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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The recipe for controlling the world: The New World Order

It didn't 'just happen.' the unrest in the world. It was planned, thanks to Machiavelli and his book, The Prince, penned for his former Jewish bosses, the Medici family in Florence, Italy. That book is still being used today by U.S. rulers to follow.  Read it.

It seems the 'bad people' can't accomplish anything without a plan, a book or something like the Torah or Talmud. Without these documents, they have no 'credibility,' or so they think. To take over the world, the 'bad people' had to be united and very determined. It is no wonder Roosevelt and even Truman favored Stalin, a communist, over Churchill. It was WWII that made our government pro-Jewish. The people were unaware, sure, and that was because our media was being taken over by the 'bad people' since the 1900s. It was the 'bad people' that started the NAACP in 1909. Now why would they do that? And why would they refuse black people to serve in ituntil mid-1970s? Because the NAACP was never for the blacks. It was for Jews to use for protection.

There was a point when things settled down in the 80s and there wasn't much talk about 'rights' for blacks. But then the illegal Mexicans came in. The Somalian 'refugees' and Cuban 'refugees' came in. By the 1960s, most of our industries were being sent overseas. Out infrastruction was collapsing. Our morality was compromised. The 'bad people' were slowly sucking the strength out of America and we didn't even know it.

But once people found out what was happening and who was behind it, the Jewish-run media and government were cemented enough in key places that if someone spoke up, they were either murdered, crippled or suddenly had no income. Fear controls people.

While all this destruction of our Republic (Rule of Law) was going on, the illegal state of Israel successfully got the Brits out of the Middle East. Then they bombed the USS Liberty in 1967, got away with it, killed and bombed aid help to Gaza, and started blaming the Muslims.

Our 'leaders' let Israel commit human rights violations and acts of war and at the same time, began going into sovereign nations and destroying them: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. And now they are made at North Korea, a nation that 'our leaders' gave to the REDS right after WWII. Then, our country fought with North Korea in the early 50s. Make sense? And once the Soviet Union changed from communists, our country became anti-Russia. Our nation sides with communists. Hitler, Franco and Mussolini were all anti-communists.

Our government gave the Free Republic of China to the REDS also. And now Americans think the Chinese are the 'bad guys.' Our country confuses good Muslims from bad Islamic Terrorists. ISIS is not killing Jews. They are killing Muslims. Americans can't separate the two, just as they can't separate the Soviet Union from Mother Russia. It is skillful propaganda by the 'bad people' to blame 'the Muslims' for horrible violence instigated by Israel and American Jews.

Muslims throw rocks and shoot missiles. They do not have sophisticated weapons like Israel does. Yet, the American people still 'think' that Muslims are the bad guys so we must hurt them, to 'save our nation from terrorists.' Americans still 'think' that Muslims did 9-11. The Boston Marathon bombing looked nothing like the 9-11 bombing. It was typical frustrated Muslims, although the two men came from Chechnya, a troubled area that produces terrorists. And now a program to build a new water plant in Gaza is being propagized as 'pro-terrorists.' Israel got its water when they took the Golan Heights, yet deprive water to Gaza, a nation that their stolen land sits on.

Before Israel was given Palestinian land in 1948, there was only one protest by Arabs living on their land. In 1929 Arabs protested to the Brits who controlled the area that “Jews are getting too much control.” The Brits punished the Arabs. Then Israeli terrorists tried to bomb the Brits after WWII to get them out, trying to blame Egypt so the U.S. would go to war with them. Same with the Six Day War. Well, they also wanted the Golan Heights for their water and got that nation. Israel has created all the terrorists of today.

When Sony, run by Jews for decades, was unable to put out their recent movie about killing the North Korean leader, they were furious. NO ONE questions what a Jews wants to produce. If that threat really came from North Korea, they had the right to do that, although they are biting the hand that created them.

Since the 70s, the Middle East nations have wanted a “No Nuke” resolution there. Only Israel refuses because they have gathered over 200 nukes since Nixon looked the other way. In 1947 Pakistan was created because of religious issues, so they say, between Hinduism and Islam. Look what a mess it is now.

Then there was a concerted effort to bring socialized medicine to the U.S. First, Reagan got rid of hospitals for the poor, mental hospitals and orphanages and our government took those tasks over. He devalued the dollar and deregulated major companies such as trucking, utilities and the air industries, whether he was aware of the damage or not. Then, in the 80s, when we still have free health and life insurance if you had a job, the 'bad people' began saying there was fraud and corruption in our insurance industries. Hillary tried for two years to introduce socialized medicine and failed but did introduce HMO's so that people had to pay out more. From there, it went down hill until culminating with Obama Care.

Once our government took over tasks the people used to figure out, it all went downhill. We are NOT a demoncracy, never was. We are a Republic, Rule of Law. Civil Rights, run by Jews by their own admission, put a large nail in our coffin. The bloated Welfare State then created a new race of blacks, angry and wanting revenge on 'white' Americans for injustices that happened centuries ago. And when that unwarranted anger began to subside, up comes Ferguson, MO.

No nation that has adopted communism has worked, including Yugoslavia. It only made living conditions worse. And Obama now wants trade with Cuba and let them come freely to America. Obama also wants communist China to come over here on 10-visas. Something bad is at work there.

If anyone still thinks that the condition the U.S. is in today was an accident, they haven't done the research. It was a planned effort, carried out over 40 years just like the fall of Mother Russia in 1917; just like the 20-year concerted effort by Israel to bring down the Towers; just like our young men dying and being mutilated in the Middle East, fighting wars for Israel.

Like John Stossel said, 'if you leave people alone, they will come up with the best solution.' The Jewish-communist can't have that.

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