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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The DEmasculation of Good Men

Let's cut to the chase here.  Lower species of humans have strong sex drives.  It has been researched and proven that Asians are more intelligent than Caucasians who are more intelligent than the African black race.  The sex drive, or selection drive, of the Asian is less than the Caucasians who are less than the black.  Therefore, it can be concluded that the more intelligent a human being, the more selective he is when mating.

The next question becomes:  Why are the races with a higher sex drive destructive toward those with a lesser sex drive?  Could it be testosterone levels?  Probably.  Higher testosterone leads to more aggressive males. 

A third question is:  Why would a 'race' of people such as Jews want to destroy Caucasians?  And why would they use blacks to do that?  This is a complicated yet simple question.

Jews were condemned by Jesus Christ for their wicked ways.  They took this personal.  The Rabbis and Pharisees of Jesus' time that lived around the Temple in Judea were ruled by money and power.  Their behavior was repulsive to others that practiced the same ceremonies and traditions but were not mean or selfish.  This group of disliked people, who believed they were superior to everyone else, became more clannish.  Wikipedia describes such people as, "a clan or guild is an organised group of players that regularly play together in a particular (or various) multiplayer games."  This clan, or cult, bonded together because outsiders did not like them, similar to bullies today.  As centuries passed, they lashed out at those that tried to convert them, hurt them, or kick them out of a nation, and they became more hateful.  They never succeeded in becoming powerful until the United States government began backing Israel.

Just as the Jews during the 60s Revolution instilled in many American blacks that the 'white man was responsible for all their woes,' Jews in Soviet Russia did the same to Russians through the peasants and later 'the workers.'  There is never a shortage of oppressed people that can be easily manipulated by con-men.  It's always the fault someone else when you are dealing with psychopaths and power freaks.  Read Power Freaks by David L. Weiner.

Sex is very important to the identity of males.  Many men judge other foes by their height, aggression, muscle mass and penis size (although that is sometimes assumed).  Taking away a foe's sexual prowess is thought by many in the lower species as winning.  During the 60s Revolution, which destroyed America's established and working white leadership, the next step was to emphasize black and female prowess. 

Just as with the 1917 Russian Revolution, it took twenty years or more of propaganda beginning with liberal ideals to accomplish this.   In the United States, since most of the newspapers, magazines, movie theatres, music industry, television stations and book publishers were then owned by people with Jewish names, all that had to be done was publish that the white male was the reason for all this chaos.

Actually, the white American male had nothing to do with the chaos.  He never changed.  He can't.  The American male works hard, gets an education, takes care of his family and wants to live peacefully and comfortably.  The white male never knew what hit him.  But forty years later, the white male cannot find a job, can't find a good woman that stays in the marriage and they start whining about it.  Television commercials today depict the white male as non-existent or quite clownish.  So the white male feels helpless, as if his testicles have been cut off. 

Of course, black males don't feel emasculated because the Jewish-run media has promoted them as highly viral, ignoring intelligence and creativity.  Those Jews that own the media would never, ever allow blacks to run their own movie or music business.  Asians don't seem to be affected by the propaganda because it wasn't aimed at them.  And Asians are similar to each other and clannish....American males are not. 

Since American males are a mixture of all European nations, they are unique in that they are brave and carry on the traditions of creating a harmonious society.  But they are totally defenseless against 'words' and propaganda.  They don't know how to fight that today because they are a combination of all other nationalities and their unity has been broken by Jewish propaganda.

Schools now teach that Mommy and Daddy can be the same sex.  Catholic schools teach that Joseph was the "Foster Dad to Jesus Christ."  The marker to measure your sexual prowess against is the white male.  HE is the problem and must be emasculated.  He keeps on creating and building working societies that won't let minorities rule.   Jews have change that order today for their own selfish interests.  They are on the cusp of ruling the world.  They are finally paying back the others that wouldn't choose them to play ball on the playground.

In conclusion, I believe that at some point good white and black American males will realize they have been snookered and will be brave enough to put this Republic back on track at the 'expense' of those trying to destroy it.  After all, our world depends upon it.


  1. As a white man who has had his testicles cut off I think you're spouting malarkey.

  2. Empty,
    Much of my article is a euphonium, you know. Is your comment?