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Friday, April 27, 2012

Very simple, very easy: The Edomites are the problem

Many people, especially today, argue about Jesus being a Jew.  He was not.  No one during His time was a Jew.  There were no Jews.  It wasn't until at least the 16th or 17th Century that the word 'jew' was first used and added to the Bible.

So who were these people that Jesus was so against?  All the people in the area including Judean citizens and Galileans celebrated the same ceremonies, had Rabbis, practiced the same traditions about food and holidays.  But why were the Rabbis and Pharisees in and around The Temple different than the others?

Very simple.  The group that later became known as the Jews were outcasts.  Their Rabbis were ruled by money and power and considered Jesus a threat to their security.  That is why Jesus upset the tables in The Temple.  That is why He cursed them.  That is why His apostles said His blood would always be upon them.  They were a mean, selfish group of misfits and should have broken off from the rest.

But they did not break off.  Instead, by the death of Jesus, they became more powerful.  They took the message of Christ and the goodness of the true Israelites and made it theirs.  Jesus' message got twisted around to be a message for the very enemy He was against.

A thousand years can do that.  After all, not many people could write back then anyway and Edomites could write whatever they wanted, whatever lie they wanted.

That is the true story.  The Jews of today were the enemies of Jesus a thousand years ago.  Why 'Christian Zionists' choose to ignore the truth and honor the Jews...I have no idea.

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