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Friday, May 17, 2019


Well, now maybe believe our history books when then said no every American was behind breading from English rule back in the 1887s.  Over the centuries we have witness some ignorant behavior from the British, including getting FRD into WWII.

But I, and a non-communist, not Labor, non-parliament, non-Tories, and PRO-Republican who bows to no queen, I WANT THEREA MAY TO COME TO AMERICA and ship every Democrat to England!!!

Please consider, Miss May, to come to America and give all the misfits here to opportunity live where want want…England.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dateline refuses to say JEW in deaths in Russia

On 2-27-2019 Dateline did show whole show on the poor people people Russia is killing.  What they don't tell you is these people are JEWISH.

Alexander Litvinenko –Jewish – he met Leonid  Nevzlin was active in Jewish communal life. In 2000 he became chairman of the coordinating council of the Congress of Jewish Religious Communities and Organizations. In 2001 he was nominated acting president of the Russian Jewish Congress.

The Oligarths are JEWISH.  Nevzkin couldn't get his billions so he fled to Israel.

The Italian guy Dateline said was innocent, Schiavone.  He caused children to die in Camorra because of radiation.

Francesco Schiavone of the Camorra, the Naples area mafia, which has links to the Jewish Russian mafia.
A Russian-Jewish media executive, Mikhail Lesin, a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin who helped found the English-language news service Russia Today, was found dead in an upscale Washington hotel room, Russian authorities said.

It isn't Just Russia that has Polotium 210...there is Italy...SOUTHERN ITALY!! 

Putin is trying to get rid of the Jews.  Remember they took over Russia in 1917.