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Friday, December 7, 2018

Saudi Arabia and all the other players….

Have you noticed that the News is quite silent on the Khashoggi issue?  Even the national news is throwing things out there for the public to munch on like Michael Flynn’s ‘punishment.’  Now that 41 is buried, it will be interesting to see what new disaster emerges to smudge the truth.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Algeria, and the United Arab Emirates are dangerous playmates, especially when we sell them the weapons and planes to make war against us or other neighbors.  But heck, we did that with the Shah of Iran when we pushed nuclear power plants, including nuclear fuel enrichment technology on Iran…back then.  And now the U.S. is pretending Iran somehow got that stuff magically on their own. 

So, the public will sit in front of the tube waiting for any crumbs thrown to us from mainstream media, which has NO intention of telling us the real and complete truth.  We will wait to hear if any lucrative deals are reach for the U.S. and Erdoga to, again, keeps its mouth shut in the Khashoggi case or Turkey’s active role in support of mercenaries sent to Syria or if billionaire Mohammad Hussein al Amoudi is alive or beheaded like Khashoggi.

It is not difficult to find out what is really going on in the Middle East if you have a college degree, tenacity, writing and research ability, a love of our Republic and the guts to accept the truth.  Like the Duchess said in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. “Tut, tut, child!  Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tidbits and things you didn’t want to know

1.     Remember Rasmuttin in the communists early days in Russia?  After 1917.  Well, there is a politician out there today name Scott Rasmuttin.  

2.     Did you know that the star of david was adopted in the 1600s, the same time period that the King James version of the Bible changed ‘Citizens of Judea’ to ‘Jews?’

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Jewish Sake in America’s Changing Demography

This paper was written by a Jew named Dr. Stephen Steinlight.  You can read all 23 pages of his paper at https://cis.org/steinlight.  But I am certain you will not read it because rarely do any of you.

I printed out a paper by Robert Weissberg on my blog called, ‘Jews and blacks.  Everything the goyim wanted to know but were afraid to ask,’ which laid out how the jews were responsible for Civil Rights, almost the lawyers, desegregation, busing, et al.  Only a FEW read it and they were shocked that jews would tell us they destroyed American society.  But Weissberg actually told us because, “blacks don’t appreciate what the jews have done for them.” Not because of guilt for what they did.  In other words, jews telegraph their movements to us in vivid detail knowing NO GOYIM IS GOING TO READ IT.  And they are right.

This Steinlight telegraphs jewish intentions of taking over ALL U.S. immigration, slowing  it down, and training those ‘new recruits’ in the Jewish way, the same way they do in American schools:  Talks on the holocaust, sensitivity, distortion of history and religion, anti-bullying propaganda and leaving out facts that are against jews.

So, I’m putting it out there in case someone has the courage to read.  Heaven forbid you would willingly read how jews insult the American people.