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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Christ's Church—Why do they call it 'Christianity?

You know there wasn't any 'religion' in Christ's time. There were traditions, beliefs and rituals practiced by those in the Middle East, based on the Old Testament. There were no 'Jews' in Christ's time either. That term was inserted into the Bible under pressure from 'certain groups' into the King James version. So where did the word 'Christianity' come from?

Constantine's Sword, a huge book written by James Carroll, tells the history of the Catholic Church, which Constantine created to control the masses, based on the history of Jesus Christ and his cross. It was the Catholic Church, and not 'Christianity,' that was created. You were either Catholic or Protestant (all others). I believe the word 'Christianity' came about to lump ALL religions together that are not Judaic, so that there is 'Judaism' and 'Christianity.' I also think that James Carroll was Jewish because his conclusion was to 'have a Vatican III to make up for all the suffering Jews have gone through.' Vatican II got us into this secular mess to begin with.

Why is this word important? Because the 'story of the Jews' needs authenticity to grow. 'Jews' was inserted into later Bible translations to replace 'Judeans.' Today, they are replacing 'Catholic' with 'Christianity.' When researching 'the early Christians,' I came across this:

In a world where Christianity has been, in the words of Professor Bart D. Ehrman, "the most powerful religious, political, social, cultural, economic, and intellectual institution in the history of Western civilization," most of us have grown up believing we know the answers to these questions:
  • Were the early Christians really hunted down and martyred, with repeated persecutions for an illegal religion forcing them to hide in the catacombs of Rome?
  • Did the ancient Jews of Jesus' time always believe in a single, all-powerful God?
  • How did breaking away from their Jewish roots make Christians more vulnerable in the Roman world?
  • What were the origins of what we now consider the distinctively Christian liturgical practices of baptism and the Eucharist?”
If you click on the link, you get this: This link is not authorized by Yahoo. But when you click 'here,' you get to the link that the above quote came from: http://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/from-jesus-to-constantine-a-history-of-early-christianity.html?cid=6577. Now, why would Yahoo 'not authorize a site' that is espousing 'Christianity?' Let's talk about the above quote and its expensive audio/video courses.

'Christianity' lumps all those who believe in Jesus Christ under one umbrella, although there are hundreds of different religions. This separates them from Jews. The quote states, “ancient Jews of Jesus' time.” There were NO Jews in Christ's time, only the Pharisees/Rabbi Zealots in Herod's Temple, which Christ was against. They were all citizens of Judea.

According to Wikipedia, “Where there is a distinction, Nasrani refers to people from a Christian culture and Masihi means those with a religious faith in Jesus.[21] In some countries Nasrani tends to be used generically for non-Muslim Western foreigners, e.g. "blond people."[22]

They can't bring themselves to say 'Catholic.' Why? Because Jews consider 'Catholic' to be their biggest threat, and it was until the Church was destroyed in 1963. It is easier to use the word 'Christian' and destroy everybody else. It won't be long before the only true church is called 'Jew.'

I saw on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago that the 'religion' that came from the followers of Christ, the ones Constantine modeled his 'church' after, still exist in Egypt and are called Coptics. They even elect a pope. They have saints. They have the cross tattooed on their children's wrists.

The Copts sided with the military, that was against the Muslim Brotherhood, who blamed the Copts, and their churches were destroyed and burned. When these ancient religions, and current, are lumped under the word 'Christianity' it is easier to destroy their buildings and even kill them, as did Arafat when he blamed the Copts for siding with the military. Although these Muslims destroyed early Churches recently, they did so because they believe these people are 'fraternizing with Israel.' Then why aren't they destroying Israel?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Send ALL Middle Eastern refugees to Birobidjan

Birobidjan is near Russia and China, about the size of Switzerland.  It was created for the Jews as a place to make their homeland.  But Jews wanted Jerusalem, and they got it.  Not many people live in Birobidjan so let's let our 'government' know we want M.E. refugees sent there so we can feed them and care for them until the U.S., the U.N. and Israel rebuilds their nations.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

TRUMP in 'hot water' with both parties over gaffe 'he didn't say.'

We know from past experience with politics that if they don't like someone, that person is OK. Those in politics shielded us from Ron Paul, even though his points were high. They merely did not mention these stats and didn't include him in pictures. They can't do that with Trump.

We have two deteriorating problems in America: The economy and society. I know Trump can fix the economy and its gonna' make a lot of Liberals angry. They don't want it fixed. After he sets American back on track, he can deal with our disgusting society and foreign affairs.

Morally, our society is in the toilet and the REASON for that is what our media is churning out. Well, it isn't our media any longer. It is owned/operated by perverted people. Before these 'people' took over, gentiles were running our media and people like Disney and Pixar were producing good, wholesome shows without political or sexual content. Everyone notices 'the result.' They don't think about the cause. They think it magically happened.

There are many people out there putting out emails and blogs and web radio shows about what 'these people' have done to us but I say, its time to stop whining and start attacking their behavior. Instead of boo-hooing about the next things 'these people' are doing to us, start talking about what is working. Are there any major setbacks for 'these people?' Yes.

When 'someone' attacked those Jews that were putting out perverted Muslim cartoons, that was a step. When a Jew murdered those children in Finland, that should have gotten more coverage. But when the enemy owns the media, the story dies.

Muslims are not the problems. Israel is. Israel is a step-child that has made our politicians and Catholic leaders believe we should be helping Israel. Jews are the very people that had Christ murdered. To 'honor' them is morally wrong and just plain ignorant. There were no Jews in Christ's time...only Zealots in Herod's Temple and they got plenty angry when the Romans kicked them out. Their mistake was to send these Zealots throughout Europe where their anger morphed into a cult called 'Jews.'

Trump can fix this. He is out last chance. There is no 'perfect' candidate. He is willing to try, without politics, to help our Republic, and I find that amazing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FAT....what is it?

To all those people out there that want to lose weight but can't, I have to tell you something. It's not fat or calories. It is the carbohydrates in food and drinks. That is it. Want to lose fat? Cut the carbs down to about 60 grams a day, and you get slim.

Listen to me carefully. Carbs are the 'instant energy' fat that your body uses first. Once that 'instant energy' is gone, your body starts using the rest of the fat and you get slim. For example, a Weight Watchers dinner of fish and vegetables and their lasagna dinner are both 290 calories. But the fish has about 12 grams of carbs and the lasagna has about 46 grams. Forty six grams of carbs means you can eat 10 more grams that day and a soda cracker is 3 grams. A bagel is 60.

Is there hope? Yes. The foods you can eat that are low in carbs are fish, meat, chicken, cheese, eggs and vegetables, although vegies have the most carbs. Forget grains and fruit juices, no matter how much they are touted as 'being good for you.' They have too many carbs in them. What is 'good for you' is to get rid of the fat that surrounds your vital organs and makes your joints hurt and can cause diabetes.

Some little carb books you can buy even list fast food, but today almost everything has the carbs listed on it...even McDonalds. So, you can eat that 45 gram cheese burger (the bun)...just keep the rest of the day low on carbs.

Food with fat in it such as salad dressing, are LOW in carbs. Fat is not what most people think it is. It is about what MAKES you fat. A pat of butter has 36 calories, but only ZERO carbs. And our food industry does not want you to know that its the carbs and not the calories that make you fat. So, when you keep carbs low, your body eats the real fat stored in your body.

Thirty years ago when I was quite physically active, I lost 25 pounds in one month eating 60 grams of carbs a day. Three years ago I lost 45 pounds in nine months. In fact, I went 10 pounds below what I wanted and I looked really thin. I have found that around 80-100 grams of carbs a day maintains the weight I want and have been that for two years now. I've gotten into the habit of watching my carbs.

Just read the labels on food, get a carb book or look it up on the internet and write down the carbs you eat every day. This is basically the 'diet' diabetics use to control their sugar. And remember that eating white bread spikes your sugar level because it is refined and shoots right through your stomach. Eating some beans or some peanuts with the bread slows down your stomach's digestion and keeps that sugar level LEVEL, instead of spiking.

You can still live in this unhealthy nation and be thin and not take any pills or drugs.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Where to safely send all Middle Eastern Refugees...

In Russia's South-East side close to China, is land the size of Switzerland set aside as the 'Jewish State.' Jews never wanted it, however. They wanted Jerusalem to give them credibility. This land is sparsely occupied and the perfect place to send M.E. Refugees, not Europe.

“Interviewed by Iranian Television in January 2009, Lady Michèle Renouf explained the historical legitimacy of this campaign - and this web site aims to raise public awareness of the secure bolthole which was available for Jews at the end of the war in 1945 and still exists in safety today - without ever requiring a second homeland for European Jewry in the Middle East. The Jewish Autonomous Region in Birobidjan has avoided being termed a "republic" in line with the other ethnic republics of the former Soviet Union, because it is a "delicate matter" and risks "stepping on Israel's toes with the creation of another Jewish state".

We need to demand refugees go there.  They would be easier to feed and care for.  Israel will do nothing for any refugees, never have.  In fact, they won't let them onto the land they occupy now in Palestine.