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Saturday, June 22, 2013

James Gandolfini is dead

Listen up. Italy is not the same as Sicily. They are different. The Boot is Italy. Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia are not Italy.

So, when James Gandolfini recently died, a star on the 'Sopranos,' he drug all real Italians down with him. Sicily is NOT Italy.

Italy has long gotten a bad rap with the Italian Mafia. The Mafia is Sicilian, not Italian. And most of the 'mafia' is Jewish anyway.

So, get over it!! This man put out some creepy stuff depicting Sicilians as Italians and doing it is a creepy, perverse way. I say.....sorry about your luck, James, but you lied for too long.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I am sure all of you know that the Wall Jews so lovingly kiss is Herod's Temple, right? First there was Solomon's Temple (965-586 BC) actually built by the followers of David who learned building skills in Egypt, but that was destroyed. Then about a century before Jesus Christ, the first Herod started building a temple on the original spot of Solomon's. But you knew that too.

“Historically, these successive temples stood at this location and functioned as the center of ancient Israelite and later Jewish worship. According to classical Jewish belief, the Temple acted as figurative "footstool" of God's presence and a Third Temple will be built there in the future.” according to a Jewish site: http://www.ask.com/wiki/Temple_in_Jerusalem?o=2800&qsrc=999

Nebuchadnezzar II, was king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, who reigned c. 605 BC – 568 B.C. According to the Bible, (which was altered quite frequently through translations) he conquered Judah and Jerusalem, and sent Jews (sic) into exile. He is credited with the construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and for the destruction of the First Temple (Solomon's Temple). He is featured in the Book of Daniel and is mentioned in several other books of the Bible. Nebuchadnezzar II was a Babylonian and honored many gods but was not a Roman.

So, God didn't destroy Babylon...the Persians did in 539 BC. The Babylonian armies were crushed at Opis (Upi), not far from today’s Baghdad; when the Persian army entered Babylon on October 12th, the history of ancient Babylonia as an autonomous political entity came to an end.

How could Nebuchadnezzar II send “Jews into exile” when there were no Jews at that time? Could the original word have been 'zealots' because we know for certain that when Herod's Temple was destroyed in 70 AD, 'the Zealots from the Temple fled to Masada.' It is written by Josephus. And how come the Middle East still is predominately non-Jewish? It is because 'Jews' never owned that land. 'Jews' were the Zealots, the extremists, the Pharisees and Rabbis (and their security guards the Sadducees) that took over Herod's Temple.

As I wrote in my article about WHO THE ISRAELITES REALLY ARE, “After Saul, the first king of Israel died, the tribe of Gad went to the northern kingdom under David but Rehobaum, the grandson of David, in about 930 BC, split from the House of David to reform a Kingdom of Israel as the Northern Kingdom until the Assyrians exiled them to Babylon in 722 BC and 586 BC and the two-hundred existence of the Kingdom of Israel ended and its inhabitants scattered throughout other nations. So, historical records show Palestine was there first and Israel for only for two hundred years.”

Herod's Temple, finished in the time of Christ, was occupied by Zealots who were bilking the other citizens out of their gold in exchange for worthless tokens they used for worship. You will remember that Christ overturned their money changer table there. Christ did not think like the zealots so the zealots turned Him over to the Romans.

It is ironic that these Zealots, some of which fled to Masada and committed suicide and some that were dispersed throughout Europe, have somehow blurred the lines between them and the true Israelites. It is true that these Zealots are today's Jews but the word 'jew' did not exist in Christ's time. Neither did religions. It was at lease 14 centuries later before 'someone' began inserting the word 'jew' into the Bible and other 'holy' works instead of 'the people of Judea.' I am sure you all have researched that also.

The people were afraid of these Zealots but felt so strongly that they HAD to go to the temple to pray to God, that they kept their mouths shut about Jesus Christ. This is said several times in John.  John 9:22 (Aramaic), "His parents said these things because they were afraid of the Judeans, for the Judeans had decided that if a man would confess him to be The Messiah, they would cast him out of the synagogue."

The people of today are afraid of the Jews also because these Jews claim that they are the 'chosen people' and have bullied many people in the world into believing that they have the right to Palestinian land. The Roman Catholics never thought their Bible gave them the right to any land. The old Latin Catholics (before Vatican II) financially supported the Church on their own. Those Catholics were never seen kissing the side of a Church or buying up businesses/media/industries to CONTROL our nation. After all, according to our forefathers, there is a separation between church and state.

But the ancient Catholic Church did believe that Jerusalem should not be taken over by 'the Jews.'   The Catholic Church was created by Constantine in the 4th century AD to control the people. He based it on the cross of Christ that he allegedly saw in a dream and that his mother allegedly found. The Dream Story was very powerful to the uneducated people. The religion went through at least eight centuries of refinement and weeding out the corruption of the popes before emerging in the 20th Century as a strong and correct institution.

I never heard of a Catholic saying anything about the Jews except that they denied Christ as the Savior and had Him killed. After Vatican II in 1963, for the first time we had a lay teacher in the 12th grade whose name was Shapiro. No one told us he was Jewish. A Jew teaching in a Catholic school would not have made sense. But times were changing and we had no clue.

The Catholic Church did try and convert Jews during the Crusades between the 11th and 16th centuries and make sure they didn't take over Jerusalem, but that was part of the heathen and hocus pocus mentality prevalent before the end of the 19th century. Just when the Industrial Revolution was introducing prosperity for everyone, those 'Jews' began taking over by creating the Federal Reserve (with Wilson's blessing) and buying up American industries and media. They did it by intimidating people who spoke out about this process such as Henry Ford and Senator Joseph McCarthy.  The Jews said they were being persecuted and discriminated against when not given what they wanted.  After all, Karl Marx invented Communism.

Thanks to presidents like Wilson and Truman, who must have 'thought' these little Jews couldn't hurt anyone, the Jews were given the power to start the Federal Reserve just as they took over Herod's Temple. Then they began buying up almost all of our media. It started with newspapers, movie production and universities but eventually spread to television, music, video games, comic books, book publishing...heck, is there anything they do not own?

Many Jews today say there 'are different kinds of Jews' but although they have different 'kinds' of Jews such as Askanazi, Shephardic and Hasidic, all Jews came from the Zealots of Christ's time. Add to the mix the Zionist Jews and you have a Judaic soup blurring the line between race and religion; between Jew and Judaism. There may be different kinds of Jews but in mass they put aside their differences and destroy anyone in their path that realizes what they are doing. 

Today the Jews of Israel have built a Wall around their stolen area and are persecuting the original land owners...the Palestinians.  It is payback for the Middle East Semitics who had owned the land for milleniums.  One by one they fall:  Palestine, Iraq, Libia, Syria, Lebanon  and soon Iran.   

Now, don't believe ME. Do the research yourself as I have done for over 13 years. Only then will you understand why a 'race' of people took over the 'religion' of the Israelites so that they could steal Palestine and rule the world.

Since our forefathers stipulated a separation between church and state so that the Popes could not govern the land, Presidents Wilson and Truman were dead wrong in giving Jews Palestinian land in 1948. As sophisticated as many people believe they are today, they have fallen for the smoke and mirror lies Jews tell.