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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who are the Ferguson, MO blacks?

Before Jewish-run Civil Rights, I don't know of anyone that didn't have blacks as friends, or classmates or co-workers.  But Civil Rights changed many blacks.  Civil Rights and busing and everything connected with desegregation, according to Jewish professor Robert Weissberg, was run by Jews.  They put young female blacks in housing projects, fed them, paid them and they could raise as many children as they wanted as long as NO man was around.

This incubator produced blacks that were not as dignified as earlier blacks, or as they were called, Colored.  People can be nice to anyone that is also nice.  But these blacks became violent because Civil Rights told them that Whites were the reason they didn't have as much as 'whites.'  They were told they could be violent and black violence exploded.

In conclusion, American blacks were used by the Jews to soften and sensitize American citizens not to make life better for blacks, because it actually created hostility between blacks and whites, but because Jews wanted protection.  They didn't want to be kicked out of another nation.  Rather, it gave these new 'created' American blacks who know nothing now but injustice and violence, a reason to destroy.  In fact, because of the Jewish-run media, many non-blacks are now also violent.  Jewish 'training films' violent movies, video games, movies, comic books, magazines, books, filthy rap music and everything connected with what people see, read and hear are run by Jews.

It is not ALL blacks but the Ferguson blacks are these offspring.  Do the research.

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