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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Man, black trash is stoo-pid and many Americans are cowards

Missouri. Ain't that one ignorant state? No one with logic stands up and says, “Perhaps the bad guys ARE black?” It makes no difference to black trash if the cop that shoots them is white, black or Mexican. The point for them is, a cop killed a black man...there is a hit list.

There are a lot of kids stories out there like 'The King has no robes,' or 'The Little Red Hen,' or even 'Horton Hears A Who,' all meant to develop logic and eliminate stupidity. 'A Bugs Life' is an excellent example of a good, wholesome cartoon to spark courage. Well, that was before Disney bought Pixar in January of 2006.

Jews take credit for doing desegregation and Civil Rights and the damage that followed. Only Jews don't think it as 'damage.' They tell you it is progress, as they line their pockets with government tax monies and our nation falls apart. One Jewish professor told me that, “Blacks don't appreciate what the Jews have done for them.”

Before 1970, almost all crime committed, including the dreaded 'Walking while intoxicated,' were committed by white people. Very few black people. After Civil Rights, the crime became black and violent and abundant. Why? Because Jews told black people that white people are holding them down. And because Jews bloated the Welfare State with girls that have babies without fathers, we now have black trash.

Black trash has no sense, no allegiance to our Republic. They are just there. And when they see an opportunity to hurt, burn, loot and damage 'white' property, they do. Blacks won't rope in bad black behavior. Neither will Mexicans or Cubans. White people seem to be the only race that can separate themselves from bad whites. Maybe because blacks, Mexicans and Cubans are minorities?

As a police officer, I never heard (but I supposed it could happen), an arrested white suspect saying, “But my baby. I have a baby.” Or if a white kid gets shot, the family says, “He was getting his life right.  He was a good kid.” Only black trash says that, and they don't even know the suspect. It was not OK for Hitler to burn down businesses run by Jews (but owned by Germans) but it is OK for black trash to burn down American businesses. Hummmmm

If the law enforcement of Missouri desn't get some collective courage and speak out about BAD behavior, like the officers of Maracopa County in Arizona do, the black trash problems won't stop. This chant of racism against black criminals must be addressed by someone intelligent and kind, because the president isn't doing it. He says, "Cops need more training.”  I worked inner city, third shift and it was black.  We had NONE of this violence and the residents knew we protected them and were fair.  They were like our 'family.'  But in 1992, those Welfare Babies weren't old enough yet.  They just slid into the racial issue as though they had somehow, somewhere, sometime had a slave relative that they think was abused.  Jewish propaganda and the racial message belonged to them.

Jews want to divorce themselves from the black issue but can't. So when the 'racial' issue started dying down a few years ago, the Jews (who control all of our media) started putting out the subversive movies from the 60s and 70s about white people being prejudice against blacks. Well, many are NOW and justly so.  Jews backed the Hate Crime Bill when 'hate,' if it ever existed, was dying down. 

Communists know how to squelch a riot. They kill them. Compare that to a police officer trying to maintain the peace. We aren't communist yet, but if Missouri doesn't address the black trash behavior as being the problem, communists will step in and solve it for us.  Bye, bye, Miss American Pie.

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