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Friday, August 10, 2018

How to talk to a Democrate if you must

August 10, 2018

Elizabeth Warren
120 Maryland Ave. NE
Washington DC 20002

RE:   You wanna’ hear the truth?

America needs to get rid of the ‘Democratic Party.’  It should be called the Democratic/Communist Party.  After JFK died, hundreds of thousands of Americans left the Democratic Party and went Republican.  Since then, the Dem Party has let Communists, feminists, liberals and any other idealistic violent morons join that have an ax to grind.  An anti-American ax.
The things you accuse Trump of are the things your party has done for 50 years.  Have you forgotten Travelgate with the Clintons, not to mention their sexual diversity? Have you forgotten Bill’s financial incentives to put children in foster care?   Did you forget that baby Bush went into Iraq with BAD ‘intelligence’ and destroyed that beautiful nation?  Do you remember that Bush ‘only’ had our deficit at ONE Trillion Dollars and that Obama bumped it up to over EIGHTEEN MILLION?
You have forgotten so much, Elizabeth, but WE have not.  We are a Republic, not a Democracy, or have you ever read Thomas Jefferson?  Probably not.  Have you read The Wealth OF Nations by Adam Smith?  I doubt it. 
Your letter speaks of “Nazis’ and ‘white supremacists’ which is your rhetoric for ‘bad guys.’  That alone tells me you are a communist.  Have you read America’s Retreat From Victory by Senator Joseph McCarthy?  Or are you like those Jews that STILL say ‘McCarthyism’ even when McCarthy was exonerated in the early 1980s when SOVIET spy paperwork was translated or in 2016 and 2017 when Sixty Minutes did a show on the Rosenberg children who said that their parents were indeed “Jewish Soviet Spies” and that no other Jewish family would take them in because they ‘didn’t want to lose their business’?  Do you know WHY China or North Korea or Manchuria or Formosa became Communists?  And have you ever wondered why America, since WWII, has always backed Communists regimes (Stalin) and destroyed those against communists such as Hitler, Mussolini and Franco?
Your party is corrupted to the hilt and the biggest fear you have is that Trump will expose that corruption and you will be out of a job.  That is why you and your party is so hateful.  At least call must your party what it really is:  The Democratic/Communist Party.  Take me off our mailing list.
Very sincerely,

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Open letter to a local Christian newspaper

RE:   Either Or


Everything depend on your colors.  Which flag you carry, the gang colors you wear.  No one actually wants to get along because each one believes they are correct.  And they are correct because THEY believe it.

Belief means no one did any research except on one side…the side they believe.  You talk about ‘truth,’ but you won’t research it.  Why?  Because facts dispel belief.  But that’s not so bad.  You can believe in Creation and Evolution at the same time.  You are allowed.  Creator is the thing that creates.  Creation is what is created.  God or ‘the gods.’  It doesn’t matter unless a person wants to cause friction because that is what religion does…creates friction.  And friction makes money.

Yeshua the Christ did not create friction, as far as I’ve researched, and those that met Him and wrote about Him never wrote that He was a trouble-maker.  The Trouble-Makers were in Herod’s Temple, those Chosen People that CHOSE to punish Him…to get rid of Him.  He threatened their Ponzi scheme.  Those money-makers who bilked people out of their gold in exchange for tokens….the Chosen People.  This is according to the New Testament, if you choose to believe your version.

Constantine created the Catholic Church in about 300 AD, which people now refer to as ‘Christianity.’  He did that to ‘control the masses’ and it worked.  The Catholic Church had finally EVOLVED into a strong and honest organization by the 1900s.  So, the Church was dismantled, destroyed, in 1963 and replaced with the word ‘Christianity’ because ‘Christianity’ goes very well with ‘Judeo-Christian.’  Somehow ‘Judeo-Catholic’ does not.

And when versions of the Bible begin to change words (as in the King James version), I ask Why?  You didn’t notice the different wording from the older Aramaic version?  And have you noticed all the NEW versions such as the Aramaic Bible In Plain English?  That’s what the King James version was supposed to do but what it really did was CHANGE the ancient wording. 
So you ‘Christians’ argue about evolution and abortion and totally forget about the authenticity of the Bible, the place you quote from, well, depending on which version you use.  In other words, you are getting polluted and changed information and that’s why you can’t figure out life.  You can’t figure out that even if life started from an amoeba, it was still CREATED.

Here’s what I believe.  I believe organized religion is a menace to society, a menace to life.  Religion is an interference to living a peaceful existence.  You don’t offer the other side on evolution or abortion because that would be seeking the truth and again, a belief is stronger than a fact because it can’t be tested.  On the other hand, too many human beings are not capable of research so I guess, in the end, they need to be called ‘Christians.’  That way, when they do selfish, narrow-minded, foolish or mean things, they can rest assured they are superior to other human beings because their Rabbi or Pastor or Priest or Minister told them so.  They interpret the Bible, depending on which version serves their point.

Christianity isn’t about GOD.  It is about MAN.  And spirituality isn’t about MAN.  It is about Man being connected to life…all life.  And that connection is called God.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Three books that confirm Russia's fall to Jewish Communism

One insightful and strong lesson that can be learned from these three books is that Jews are used to create chaos, murder and plunder a nation and then are kicked out or murdered themselves by the leaders of the systems they helped to create. It happened in Russia under Stalin and in Germany by Hitler. History proves the same will happen to the Jews in the United States. The frightening question then becomes: Will the communist nation the Jews helped create in the United States crumble immediately or will Americans never see their America again?

It takes three strands to weave a braid and this author will weave the story of the Communistic takeover of Russia using three books: From Double Eagle To Red Flag (two volumes) by General P.N. Krassnoff, White Road by Olga Ilyin and 200 Years Together by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a review by Wolfgang Strauss.

The first book by Krassnoff, copyright 1927, covers the twenty years or so before and up to 1917. It provides an in-depth account of all the nuances in society and government that occurred to let the 'Jew Bolsheviks,' or “Bol'sheviki yevrey” (P. 89) take over that nation that had stood for 2,000 years.

In the second book, Olga Ilyin chronicles her journey through White Russia from 1919 to 1923 as an aristocrat married to an army officer during the Russian Revolution. She also blames 'the Jews' for rousing the peasants to revolt.

Solzhenitsyn's book takes up where the other two books leave off: He tells us what happened after the Jew Bolsheviks took over.

From Double Eagle To Red Flag begins with the idyllic life lead by the aristocrats in Russia under Czar Nicholas II (Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov ), a benevolent deity that saw the plight of the peasants and instituted ways to make their lives better. The aristocrats always separated their lives from the citizenry although they constantly administered to their well-being and comfort in life. In old Russia, the class lines were Tsar, nobles, merchants, clergy, professionals classes, peasants and officials.

“The 'bourgeois,' and the 'proletarians' had appeared now. Peasants and workmen still remained while all the rest were divided into parties: Monarchists, October Party, Nationalists, Constitutionalists, Social-democrats, Socialists-revolutionaries, Labour Party, Anarchists, Internationalists, Communists, --perhaps there were even more!” p. 346

The main characters in this book are Sablin Rotbek, (also called Sasha and Alexander Nicolaievitch), an officer in the Russian army who went through many women, including Marousia Lubovina, until he finally married a women in his class, Vera Constantinovna, who bore him a son named Kolia and a daughter named Tania. By Marousia he had an illegitimate son named Victor Korjikoff, who at the end of the story is responsible for his father's death.

The wife of the Czar, Alexandra, befriended a man named Rasputin, who was thought to be a mystic and plays a 'saint' paid for by Emperor Wilhelm but in reality he seduces the aristocratic women. After Vera's seduction, she commits suicide. Rasputin eventually runs away and is killed on February 28, 1917 by members of Sablin's regimen.

As socialists weaved their way into the thoughts of the aristocrats, they began to tell the people, “But now the noble class was in decay.” “Little by little they (nobles) had taken the form of the horrible, unpatriotic and superficially educated 'intelligentzia,' who were now ruining Russia in their party strife. Russia could not exist with them. Such nobles were no longer needed, let them perish and give their land to the people.” p. 346.

They also said that the clergy was in poverty and lost its active spirit and faith and had no influence on the people. The Duma was formed 'for the people' which was itself corrupt being composed of parties and not of Russian people.

Illegitimate son Victor wrote in his note-book, “Arise and stand like Israel. He shall be rewarded who succeeds in freeing himself of the enemies of Israel. He shall earn everlasting fame, who will rid himself of them and crush them.” And, “To conquer the universe? Fight unceasingly against human society until due order is established and until all the nations of the world have become your slaves.” (Bogar). “Slay the best of the gentiles, crush the head of the best serpent.” (Mechilt).

Victor had been raised by his step-father after he married the mother to 'keep her reputation' and provide for her. This husband/step-father, Fedor Fedorovitch (Korjikoff), was in the communist party, thought not a major leader. His instructions to his step-son were, “They are helping us themselves, Victor Mihaelovitch. The soldiers felt indignant, I should think. Add a drop more in one place, a stroke in another, underline the right point somewhere else and we won't be very far from a mutiny.” p. 29

Korjikoff, in teaching those following him, states, “Have you read Marx and Engles?” p. 389. “What is a government? Engels' definition is the following: 'A government is an organised form of despotism of one class over the other.' What should therefore be done, so as to free the oppressed class, i.e. the working (proletarian) class? The latter should form an organisation which would abolish the division of Society into different classes with irreconcilable and hostile interests. The abolishment of class-interests would do away with the form of coercive subjection of one class under the yoke of the other--.i. e., the government. The government would die a natural death having lost all reason for existence.” p. 390.

These Internationalists began inserting words like 'comrade' into the common language. Eventually even the Russian military began using such words. Korjikoff states, “ 'We,' said Lenin to us, 'intend to lull them to sleep by deceit. We shall amalgamate with their forces, preaching victory and at the same time leading the army to defeat.” “We shall deprive the private individuals of all their riches, placing them in the possession of the state—thus following the instruction of Marx and Engles. Not one single individual shall have the right of owning were it but a needle or a plough; everything will be socialized—and the people will become our blind weapons.” p. 393.

And indeed the Red Party did infiltrate the Russian military, spreading hopelessness and dissension among the troops, assassinating the military leaders that could have led Russia to victory and replacing them with Jews and party members. A Jew named Broadmann complains, “I'm a Jew. Yes, a Jew of that race which for centuries has been persecuted by the Russian Government” by limits of residence-license, name calling, limits in the universities, being hit. In retaliation for this treatment, he states that the same Cossacks that hit him “will obey me and will elect me honorary member of their Cossack-settlements. And girls of the best society will come to me to caress me, but I shall torment and torture them before the very eyes of their brothers and their betrothed.” p. 396.

Germany and Austria declared war on Russia. Emperors were being assassinated. Lubovin, former Russian soldier and deserter to the Red Party and brother to Marousia Lubovina (former lover of Sablin and mother to Victor) was found hanged. Sablin was wounded and later recovered, his son Kolia was killed on the battle field. by the end of Volume One.

Volume Two begins in about 1914. The Russian Revolution is being fought on two fronts, one internally with the Jews and the other on the battlefield with Germany and Austria. Jews are wearing red ribbons and giving them to the Russian soldiers. Soldiers start arresting Russian generals. Russian songs are replaced with modern, subversive ones. The Czar and his family is placed under arrest and held at Alexander Palace in Tsarskoie Selo. No one would help the Russians, not even King George and Queen Alexandra.

Meanwhile on the battlefield, the Russian military tried to maintain order not realizing they had been infiltrated by Jews and the Reds that were sabotaging and executing their ranks. The Russians won many battles against the Germans but were not getting supplies or reinforcements because their messages were not being delivered by the infiltrated revolutionaries. The army was not required to do drills any longer. The structure of the military was being destroyed. The war was being orchestrated in Sweden. “The German government has established a special branch in Sweden for the propaganda amongst the armies of the anti-German coalition, and we must use that branch for our work tending towards a universal revolution” Broadman reported to Victor, who had given valuable Russian information to Austria. “You are to go there and then to Russia, where you will promote socialistic propaganda, organize strikes, revolutionary riots, disorganize the government functionaries, and lay the foundation of civil war, disarmament and the cessation of this sanguinary war. Such is the general plan of the German government, which coincides with the program of our faction. You have been appointed leader of the 'seven' who are to act in Petrograd. You must come in touch with the following members of the Duma: Petrovsky, Badaieff, Moorakoff, Samoiloff and Shagoff.” p. 521.

Victor asks, “How are we to set to work?” and is told by Brodmann, “...the entire Russian educated classes are sure to aid you. They are a herd of cowardly sheep and it will suffice to scatter them to the ranks of the army to see it decomposed by them, as by a noxious microbe.” He is told to make a laughing stock of the officers and “to play on the public admiration of the soldier's merits and gradually form new soldiers with nothing military about them.” p. 522

One of the Czar's daughters, Tatiana Nicholaievna, and her mother worked in the tents for the injured soldiers, although many people did not trust their intentions. The emperor had abdicated his throne and there was no leadership.

In the end, Victor tried to get his father, Sablin, to go over to the Communist side and he refused. Victor threatened to take Sablin's daughter, Tania, his half-sister and rape and kill her if he did not go over to their side. After torturing and killing Sablin, Victor lined up several Russians and was going to shoot them when Victor made a mistake of asking one of the men, Polejaeff, to kill the others and gave him his gun. Polejaeff instead killed Victor and escaped with Tania to Finland across the water in a boat


White Road, copyright 1984, is the true story by Ilyin of her escape from Russia to Siberia in 1919 to 1923 and then to the United States. She states on page xiv, “The First World War started in Russia in August 1914 and ended in the March 1917 Revolution. This so-called Bloodless Revolution from the Top uncovered the staggering unpreparedness of the liberal humanitarians, mostly members of the Duma, who had engineered the coup and taken over the government. The well-meaning, democratically minded Provisional Government, which we all tried to support against the Communist Party, had tied its own hands by promises of nonviolence and found itself unable to enforce its own decrees and orders.

The structure of a thousand-year-old empire swayed and crumbled under the onslaught of the Bolsheviks and their terrorist tactics. We, the intelligentsia, tried desperately and futilely to catch the shattered pieces and fit them into place, but then the bloody Red October Revolution fell upon us with its enslavement, fear, and general starvation.”

Her family was aristocracy and therefore the target of the Reds. She did not want to leave her father who was staying at Tamborsk to face certain death. She married an underground anti-Red cavalry lieutenant named Igor Volotskoy in 1917. She looked forward to fighting back against the Reds. There were several in their ranks including the Czech Legions, who were former prisoners of war and came over to the Russian side in 1916 and fought against the Germans and rebelled against the Soviets.
Many young girls were in the fighting units. Olga had just delivered her first child when the Reds were coming nearer to Tamborsk and they had to flee because her name was on the Red execution list. She began her exodus by peasant cart, next a wagon, then a Volga Steamer, a cattle car, and finally a train before reaching Siberia. The people that escaped with her shared a common bond—a frenzied hatred for Bolshevism.

By sleigh, Olga went with her baby and Pana, her nurse. She escaped death several times, hiding with relatives. “The supply of ammunition was decreasing by the hour; the Allies, disappointed in the whole venture, were no longer furnishing any war materiel and had recalled their troops. Crowds of refugees from newly abandoned territory clogged the railway, the roads, the towns. The local peasantry, most of it monarchist, was getting gloomier, less cooperative, accusing the Whites from European Russia of having dethroned the Czar, and simultaneously beginning to drift toward the greatest of magnets—the winning side.” p. 35.

At the few times she would see her husband, he said to her once when talking about whether to continue this battle, “Oh, anything which makes it easier: pleasure, excitement, oblivion. Anyway, to live full blast while it's still possible and blow one's brains out when you've had enough. When everything is going to the dogs, why deny yourself anything that might make life easier? Whatever helps one endure life must be right.” She replied, “Anything that you do to alleviate the burden is right, provided you are happy about it. I mean happy in the long run.” p. 37.

Olga went from town to town, trying to find peasants to take her in and give them food. In a discussion one night with her friends, one said, “Of course we have disappointed the Allies, but only after they dealt us this fatal blow of nonrecognition. The idiots assumed that we were fighting for the return of our possessions and privileges. In reality we have given up everything we had, to fight not only for Russia but for them also. Yes, for the whole world, its future. What about the Communist goal of world conquest? As if they had not made it clear as campaign soup! Couldn't the 'Allies see it? Oh! and buried her face in her hands.” p. 50.

In 1905, there was a “revolution that granted so many new freedoms to the people, we saw Russia make powerful strides in so many fields. Mental and material freedom, formerly the prerogative of the privileged class, had been broadening fast before our eyes; economic, cultural, and educational advancement, the adoration of poetry, music, the theater, overflowing into all the nooks and crannies of Russian daily life, created an atmosphere of uplifting purposefulness. To stop the process of dehumanization started by the Bolsheviks was, we felt, our duty and privilege.” p. 68.

The Reds screamed their slogans, “All Land to the Peasants! All Power to the Workers and Soldiers!' and especially 'Death to Your Exploiter! Grab all you want, it's rightfully yours!' All this would seem to have doomed us to failure from the beginning. But we did not believe so.” p. 69.

Leaflets were circulating telling people to destroy the Southern (White) Army and then add “to rise to the defense of our abused Mother Russia” which was odd since “Bolsheviks never referred to Russia otherwise than as 'the Soviet Union.' “ The Reds would also say Grand Duke Nikolay Nikolaevich has been chosen and “Lenin and Trostsky in Moscow have given their allegiance to the Grand Duke and have been appointed his ministers. I am calling upon each and every orthodox Christian to take up arms with me for the Czar and the Soviets.” Olga's husband replied upon reading this, “Clever so-and-sos. These days the more blatant the lie, the better they will swallow it.” p. 99.

The small group went from village to village in search of a place to stay and some food. Olga's little son got sick from lack of milk and bottles were hard to obtain. Another friend of her husband's named Verin was told to stay with the women. He states, “My cousin insisted that I stay here where I could still serve my country. Men of goodwill were needed desperately to counteract the other kind—sadists and criminals who had pushed into the ranks of the Bolsheviks.” p. 194.

Their lives were miserable and no one from the outside would help the Russians. “Every Red official, no matter how low in status, was a power with regard to a conquered White.” p. 204. People were released from prison on condition that they would inform on those around them. They asked how someone could eavesdrop on their friends and they said, “Well the poor man sat for twenty-four hours in the ice chamber and discovered he could.” p. 204

Olga asked one of the people she knew why he was working on the Red's automobiles and said to him, “Did it never occur to you that if nobody listened to these spies and propagandists the Whites could have won?” He replied, “Not a chance. I'm telling you we had no real leader to unite us. This man said to us: 'You're fighting with windmills like Don Juan, that's what you're doing.' “ p. 213.

Olga managed to get back to her home city, Tamborsk, at great risk and stayed with her baby at an aunt's home. She found out that people she knew who had been jealous of them had turned to the Red side. The Peasants from Sinniy Bor would “complain bitterly to her about the losses and offenses they had suffered at the hands of the village commissars and even the young generation of Communist-propagandized hoodlums—their own children.” p. 243. No country helped them and “the only people still interested in the anti-Communist struggle in Siberia were the Japanese, and they had put their support behind Ataman Semenov.” p. 244.

Finally in Harbin, she meets up with her husband who holds her and his son and states, “Fine then! Let's head for America!” p. 316.

So ends this story, coming to America in early 1920s and settling San Francisco.


The third book in this Russian trilogy is 200 Years Together. I am at a slight disadvantage because I have not read the recent English translations because it seems each chapter was translated by a different person and I can't rely on its correctness, so I must rely on Wolfgang Strauss' earlier article about the book, 'The End of the Legends' in 2005.

Solzhenitsyn published this two-volume work on the history of Russian-Jewish relations (Two Hundred Years Together 2001, 2002). This book stirred controversy and caused Solzhenitsyn to be widely accused of anti-Semitism.

It is interesting that when restrictions were in place on Jews in Russia, the nation had survived for hundreds of years in relative peace and harmony. Once the leaders started giving in 'to equal rights' for the Jews and peasants, the old nation was torn apart, its leaders, clergy and military murdered, and millions of Russians, including Ukrainians, died. The common thread in these three books is the introduction of Liberalism/Socialism before Communism.

In Wolfgang Strauss' review of Solzhenitsyn's book, he states, “Solzhenitsyn emphasizes, "Many more Jewish voices than Russian are heard in this book". Jewish voices, not Russian, speak of Jewish dominance in the anti-monarchial movements in the period before the war. In an article entitled "The Jewish Revolution" in the 10 December 1919 issue of the Neue J├╝dischen Monatsheften, published in Berlin, was the sentence:
"Regardless of how extremely the anti-Semites exaggerate it, and how so nervously the Jewish bourgeoisie deny it, the large Jewish contingent in today’s revolutionary movement stands fast."
After incarceration in 1945 and release during the 50s, he converted to Russian Orthodox and changed his first name from Aleksandr to Alexander. He followed Marxism before his conversion in 1954 and had served in the Red Army.

200 Years Together began in 1964 as an article on Russia and the Jews. After Petr Stolypin was murdered in 1911 in the Kiev Opera, Solzhenitsyn wrote, “The first Russian premier minister, who had honorably set the task of establishing equal rights for Jews and had even opposed the Tsar in attempting to realize it, was killed at the hands of a Jew. Was it an irony of history?” Solzhenitsyn does assert that the assassin, Mordko Hershovich Bogrov, was an agent of the Okhrana, a spy in the pay of the Tsarist secret police. Wouldn't this incident be similar to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1992 by a “right-wing Israeli radical Yigal Amir”?

Strauss states in defense of Solzhenitsyn being accused of “anti-Semitism” that he defended
Stolypin, “Every truth lives within a time nucleus. The truth about the 'October Revolution' in which the Bogrovs, Bronsteins, Mandelstams, Auerbachs, Rosenfelds, Brilliants, and Apfelbaums played an essential role, is being vomited up ten years after the end of the failed experiment of Communism.”

Solzhenitsyn cites 1918 as the date Red Terror was born. A terrorist named Apfelbaum proclaimed the mass death sentence: “The bourgeoisie can kill some individuals, but we can murder whole classes of people.” And Sonia Margolina, the daughter of a Jewish Trotskyite and proud of it, accuses Solzhenitsyn of 'always looking backwards.'

In 1918, “the non-communist intelligentsia saw Medusa's head.” Apfelbaum, who entered the history books as Zinovev, wanted to send ten million Russians to the smoldering ovens of the class war. He stated, “From the population of a hundred million in Soviet Russia, we must win over ninety million to our side. We have nothing to say to the others. They have to be exterminated.”

Solzhenitsyn cites the Israeli historian Aron Abramovitch who in 1982 in Tel Aviv wrote: “In October 1917 the Jewish contingent of soldiers played a decisive role in the preparation and execution of the armed Bolshevik uprising in Petrograd and other cities as well as in the following battles in the course of suppressing rebellions against the new Soviet power.”
The writer Nashivin notes that he isn't anti-Semite but that “the mass of Jews in the Kremlin literally knocks your eyes out.” Vladimir Korolenko, who was close to the Social Democrats, in 1919 stated, “There are many Jews and Jewesses among the Bolsheviks. Their main characteristics—self-righteousness, aggressive tactlessness and presumptive arrogance—are painfully evident. Bolshevism is found contemptible in the Ukraine. The preponderance of Jewish physiognomies, especially in the Cheka (secret police), evokes an extremely virulent hatred of Jews among the people.”

Solzhenitsyn states, “Whoever holds the opinion that the revolution was not a Russian, but an alien-led revolution points to the Yiddish family names or pseudonyms to exonerate the Russian people for the revolution. On the other hand, those who try to minimize the over-proportional representation of Jews in the Bolshevik seizure of power may sometimes claim that they were not religious Jews, but rather, apostates, renegades, and atheists.”

Lenin provided the impetus. On July 27, 1918, after the murder of the Tsar and his family, the Soviet government ordered the liquidation of all pogromists and every priest was by law considered to be a pogromist. For this destruction and extermination, Sverdlov, Dzerzhinski and Trotsky were the most power allies. None of them was Russian. The executioners in Yekaterinburg and Ural governments were not Russians. Yankel Yurovsky, not a Russian, boasted, “It was my revolver that knocked off Nicholas on the spot.” The victims were overwhelming Russians, millions of Russians. Those shot in cellars, burnt to death in the cloisters, drown in river boats, hanged in the forest; officers, peasants, aristocrats, proletariats, the anti-anti-Semitic bourgeois intellectuals—Russians mostly.

Solzhenitsyn emphasizes, the Cheka-Lubyanka-Gulag holocaustic perpetrators could not possibly be a Slavic people (p. 93). On page 233 of Nolte's Der Kausale Nexus, the German historian is convinced the term “Jewish Bolshevism” is historically well-founded and should not be expunged from history.
Solzhenitsyn writes that without the high Jewish presence among the leaders and executioners of the Bolshevik dictatorship, Lenin's newly born Soviet state would have been at an end, at the latest, by the time of the Kronstadt Sailors Rebellion in 1921.

While there was a rise during this time of anti-Semitism because of what was happening in Russia, and the Soviet Union fell in the late 1980s, there was no retaliation against Jewry as many in 1939 had predicted. “Solzhenitsyn cites extensively and without commentary from newspapers of the day. According to the newspapers, the 'Jew Bolsheviks' had captured and occupied the Soviet State; they were in the top ranks of the Red Army. Soviet power had been converted into Jewish power, and the Jews pursued Jewish, not Russian goals.“ (p. 201). Even Jews said, “Judeophobia has spread throughout present-day Russia.” Such slogans appeared on the walls of high schools--'Smash the Jews, Save the Soviets'; 'Beat the Jews Up, Save the Councils.'

With all the frenzy about the Jews, Russian revolutionaries Frunze, Nogin and Troyanovsky called for the expulsion of the 'Jewish leaders' from the Politburo upon which, opponents of this idea reacted quickly and Nogin died and later Frunze. (p. 209).

Stalin deliberately placed Jews in leading positions so that later he would have plausible grounds for turning them over to the executioner on grievous charges. A program from 1928 – 1933 had names of prominent 'Jew Bolsheviks' attached. Jews spread terror, killing peasants and destroying the villages, leading to the famine that took the lives of at least six million Ukrainians. In 1936, after the slaughter of the peasantry, “at the hands of the Bolshevik Jews,” the death bell began to toll for those who had been responsible for the carnage. Names like Ya. Yakovlev-Epstein, M. Kolmanovich, G. Roschal, V. Feygin. (p. 285).

Even with the purging of the murderous Jews, Solzhenitsyn states, “Cadaver-like obedience in the GPU, the Red Army, the diplomatic service, and on the ideological front. The passionate participation of young Jews in these branches was in no way dampened by the bloody events of 1936-38.” (p. 281).

Jews had controlled food, businesses and the torture institutions. Commissioned by the NKVD, the Jewish designer of execution systems, Grigori Mayranovsky, invested the gas chair. The mobile gassing truck was invested by Isay Davidovich Berg, head of the NKVD Economics Division in the Moscow region. (p. 297).


From Double Eagle To Red Flag by General P.N. Krassnoff, was written by a man that lived it. Although he describes events that happened to him, he also pieces together the stories told to him by other Russians that lived through this time.

Krassnoff takes the reader through the twenty years or so before Communism took over in 1917 and describes a beautiful life by the aristocracy of manners, nobleness, honor and culture of the arts. It is mindful of the beautiful days before the Civil War when the cultured people wore beautiful clothes, cared for their plantations and never thought of death much. It also tells of promiscuity among the wealthy and a mutual blindness among their ranks that their lives would ever change because of giving peasants 'more rights.' Those in the military 'noticed' the abundance of Jews among them but never thought to deny them being in their ranks.

But the Communists, guided by Karl Marx's 'Communist Manifesto,' used the plan to 'free the workers' to actually put into place a revengeful plan to pay people back for the 'wrongs done to the Jews.'

The socialists, little by little, told the Tsar that he needed to give peasants more rights, which he did. At the same time, however, those socialists, aka Communist Jews, began undermining Russian society with propaganda about destroying the aristocrats because they were depriving them of freedom. The propaganda fed into the resentment of the peasants that they did not have the beautiful lives the rich did and that this new-found Communism would give them that life “because they deserved it.”

Krassnoff describes the violence and debauchery of those Jews in the Gulag and the stupidity of the people that thought their new life would be so much better than under the Tsar. It was not.
White Road by Olga Ilyin, is the true story of one aristocratic White European Russian family's escape from Russia to Siberia and then to America. It chronicles how difficult and how dangerous that journey was and how easily the peasants turned on them, blamed them and felt no compassion for them.

Olga only slightly mentions the death of the Tsar and never the Communist Manifesto. She realizes Russia is dying and describes the tragedy happening to her family and the cruelty and fear but never puts the blame squarely on the Communists.

200 Years Together by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, shows how deadly Communism is and its aftermath in Russia. Although Stalin would execute those Jews in high places, the Soviet Union and Communism was by 1918 cemented in place.

This hate of a particular ethnic-religious group may be the reason the second volume of Two Hundred Years Together is available for reading in full in Putin's Russia but not in Germany. “To fight Fascism, you have to be a Communist” according to a BBC story about the Cambridge Spy case. So Jews and Russians fought against Germany and Hitler. Solzhenitsyn says that Lenin chose these young Jews because of “their deadly hate they had for the Russian traditions, religious rites, historical models, hate for everything Russian and Russia itself. Second, their willingness to cross the last taboo borders in morality. Third, their readiness to physically liquidate the enemy.”

Lenin, the internationalist, was no friend of Jews who were Zionists believing Jews were a “paper nation.” Six and a half times more Jews occupied cadre positions in the Soviet ruling class than existed in the total Jewish population, which was 1.82% in 1926.

In the 1920s, Jewish internationalists purged the history books by deleating and forbidding such concepts as 'Russian history' and 'Great Russia. Germans purged the derussification program conducted by the 'Jew Bolsheviks' during the 1920s nor do the terms Cheka and GPU appear in the German reviews. “The purges resulted in the physical disappearance of almost all Jewish Communists who played an important role in the USSR.” p. 327.

Stalin thought Jews could be assimilated but Jews fiercely rejected assimilation. Yiddish was promoted as the Jewish Soviet Nation language in 1920 but was abandoned with the triumph of an international atheism.

Solzhenitsyn questions why the reality of the Gulag is much less remembered than the persecution of the Jews under National Socialism.

It has always amazed me that the Crusades killed people 'in the name of God' or that the very points the Communists stated at the beginning they were against were the very same things they did when they took power except much more violent and horrible. And the 'extermination' today's Jews say happened to them in German concentration camps was already being done in Russia to the Russian people from 1917, the main difference being there is no knowledge that Hitler did anything perverted or sadistic to his prisoners. David Irving has stated that Jews sent to Russia from Germany during this time just 'vanished.' Jews killing Jews?

It seems to me that when the United States entered WWI, they allowed the Communist victory over Russia and domination over Germany, the nation that was anti-communist along with Franco of Spain and Mussolini of Italy. In other words, the United States preferred Communism to anti-Communism.

Coincidence or fact? Even with the 60s Revolution in the United States, Jewish professors like Robert Weissberg of American Renaissance states in his writings that it was a Jewish-run movement, paid for by Jews running the NAACP and other organizations that were supposed to be for American blacks and fought for in courts by over 50% Jewish attorneys. But Weissberg stated that he told the American people this not so they would know who did it, but because the 'Jews are upset that the blacks don't appreciate what they have done for them.'

Plain and simple: Communism was thought up by Karl Marx, born Jewish, and it was implemented in Russia by Jews. They may not have been 100% of the Gulag or Cheka or in the military but they were the orchestrators of the Revolution. The Bolshevisks murdered priests, bishops (especially the village clergy) and exterminated the nobility and the Tsar and his family, according to Solzhenitsyn, and from 1918 to 1920, the secret police (Cheka) was controlled by Bolshevistic Jews.

In reading these three stories I can see that what happened to Russia is happening to the United States today. It began with Socialism by FDR, Liberalism in the Democratic Party and in colleges and universities. The Non-Government Organizations taking our industries overseas and groups like the anti-Defamation League purging our society of anything Catholic or Christian is, in my opinion, a deliberate destruction of our nation by Communists.

Senator Joseph McCarthy was the last anti-Communist man in America. He recognized the “Jewish-Soviet spies” in our Federal government and eliminated them. He also banned Jewish filmmakers from making subversive and perverted films until 1965. That is when the 60s Revolution began, our own Russian Revolution, that ushered in slogans like 'Down with the Establishment,' drugs and free love.

But the Jews had already been working behind the scenes with desegregation and Civil Rights and bloating the Welfare State. They control American media, which controls the American mind. They are disproportionately represented in government, the same tactics used to take over Russia.

Yet we, as with Russia, are afraid to identify the enemy until it is too late.