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Friday, January 23, 2015


I have been on a letter-writing campaign this year to Obama.  I am including insulting black and Jew cartoons, since he thinks those Jewish 'cartoonists' in Paris have the right to put them out degrading other people.  He has given all the rest of us the RIGHT to be insulting to him and Jews.

Of course some of the media thought Nugent should apologize but the rest said Nugent says those things.  What they didn't compare his comment to was those ignorant 'cartoonists' in Paris.

When I heard today that Mr. Nugent said of Obama, "he is a sub-human mongrel' I was glad more truth is coming out about O.  I am going to include Nugent's comment in my next letter to Obama.  I'm sure he'll think it is hilarious.

Monday, January 12, 2015


While the Paris incident is still fresh in your mind, I want you to pay attention to this new 'pencil' thing that is being pushed by Jews. Jews were the target of the shooters in Paris and Jews are twisting the story to mean 'Freedom is the pen.' Untrue. The quote goes 'the pen is mightier than the sword.' It was our slogan at my Catholic high school. And they are also symbolizing the pencils to represent the Towers and we now know Arabs did not do that.

The same as when Jews distorted the work camps in Germany during WWII, they are AGAIN manipulating this attach against Jews as a cry for Freedom. Anyone that has a 'pen,' no matter what garbage they are churning out or how insulting it is to others, morally wrong and enraging it is, Jews have the right to say what they want about anyone and are using this pen thing to reinforce that.

Jews want non-Jews to know that they have the right to do ANYTHING because it is protected by the First Amendment. Not sure what it is called in France. Anyway, Jews and corporations have the Supreme Court right to do whatever they want with impunity. They will drive this pencil thing into the ground just as they have other symbols like pink ribbon. Repetition is the way they train us and the people fall for it because movie stars at the Golden Globe are wearing pen pins. Pathetic.

Just as the German camps are now all about Jews, the insulting artists at Charlie Hebdo, the Paris incident, will now be about all about Jews. It will be about Jews being attacked for 'no reason,' tricking people into accepting their destruction as 'freedom.'

I wish Muslims didn't feel so helpless that they have to resort to violence. They have more power then they know...in numbers. They are an intelligent, kind group of people but all this violence will not work. Israelis were the first terrorists and stealing Palestinian provoked and created more 'terrorists.' Concentrate on Israel and keep them as the target. Americans are also a kind group of people, although weak and easily influenced. Do this right. You have saved civilization before. Do it again.