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Sunday, April 29, 2012

If you cannot feed a child, then don't have one.....except.....

Here's the rub.  It makes sense that if you cannot afford to feed a child, then you should not get pregnant in the first place.  And until about 60 years ago in America, it was that way.  So, what changed in our society that now the government must feed every child because they don't get enough food?

What changed is that Civil Rights took hold and thanks to those Jews that introduced the concept, our Welfare State bloated to enormous proportions encompassing young school girls to have babies without fathers.  As a reward for doing this, the Welfare State gave these females free medical care, free housing and free food.  Who could turn that down and still retain dignity?  No one.

Then, the wealthy businessmen decided that taxes were too high in America and Non Government Organizations shipped whole businesses to underdeveloped nations because there were minimal taxes and extremely cheap labor.  And to add titillation to this destructive recipe, their import taxes to ship back into America were negligible.

Add to this, the ban Senator Joseph McCarthy put on subversive movies Jews were producing was lifted in about 1965 and they were again free to create 'strange' movies that encouraged perversion and questions our values.

President Reagan, although a nice guy, closed orphanages, hospitals for the poor, mental hospitals, devalued the dollar and deregulated almost every utility company including airlines and trucking.

During the 1980s, American doctors were pushed out of favor because of rising insurance costs and a story began floating around about 'fraud' in the medical profession.  Although no one that had health insurance knew of any fraud, the story floated and became 'truth.'

Into this mix, the free health/life insurance all employees received because they had a job, was threatened by Hillary Clinton in the early 90s, introducing Health Care for all.  Although her idea failed, HMOs began to replace health insurance until President Obama passed Hillary's socialized medicine plan in January of 2010, right after the Hate Crime Bill was passed.

As illegal aliens began swarming into this nation from Mexico and Cuba, they took jobs away from 'Americans that don't want those jobs' and today the only jobs Americans can find are jobs those illegals don't want.  Doctors from other countries such as India and Mexico took those 'jobs American doctors don't want.'

After the turn of the century, pharmaceutical giants were drugging children and adults in earnest because of the stress on the families and schools from busing and Civil Rights.  Many older adults went to Canada to buy cheaper drugs but those giants threatened our 'government' that if they didn't stop that flow, their financial favors would dry up so our 'government' ordered Canada to stop selling those drugs to Americans.  Now, Canada was getting their drugs from American pharmaceutical giants so they stopped and began getting their drugs from foreign nations.

The irony of this is that now our 'government' told Americans that foreign drugs were untested and dangerous.  Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

The price of a barrel of gasoline was held down to about $45 after World War II until the 1970s.  Without any control, the price of gasoline rose.  At the same time the price rose, it also rose in other areas because now America was not producing fabric, shoes, oil refineries, food, automobiles, appliances or toys. 

Our 'government,' now run by foreign interests, passed the H1B and NAFTA visa making it very easy to come to American and take those jobs 'Americans don't want.'  Jewish Family Services helps Somalians come to America and gives them beautiful townhouses to live in.  And WE pay for all this.

Employers cut overtime and pay and benefits of American workers.  With America becoming a Service Nation and not a production nation, the job market dwindled.  Farmers, long since subsidized for not producing, found it very difficult to keep the farm.  Small businesses, the backbone of America, could not afford to stay open because of personal taxes and Handicapped accessibility requirements and minority hiring quotas.

In the mid-80s, there was the Savings and Loan Scandal and right after that the Stock Market Scandal.  After the turn of the century, the stock market again stuck it to America's retirement prospects and reduced their pension plans to mud.

But hey, our 'government' solved those problems.  They bailed out the very people that got this nation into the mess. 

Ah, but there is one job industry that is doing quite well.  Our military.  Our healthy young men are signing up so they can fight trillion-dollar wars for Israel in the Middle East because Israel is our 'ally.'  They are our buddies, our friends, although Israel murdered more than thirty of our young men on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 during the Six Day War and Americans didn't know about it.  Americans also didn't know Kissinger struck up a deal with President Nixon to turn a blind eye to Israel's amassing of nuclear weapons, which he did.

Where are we today?  Civil Rights turned angry American black people into violent criminals.  Busing mixed up neighborhoods and families and stressed white and black kids out until the level of education suffered and ailments increased.  Movies like 'The Warriors' introduced and trained angry black and white youngsters on the new concept of  how to wear Colors and fight....much more efficient.  More Americans became fat because of poorly-made food with preservatives and other additives, although the FDA said they were safe.

From those ever increasing fat people came other ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes that our new Health Care System would remedy with more drugs.  Did you know that in many public schools the word 'fat' is a banned word?  Hey, if you can't say it, it must not exist, right?  And what a coincidence that the Liberal Democratic Party that backed busing, et el, is also violently against abortion.

Anyway, that is how we got here from there.  If you cannot afford to have a child or if you use crack, cocaine or are an alcoholic, have that child because it means SSDI, Section 8 housing, free medical care and Food Stamps.  A migrant worker pays $5 for his/her medical visits but most Americans have no insurance at all and pay hundreds each visit.  Why should they have insurance with their job?  They don't even HAVE jobs. Americans must pay the bill for those that are ruining our nation because THAT is our new job.

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