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Saturday, June 9, 2018

All three suicides Jewish? Coincidence?

So, we all know Robin Williams was Jewish.  Now we know Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are also Jewish.  Hummm.  Shouldn't the media or some psychologist have some professional opinion about that?  Those media people should look into the percentage of Jews that commit suicide.  That would be interesting.

The media said Kate fixated on Robin's suicide.  They didn't say why or what she said about that.  Must not have been noteworthy.  But that all THREE were Jewish is noteworthy.  We know the Zealots (later called Jews) that escaped to Masada in about 70 AD all committed suicide, well with homicide mixed in.  We know that many Jews during the Crusades committed suicide.  We know one wealthy Jew associated with Bernie Madoff committed suicide.  Why are they prone to do this?

Anyone out there know about the DNA of Jews?  They are very quiet about this.  Katie Couric's mother was Jewish and Katie had her DNA done and it was quite strange being closely related to...I forget.  Does anyone even know a Jew that had their DNA checked?  Please let me know.

But maybe the answer to suicide is right in front of us.  We see commercials all the time on TV that say a side effect could be suicide.  Why can't the medical profession do research and tell us what drug causes suicide?   What drug in the body naturally causes suicide and matches one of those drugs they advertise?

Sunday, May 27, 2018

North Korea...yeah, sure

We know what Kim Jong Un wants.  He wants the same freebies as Israel has...over $20 billion a year as a grant, over 200 nuclear weapons and a safety canopy over his country so no one can get him.  But who really cares about what North Korea does except North Korea?

Iran is the country that is in danger of being destroyed and they don't have a juvenile nut running their country and they don't have even one atomic bomb.  They should, though.  The Middle East wanted to be nuclear free starting in the 1970s with a No Nuke Resolution.  But Israel would not give up their nukes.  So, today, Israel is totally protected by the United States and they want Iran destroyed.  The U.S. would do that for Israel too.  It has in the past.  But we don't have a communist running our country today.  We have Donald Trump and he knows what is going on. 

I believe Kim Jong will not destroy his nuclear arsenal stock pile.  He just ain't gonna do that...ever.  He's got something stuck in his little communist brain that people are out to get him, or at least he's acting like that.  I think acting is his forte.

The U.S. let North Korea go Red after WWII.  I don't know what all the fuss is about now.  We should just step on N. Korea like a bug and be done with it but the U.S. still has people running it that just love those darn communists.  We should be allies with Russia (because it is not communist any longer) and with Iran (who wants the best for the Middle East...except Israel, who stole Palestinian land in 1948 anyway).

Don't expect that little Kim Jong to give up his nukes.  He's just jockeying for a better position because he thinks he's smarter than Donald Trump.  You're move, Donald.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What I have learned about James Wickstrom

James Wickstrom died on March 25, 2018.  He wasn't prepared to die.  He told no one where his valuables were or made plans to distribute his property.  His real enemies turned out to be his blood relatives and some people he thought were his friends.

He didn't trust the right people.  He knew who they were but he was too much into having people follow his ideology.  One of his 'religious' followers found his valuables at his apartment.  He took them and has not distributed it to 'the family.'  He is keeping it for himself and his family and The Church.  Only, there was no Church.

The donations Jim received from followers went into his work of sending out videos and CDs.  The rest he lived on.  He was in debt because he had to use his credit cards to survive.  His Social Security was less than $600 a month.  He struggled.  He said to me shortly before he died that he was so thankful for those faithful followers that still sent him donations. 

The Family and that one male friend, came in like vultures to find his valuables.  One daughter was certain that Jim had a stash that 'would set her up for life,' only she hadn't seen him in 16 years and didn't know anything about him.

Let this be a valuable lesson to his followers.  Prepare for the possibility that you might die.  Get a Will, a Living Will, documents for medical and financial responsibility.  Jim never did that.  He left crushed lives in his wake.

The brother, the son, the daughters that hated him and refused to see him while Jim was alive somehow found the time to travel hundreds of miles to take his clothes, property and car. The daughter had the hospital removed the oxygen tube from Jim.  It took him three miserable hours to die.  The male 'friend' took his computer and other paperwork as soon as he died.  People are amazing and ugly in their greed. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fantasy into Reality

I knew Jews had taken over all aspects of American media, including movies, music, clothing and video games.  But I could not quite figure out why that subversive media was making so many fantasy movies and games. 
I heard a phrase on a television show yesterday that was explaining why a 13 year-old would kill two of his classmates while imaging himself to be a large, dark fictional character.  The forensic psychologist used the phrase in explaining why the boy committed the murders, ‘fantasy into reality.’ That is it!  The intention of the media is to cause crime by detaching people from reality.
I was watching a 48 Hours segment on the Golden State Killer on 48 Hours on 4-28-2018 who had gotten away with murders and rapes for 40 years and was finally found, as an old man, because of DNA.  He started his killing spree in 1976, sixteen years after the media changed hands to Jews and after the Joseph McCarthy ban on perverted/subversive Jewish movie makers was lifted.  At one point, the MEDIA said the killer only murdered women that were without a man.  Then the killer began murdering male/female couples.
The difference between movies made before 1965 and after is shocking and the difference between citizen’s behaviors after those times is also shocking.  A coincidence?  Hardly.  Movies, music, TV shows, comic books and video games are Training Films for people.  They don’t reflect behavior—they cause it.  Same with philosophers.  They influence people with words and change a society.
During America’s Prohibition era, the media was glorifying gangsters.  The public saw them as glamorous people.   Actors like James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart played them on the screen and crime and killings were getting worse.  The FBI finally began a program called ‘HAZE’ to DE glorify gangsters and began rounding them up.  As they did so, the roundup of these criminals was publicized on movie reels and in the newspapers as corrupt and violent and unattractive American behavior.  The gangster era was ended.
The same type of program by the FBI and the cooperation of the media is what is needed today to heal our society.  But the media is now almost completely run by Jews, who are communist, socialists and Liberals.  I believe President Trump can fix this by attacking the behavior.
God Bless America as much as possible.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Jim Wickstrom was a good man and friend

I knew Jim Wickstrom for 8 years. I was a city cop for 16 years and he laughed about that being ironic.  He helped me get out of my sister's house in 2010.  We were good friends. 
He did not have a hemorrhage.  He had a stroke. He had no stairs.  He was taking blood thinners which caused the blood in his head to accumulate quickly.  The stroke was either before he fell and hit his head or after he hit his head.  He did not regain consciousness.  I was with him when the hospital removed the oxygen.
At this time in his life, he even had an FBI ‘friend.’  Times had changed.  He was no huge threat to the Jews any longer but he was still telling people about them and said people were waking up.  We had constant talks about how dangerous white people were, especially Democrats.
Jim died on March 24 at 5:05 pm EST in Saginaw, MI. 
Jim’s death showed me how deadly it is when a person does not have a Living Will.  I gave him blank Wills and Living Wills but he did not fill them out.  It also showed me to watch who you put on the lease to get in if a person dies   His management company is today putting on the lease paperwork that people named to come into that apartment have the right to all the person’s possessions.  That is illegal but I found with Jim’s death the hospital also wanted to get out of responsibility of his life or death decisions and hastily named the decision maker.
I’m not certain if Jim had lived that he would have been as viable as he had been.  He was a strong person, totally American, only wanting his Republic back and people like our Founding Fathers back in charge. 
One of Jim’s favorite quotes was:  You can’t fix stupid.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

'White' people and the North, or can Americans get any dumber?

Man, destroying the United States from within is working.  That is what the Communists have always stated.  I just saw a segment on Sixty Minutes (3-11-18) about the Confederate states and their statues in honor of those that fought in that terrible war.  These Liberals/Socialists/Democrats/Communists have successfully removed the memory of those brave Americans that fought, however wrongly, to destroy the South.  All I saw in the crowds were white people.

The reasons for the War were economic but somehow through propaganda, it is now about slavery.  It isn’t the American black that is complaining.  They are all WHITE people speaking for the blacks.  Those whites say they know better than the American blacks and that is insulting.

People watch on Sixty Minutes while these beloved statues are removed, usually under cover of darkness because of death threats.  Even death threats don’t wake up the public to the fact that BAD people threaten people because they are wrong and have no other way to get their way but to jump and down like spoiled brats.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

At the same time that these statues were being removed from public spots  (where they had been for over one hundred years) because of ‘what they stand for,’ Jews were gathering a million dollars to have a HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL built on the Columbus, Ohio Statehouse grounds.  Can’t get much more public than that.  Imagine that—take down and hide a war veteran memorial and put up a memorial to honor people that died in concentration camps, and not even American prisoners.

We are methodically losing our American heritage and in its place is being put garbage, stuff that never happened.  I’m from the North and I would proudly hang a Confederate flag and love to see an American history statue.  It is part of our original story.  What I don’t want to see is an Israeli flag behind people in our government.  I don’t want communists in my government.  I don’t want the American media to be so Leftist.  I don’t want the First Amendment to protect perverted, immoral people and corporations in the media. 

And by 2010, the racial issue was all but calmed down but the MEDIA resurrected it again through 60s civil rights movies and advertising black shootings by police officers.  But who cares what I say?  I’m just a smart, educated and kind 'white' American from the North and I don’t have a voice.  I’m on the wrong side evidently.