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Monday, December 8, 2014


A Jewish Professor, Robert Weissberg, told me over the phone in 2010 that, “Blacks don't appreciate what the Jews have done for them.” Done for them? The Jews created a new sub culture of children born without fathers. This new sub culture has produced much of the black supremacists we see today in such places as Ferguson, MO. Well, at least now we know Jews are not 'white.'

They ruined the American black culture and gave them a new rap industry culture. They took their English and replaced it with a Buckwheat Ebonics language. They rioted, looted and killed white people because Jews told them to. Jews couldn't leave our culture alone. They used our culture to 'create' a multi-culture, 'diverse' nation, which we have NEVER been. That doesn't work. E pluribus Unum. It says that on the back of our penny. 'From many, one.' Not FROM many, many.' I met a 'white' woman at a grocery store once that thought Spanish was on the back of the penny!

Jews have told the black people that “The white man needs to be eliminated. He is the problem for your people.” That isn't nice. We didn't do it! Jews did it. Jews separated 'black' from 'white.' Jews, and the programs they run such as the NAACP, actually DID cause a separation between 'white' Americans and blacks with Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, busing and quotas. If the Jewish rug was pulled out from under all program Jews initiated, those blacks would fall on their faces. But all this was never for the blacks. It was for the Jews, as you now see with 'racism' and 'antisemitism.'

These new American blacks are not like the ones in this nation before Civil Rights. They should be rightly called 'Black Trash.' Even Americans Blacks such as Bill Cosby, that speak out and try to help this sub culture, get slandered. So, it's not a 'black thing.' It is a 'Jew thing.'

Weissberg's paper, 'Jews and Blacks. Everything the Goyim wants to know but are afraid to ask' states that 'Jews want to divorce themselves from the blacks but can't.' Anyone that wants a copy of his paper, just let me know. In his paper he puts the 'credit' on the Jews for starting desegregation and Civil Rights and all the other things they did that benefited the Jew. I thought in 2000 he was telling us 'Jews did it.' Well, he was but in 2010 he told me why he did it...blacks don't appreciate what Jews have done for them.' Wow. For 10 years I though he did a wonderful thing because before that, I though white politicians did Civil Rights.

Go to Amazon.com and read the insulting books he has written about blacks.

The only things we must do today is destroy what Civil Rights did and go back to Fair and Equitable Treatment. We need to speak out against the BEHAVIOR of the Jew, his institutions, the laws he put into place, the programs for welfare and food stamps and busing. They control all of our media and government. Get rid of what is damaging our Republic and we essentially 'pull the rug out from under the Jew.'

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