults how to create violence. How to hold a gun. How to terrorize another person. How to rape, make a bomb and get in a car chase. The Media music industry is the same. TV situation 'comedies' are horrible situations, glamorizing obese people, slapping each other for laughs, saying rude things to their friends, family and teachers. And they aren't even funny.

Funny is gone. It left with Johnny Carson, early Saturday Night Live shows, In Living Color, I Love Lucy, Captain Kangaroo (Bull Winkle and Rocky), the Road Runner. That humor is gone because 'it could offend someone.' Remember when Sesame Street starting calling Cookie Monster the Veggie Monster? Remember 'Fraiser'?

Offend who? The Media, of course. There is much more money to be made in perversion than wholesomeness, every body knows that. But we 'used' to have the real Catholic Church, the real Masonic Temple. They are gone because they were a threat, or at least an inconvenience, to the Media.

Anyway, 'someday' Americans will connect the dots and condemn the Media for more than Sexual Advances toward women or actresses. That's been going on since the 50s when McCarthy's ban on subversive movies ran out and perversion became King.

Same way with prescriptions drugs and cancer. Create it then cure it. They're PLAYING with our lives. If it were the Japanese or Chinese or Arabs that were in charge of the media, Americans would be up in arms because the Media told them to be up in arms.

I keep looking for that spark of a brain cell in many Americans, to wake up, research who owns/runs the Media, and COMPLAIN about them. Point your finger directly at THEM. Lobby against perversion. Get our morals back. Get our Republic back. Enforce our Constitution. Think for yourself.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Ya think? Who would have thunk violence?

You would think that after decades of violence begetting violence, that Americans would catch on. In the 60s and 70s, it was black protestors. Violence. But since Trump was elected, it has been WHITE protestors that cause violence.

On August 12, 2017, Charlottsville, VA, Americans gathered to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from a downtown park. The objectors had a permit. The white protestors (ANTIFA) did not. To violently protest against another's free speech, they have to be labeled. In this instance, they were labeled Nazis or KKK or white supremacists. Now somehow the The Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center in Chattanooga thought being against taking a Civil War statue down was not free speech. It ended with a frustrated man driving his car into a group of cars, killing one girl and injured 19 others.

On September 14, 2017, President Trump spoke against the protestors, stating, the violence “Points to ‘pretty bad dudes’ among anti-fascist protesters,” which drew a mild rebuke from South Carolina’s Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate who met with Trump to discuss racial issues a day earlier.

In Columbus, Ohio, when the KKK wanted to speak, the police put up chain-link barriers, keeping speakers away from protesters. After a few years of no violence and less crowds, the KKK stopped coming.

Communists can speak and put on Peace Rallies in New York, but anti-communists (Nazis) are not allowed to. You would think some Americans would finally come to the conclusion that violence begets violence. Don't go to these rallies. Don't provide the oxygen for the fire. This isn't about protesting. It is about getting people hurt to make a point and that is that 'America is not safe and we need more HomeLand Security.'

If we want to label a group that turns violent, let's call them Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Democrat Hate Groups. They need a name also that identifies them. It should not be one sided. These violent protesters do not represent America.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

So, President Rodrigo Dutente called former president Obama, a "son of a bitch."  My, my.  He could have just called him a "cookie."