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Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am offended by ignorant people that think race matters. I am offended by people in high places that manipulate the public into being OFFENDED by things no one should be offended by, such as intelligence or race.

I am offended that our Republic and assimilation have been distorted into covering illegals and 'refugees.' I am offended that the stupidity keeps going and now includes whether Mexican food should be served in a school cafeteria. More than what food is served, what ever happened to Food Handler Permits?

I am offended that Hillary Clinton even thinks she has a chance of being president or that Bill Clinton is doing lectures knowing he desecrated the Oval Office. I am offended that the difference between male and female is being blurred and that those homosexuals might 'be offended' if we ask what sex they are. I am offended by two-daddy cereal commercials.

I am offended that seniors are being treated so badly and that they don't automatically get food allocations each month. I am offended by socialized medicine and the fact we now have to pay for this sub-standard medical treatment. I am offended that social security is being robbed by liberal programs for illegals, alcoholics and drug users.

I am offended that Cubans get $30,000 when they come to America to buy a home (under the guise of the American Dream) and that Arabs and Somalians don't have to pay taxes on their businesses. I am offended that our industries went overseas. I am offended that we send over $20 billion a year to Israel (the Cranston Act 1984) and fight their trillion-dollar wars for nothing. Well, nothing but for dead or mutilated young American men and a ruined economy.

I am offended that Americans won't research anything; that they blindly follow the trendy opinion of what they read in our Jewish-run newspapers. Not to mention the training films they put out so that our young people are promiscuous, violent and bully. I am offended by the Americans that think these problems 'just came into being.'

I am offended that the very people who destroyed our Republic and are responsible for having Christ murdered, are now the Holy People. I am really offended that white Americans don't know our history and won't research it. I am offended that Senator Joseph McCarthy is defiled by Jews and not as an American National Hero for telling the truth.

I am offended that our judicial system is pushing the legal limits and raking in cash when they incarcerate someone for years with no trial. Did you know it costs $12 a minute to talk to someone in jail? I am offended that social media has ANY credibility. I am offended that the only people that seem to be able to unite are minorities.

I am offended that most Americans think Muslims did 9-11. I am offended by orders from 'up above' that no one checks out. I am offended that the Rights of the Englishmen are gone. I am offended when a homosexual adopts a child and is against abortion. I am offended when high schools have 'holocaust survivors' in their auditoriums to speak but not David Irving.

And Americans let all this happen when they say nothing. This offends me the most.

Monday, November 9, 2015



A couple of years ago on my foreign news station, RT stated that Obama had put aside a million dollars to prosecute whistle blowers. He's gone after the major ones, NSA, Manning and WikiLeaks but it has gotten worse than that.

Today I heard on the news that when a person complains on a business that biked them, the business can sue the complainer for $500 and even $5,000. 'Rip Off' is one such place to complain. This is worse than censorship. It is downright Communist. And who created communism? Kark Marx (Jew). What are we not to criticize? Anything Jewish.

Jews act as though people don't like them because 'they are Jewish.' Ain't true. People never had liked the Jew, aka Zealot, because of their selfish, hateful and violent behavior. Yep, their behavior, which they WILL NOT change because it would not be Jewish. Without all their hate of anything not Jewish, they could turn out to be regular people (many say that isn't even possible) and they don't want that. It would deprive them of their wealth.

It took Jews (the Zealot Rabbis and Pharasees in Herod's Temple) almost 2,000 years to find a sucker like the United States to protect them. They have adopted our religion and made up the story of the holocaust so they could get sympathy and land from the U.S. They say their language is Hebrew when its Yiddish. They claimed Jerusalem as theirs even though those Zealots had Christ murdered. They say they had a kingdom in the Holy Land, which isn't true because there weren't 'jews' back then, only 'Judeans.' Jews have morphed 'Judeans' into 'Jude' and they had 'Jew' replace 'Judean' in the King James version of the Bible.  

The Hate Crime bill, this whistle blower crime and 'fine the victim thing' are all examples of Jews trying to protect themselves. I just watched 60 Minutes on November 9th and they compared Snowden, Bradley Manning and Aaron Alexis as ALL the same mentally ill people that had top secret clearances. Snowden and Manning exposed the lies in our government. Alexis murdered 12 of his coworkers at a Washington Navy yard. The ONLY thing they had in common was the clearances and this shows people that our government HATES anyone telling the public important government stuff they have the right to know anyway and compares it to a murderer.

When will Americans wake up and put a face on evil? When will they research it for themselves?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why stupidity grows lethal.....

That 'thousands' of people are upset with what Raven Symone (a black woman on The View) said about the behavior of certain blacks is a reflection of the stupidity and decay our society has sunk into since Civil Rights. Symone is an example of what went right with American blacks. Certain blacks in certain situations. Not all American blacks.

Non-blacks and non-Jews seem to be the only people that can incarcerate 'one of their own' without malice or racism. Before Civil Rights, American blacks lived well, some had good jobs, they were in our schools as a minority and they didn't blame anyone because they were black. They lived mostly in their own neighborhoods and went to schools there, just as other people. Jews, during desegregation and Civil Rights, TOLD them 'the white man is the cause of all their woes.' I even heard a black pastor in a black church say that in 1999 and he KNEW I was in the audience.

Let's get back to BEHAVIOR. It was the BEHAVIOR of the blacks in Ferguson, MO, that was incorrect. It was the BEHAVIOR of the black girl in South Caroline that caused the altercation. Ms. Symone stated that yes, the officer was a bit brutish, but the girl was told three times to get off of her cell phone. Few people have said that violence is the wrong reaction to authority. Well, I think Brit Hume did about Ferguson but I only heard that once.

Our Jewish-run media is stirring all this 'racism' up and wants people just to blame the blacks. Jews love that. All this 'racism' isn't to protect the blacks anyway. It is to protect the Jews from getting kicked out of, but yet, another nation. And they were kicked out because of their BEHAVIOR that people didn't like. Even Michael Jackson was upset with his 'Jewish handlers' and wrote a song about it. The media attacked him, tried to defame him, and I wouldn't doubt his death was no accident. He died right before the anti-racism bill was passed in 2009. The ONLY person in Congress to complain about threats to them for passing it was a Jew named Eric Cantor, who said that he got the threat 'because he is Jewish.'

Rarely does someone in the spotlight address the BEHAVIOR of defiant people. See, that would solve all the violence and you can't have that because crime pays. The Anti Defamation League (ADL) came into police departments all over America after 9-11 and began training them to react like soldiers, not police. But that wasn't working well and during the 2008 presidential campaign, men in beautiful, new uniforms, sweeping their weapons back and forth like soldiers do and giving loud commands, were roughing up the public. Most likely Blackwater soldiers, private armies. Some noticed this but it didn't get front page in any newspaper. It was easy to pick the real cops. They looked a little frumpy and their equipment was old and worn.

When I was in college, I was taking a business course with a really smart professor, who was an attorney. About the second week of class, a black girl comes in with a major chip on her shoulder and began making racial arguments with the professor that had nothing to do with school work. No one said anything. The next week she came in and everyone sat on the other side of the class. EVERYONE. It wasn't planned. After class I asked the professor if he noticed she was all alone and he said he had. She never came back.