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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Abraham, father of three faiths and master of none

I just read an article in National Geographics from December 2001 entitled 'Abraham, Journey of Faith' by Tad Sxulc. There were glaring inaccuracies in the article and because of my research into 'Who the Israelites really are,' I am challenging these mistakes.

The article was written with the present-day bias that 'Jews' came about thousands of years ago and that Judaism was the 'religion' of Jesus Christ. The words 'religion' and 'jew' came about centuries later. While it is true that most people living in the Middle East, including Jews, are Semites, even the Bible tells us Abraham bred with an Egyptian to produce a son.

Egyptians are not Semitic, although about 4,000 years ago, Semitics did invade lower Egypt but were driven out. So for Abraham to have a son by Hagar, 'an Egyptian slave' to his wife Sarah but daughter of a Pharaoh, shows us that Semitics mixed their blood. 'Hagar' came to Abraham after he and Sarah were banished out of Egypt.

“Note that her name was mentioned 10 time in the bible Hagar is not an Egiptian (sic) name even though she was an Egiptian. Her Egiptian name was Haqa -Re. Hagar was the Hebrew name used in the bible not Haqa-Re . In reality she was the daughter of I - En-hotep ( a Ptahite ).” Ptahites look like black Africans or Ethoepians. http://community.beliefnet.com/go/thread/view/43851/13343029/ . But other information states that Hagar was a Hamite, descendant of Ham, and was Semitic, not black.

This author uses the term 'three faiths' instead of 'religions' but has broken down those 'faiths' into 'Jews, Christians and Muslims.' I find major errors in these 'three faiths,' although I believe the word 'faith' is closer to being correct than 'religion.' (Judaic, Christian, and Islamic)

First, the word 'Jew' was not used in ancient times; they were citizens of Judea. This mistake seems to have happened while people were translating, again, the Bible and inserted the word 'Jew' to replace 'citizens of Judea.' Second, Jews consider themselves a race, not a faith. They say their 'religion' is Judaism. After the 'faith' of the Old Testament, the Catholic Church was created by Constantine in about 300 A.D., to control the masses.

The word 'Christianity' came much later on, perhaps not cemented in common vernacular until the 1980s. When the Catholic Church was going full bore, the 'others' were called Protestants, which described Baptists, Calvinists and the other 'religions' out there at the time. There is today a concerted effort to lump all 'religions' except Judaism under the word 'Christianity.'

We should not judge behavior from 2,000 years ago that is non-American, by our standards. We can see that the behavior of those in the Middle East does not seem to have changed much for thousands and thousands of years and that behavior fire is fanned by Jews toward non-Jews. The Semitic Arabs in the Middle East began having problem with the minority Jewish population in about 1929, complaining about the power Jews were obtaining. The Arabs got no help as the British punished them and not the Jews. The fire was smoldering in the Arab nations, which included Judea and Palestine, who feared that they could lose their land because their land included Jerusalem.

While Jerusalem remained in Catholic and Muslim hands for thousands of years, Jews knew that if they owned it, they could claim that they are the Israelites of the Bible and that the land belongs to them. The problem, however, is that there were no Jews in Christ's time or before. There were the radical Zealots of the common Middle East 'faith' and traditions' who took over Herod's Temple and who Jesus was upset with in that Temple.

If this article had been written toward the beginning of the 20th Century, the tone would have been quite different because the Catholic Church was very strong and many nations and peoples had a low opinion of the Jews because of their self-centered, cultist behavior. Throughout history they have never assimilated in nations they have lived in and have been kicked out of over 90 nations. The Jews of today are the Zealots of Jesus' time and they have morphed into an ideological group of disgruntled people that strongly unite behind the propaganda that Jews are the Chosen People and should be Rulers of the World. They fail to mention that what they are claiming as their own is Christ's message. Jews are not followers of Christ so it defies logic to read and see Jews taking over the 'faith' of Christ.

It is interesting to note that some research states that Cro Magnum, which is Homo Sapiens, first appeared 35,000 years ago. Some researchers also believe that Abraham was born 75,283 years after the year in which Adam was born. Both the Neanderthal (Europe and southwestern to central Asia) and the Cro Magnum (Evolved in Africa) are thought to have started 200,000 years ago but the Neanderthal only made it from 200,000 to 28,000 years ago. So, if these researchers are correct and Adam was born about 79,883 years ago, Adam was mostly likely Cro Magnum since that species survived and the Neanderthal did not.

However, it has been proven that the Ice Man, dating to 3.500 B.C., did not have entirely European DNA in his cells but had some Neanderthal. The Ice Man was from southern Italy, although found in norther Italy by the Switzerland border. John Hawks, an Anthropologist, states : "We are more different genetically from people living 5,000 years ago than they were different from Neanderthals." So, if those from the Middle East and Mediterranean area mixed little with Europeans, they should still be mostly genetically ancient.

I believe that Jews of today still harbor remnants of ancient genetics, which can cause them to have diseases that other people do not. Therefore, my conclusion is that the Zealots of Jesus' time evolved into the Jews of today and are therefore a mutant of the original Semitics that resided in the Middle East. If for thousands of years a certain behavior is done over and over by a clannish group of people, that behavior takes president and becomes dominant in that strain of humans.

In my blog entitled WHO THE ISRAELITES REALLY ARE, I wrote:

Unlike the Semitic Akkadians and their descendant Assyrians...” is another example of how 'race titles' change in ancient Middle East. Pharoahs, Abraham and Judah all married their half-sisters but when Lot had children by his two daughters, that broke the purity of that lineage and separated these semitic groups even further.

The Jews of Israel have reduced the Christian and Muslim population to fractions of what it was pre-1948. After the 1967 Six Day War, they also kicked out most of the indigenous people of the Sinai Peninsula including the Arab Bedouins. If, as Jews claim, they are the people God loved, why do they murder, steal and segregate themselves? In contrast and sensibility to what Golda said is an ancient Arab proverb: “Men resemble their times more than they resemble their ancestors.”

The Jews of today were not the people that Jesus Christ associated with. In fact, he tried to correct their behavior of stealing from the people. Jesus was against the behavior of the Zealots. But when the Romans banished the Zealots in 70 A.D. throughout Europe, they came back with a vengeance and plotted to remove the Catholics and Christians from God's favor and put themselves into that position by changing the words in the Bible from 'Judeans' to 'Jews' and trying to make people believe it was 'Jews' that were taken to Egypt when, in fact, those people were banished twice to Babylon.

The Zealot Jews never corrected their behavior or belief that they were wronged. It has taken 2,000 years and the help of the United States to put the nation of Israel on a map that never existed for them in the first place.

And articles such as this one show how inaccurate and without thorough research some authors of today are on the subject of the Jew.