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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Open letter to President Vladimir Putin, April, 2017

Dear Mr. President,

Let me apologize on behalf of the sane American people in the United States for the propaganda that is being spread about Russia. We understand that when Russia was the Soviet Union, many in our government liked Communism and promoted it.. The People had no idea this was going on. Even though Russia has not been Communist since about 1991, the 'people' that do not like Russia still say 'Russia' when they mean the Soviet Union to confuse the public.

When Russia became Communist in 1917, it changed the world. Communism is a Jewish ideology. People can't put their minds around that because Jews run all aspects of our media. When Donald Trump became president, he threatened their power and those people are doing everything within their power to destroy him. Yes, we should have today's Russia as our ally, not Israel but again, who runs the media?

This issue with Russia changing our presidential election only because 'someone' outed Hillary Clinton and the horrible thing she did by using a private server to send critical government information, has been conveniently forgotten by the media. The People are easily confused because they do not know what has happened to the world since WWII and that it was done by the U.S. government/military.

We saw today's Russia go after ISIS when Obama would not. That embarrassed him into 'intervening' and going after ISIS, however halfheartedly. We know why nations like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria were destroyed and know it was not a 'civil war,' but a war committed by shipped-in rebels, funded by the United States and the U.N. We know Israel/U.S. really want to destroy Iran.

We know the intense task you had putting on the 2014 Winter Olympics by keeping Russia safe from attacks from other nations and the security needed to protect the participants. I believe the enemies were Saudi Arabia and Chechnya. Your Olympics was the first one I had watched for over 20 years and it was excellent.

The pain and irritation your nation is going through will eventually pass. The People have to be told the truth little by little. The bad guy's behavior is being attacked by President Trump. He does not mention race. How Russia was taken over by the Communists is similar to what is happening to the United States. But today we have the technology to find out who the bad guys are and in my opinion, it is not Russia.

Наилучшие пожелания from the American people that know what is going on.