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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Houston and New Hanover County...you really have a problem

Yes, Houston, Texas. Your policing is out of control. You are arresting people without any probable cause or evidence. And when you put these men in jail for months, you help yourself to their property.

It is not only Houston, Texas. It is also New Hanover County, North Carolina. The most egregious crime was committed there against an innocent man who they stopped (don't know why) and detained for three days short of a year. The County destroyed his car looking for evidence (fishing), did a 'field test' on liquid soap and stated it was heroin. Took his girlfriend (she was pregnant) to jail and their child to Children Services and made her life miserable. Scared her to death. They told her the only way to make her children safe was to get full custody.  They put her in jail for several months and the friend almost a year. They plastered stories in the newspapers like they were criminals.

New Hanover County somewhere along the line found out the 'heroine' was really laundry detergent. They had kept this man in solitary confinement for six months, treating him badly. They took his certificates and cashed them. He got none of his property back.

Both Houston and New Hanover Country never had a court date for anyone.  They simply let them out with a bus pass to go to a shelter.  The father got a lawyer in NC but he decided to go to TX to see his children and 'someone' planted some pink power in his motel room and called the police.  His mother was with him.  The only person that was in the room other than them, was the girlfriend, who has vindictive parents because the father doesn't like them because of their alcohol and drug use.  The father does not drink or do drugs.

Homeland Security and Border Patrol were in on 'the bust' in NC and probably TX.  Word gets around.  When he got out of NC jail, a Social Services caseworker and a judge worked together to give his children (DNA proved he is the father) total custody to his girlfriend and she left for TX with the kids. North Carolina ruined this innocent's man life. These Southern police departments are doing illegal things and getting away with it.

I was a police officer for 16 years and I am ashamed of Texas and North Carolina and who knows how many other states are doing this illegal arresting for Homeland Security.. You, sirs, are communists.