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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Comment from Drollene regarding 9-11

There are witnesses who say there were plans at the Pentagon to invade Iraq long before 9/11. And, indeed, there were warnings about Arabs taking flying lessons as well as warnings about plan of flying planes into the towers. The powers that be refused to accept those warnings. After the fact, it made some sense to invade Afghanistan, but no sense in invading Iraq . . . not over 9/11. If we'd wanted revenge on the country that had the most citizens involved in the highjacking, we'd have invaded Saudi Arabia.


September 11, 2001......Myth or Madness?

There has been much written and documented about what really happened on September 11, 2001 but what is most important?  What is most important is the question of whether the United States government knew about two planes hitting the World Trade Center Towers months before that September date.   According to Susan Lindauer in her book, Extreme Prejudice, people 'in high places' within our government and Congress did.  She told them.

Ms. Lindauer was a CIA/DIA Asset during the 1990s working with Iraq and Libya.  She states that Iraq was under ten years of horrible sanctions and bombings by the United States, destroying their infrastructure and rendering their economy worthless.  She says that Russia was going to help Iraq get the sanctions lifted around the year 2000.  Lindauer also states that she was working with the Iraqi government and the FBI to let that agency completely investigate the charge that they had 'weapons of mass destruction.'  She says Iraq did not have them.  She also said that Iraq was going to give to the FBI a list of the financial network (including banks) that the 'terrorists' were using.  The United States refused this offer.  Later, she states, the President would blame the Assets for false intelligence.

In fact, President Bush decided not to lift the sanctions and went into Iraq in 2003, pillaging, killing citizens and destroying their buildings.  Why would the President do this?

Although Ms. Lindauer does not offer any concrete conclusions as to why the President destroyed Iraq, there are a few possibilities that I would like to offer to you.  Number one, going into Iraq would put the United States first in reconstruction.  Next, this 'war' would devalue the Iraqi Dinar (monetary) to fractions of cents to the American dollar.  Now that the reconstruction is complete, there will be a revalue of the Dinar up to perhaps $6 to our one American dollar. 

Anyone that bought the Dinar at fractions of cents will become millionaires or even billionaires once the RV is set, which should be within weeks.

In conclusion, it is my contention that 9-11 was the impetus used by the President to destroy the nation of Iraq and provide a windfall for the already wealthy bankers and investors in the world.  It doesn't matter who flew the planes into the Twin Towers.  What matters are those that knew about it months beforehand and did nothing because they had a plan, a plan to make Iraq's revaluation of the Dinar the salvation of lost economies in the world.

Hello America...

My name is Susan Signoracci.  I was born in Columbus, Ohio.  My background is Law Enforcement and I have a B.A. in Political Science.  The combination of these two fields has opened my eyes to the injustices committed in my country, the United States, by a Machiavellian government.  It is my duty as a citizen to tell Americans what I have learned.  Hence the name 'The Columbus Crier.'

I have written a true story called Moral Cowards, which is available in paperback on Amazon.com.  It is the story of the rise in power of a tyrant within policing and how out-of-sorts Child Protective Services has become.

Join me in the future as I journey into the minds and hearts of every American citizen.
Susan Signoracci