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Thursday, September 13, 2018

What is going right in America, September 2018

Yes, there is a lot going right in America, thanks to Donald Trump.  To save our Republic, what is left of that tattered fabric, the Democrats/Communists must be overcome.  Their behavior must be exposed and their positions of power pulled out from under them.  The President can’t silence them but he is exposing them and their destructive behavior.

Many perverts are being exposed in Hollywood and politics.  They are screaming and wailing like cut pigs.  From the beginning of Trump’s tenure, they are easy to identify.  They are the white people that protest when he speaks; that protest when he nominates a Supreme Court Justice.  That show up when Confederate statues are taken down…and they cheer.  They are the violent protestors that do not have permits.  That make demands that are useless and waste time.  They are master manipulators and cunning linguists.  They are destroyers and they will always be among us.

Thomas Paine said, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”  No, it wasn’t Nike.  Nike said, ‘Kneel, whimper and get in the way.’  And the President is making the bad guys get out of the way.  I do not agree at all with the President about Israel and I disagree with his harsh and damaging treatment of Iran.  But perhaps his plan of making America Great Again is what has to be done first before we can deal with the evil of Israel.  I mean, after all, while we are getting stronger so that we can actually help our economy and then others, thousands have already died in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and soon Iran.  It will be our young, healthy men who are dying…not us.  That sacrifice sickens me.

God speed, Donald.