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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cuba: Why does the United States prefer communist countries?

I think you know the answer to this question. We have been run by communism, under the name of democracy, which we were never supposed to be. Not a democracy or a communist nation.

Since WWII, our nation worked for Stalin of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic. General Marshall and Dean Acheson GAVE the free Republic of China, Formosa, Manchuria and North Korea to the Reds. Then the United States ironically battled with North Korea for years, with the cost of young American lives.

In the late 40s and early 50s, Senator Joseph McCarthy saved our federal government from being taken over by 40 “Jewish Soviet Spies.” The Jews raged a war against McCarthy, defaming and trying to humiliate him. In the early 80s it was proven, through translated Soviet spy paperwork, that those 40 Jewish Soviet spies were indeed Soviet Jew spies. McCarthy also banned subversive movie producers, who were either Jewish or Communist, but I repeat myself, until about 1965 and that is when the movie media burst out of the gates and flooded our market with perversion, free love, drugs and violence.

Israel is an illegal state and those walls need to come down. Some say to reduce Israel back to its original size in 1948, but that won't work. Israel must be dismantled. It is this illegal state of Israel, that has our government by the neck, that is draining our economy. We have been sending over $20 Billion to Israel each year and in 1984, the Cranston Act made that money a gift.

Not only money and weapons and our personal data, but we are fighting their trillion-dollar wars, if you think that is as valuable as the death and mutilation of our young men and women. Communism, aka Jewism, is destroying this great Republic. It is because this Republic is no more and this new 'democracy' is run by Jews.

I didn't find out about all this until my sister and I did the research and by 2006, had found out almost forms all of our media are run by Jews. We had a changing of the guard and didn't notice it. While we were scratching our heads and asking, 'What changed?' the Jews were strengthening their hold on this Republic. And they have done it using our media under the guise of 'cultural diversity,' 'racism' and 'anti-semitic,' all words to made us think we had done something wrong. We did not.

We fought in Viet Nam and the northern part is now communist. We fought Desert Storm, Iraq,
Afghanistan, Libya, Syria for Israel. Israel wants Iran real bad. Israel and Obama hate Putin, the only man I know of that can save us.

Recently, a Jew rescued a Jew that had been held in Cuba. That is concerning because our government is deciding whether to resume relations with Cuba. Sure, it is all political. Politics means lying. Castro did the right thing by expelling the ruthless Americans that came into his nation and he repaid us by sending the Mariella Boat People in. But other than releasing the impositions upon Cuba, a good relationship is a bad idea. The U.S. should also release the sanctions on ALL the nations it hates and put those sanctions on Israel who deserves it for human rights violations and violence.

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