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Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Blacks don't appreciate what the Jews have done for them," Robert Weissberg

I made an amazing discovery in 2010.  It was as great as the one I made in 1998.  The first discovery in 1998 came from Professor Robert Weissberg of American Renaissance.  He made audio tapes about the relationship between blacks and Jews.  He also sent me a paper entitled, ' Jews and Blacks:  Everything the Goyim Want to Know But Are Afraid to Ask.'  He convinced me that it wasn't the white politician that did Civil Rights to garner black votes.  He said the Jews did it and why.

The second discovery was in 2010 from the same professor.  After I interviewed him for my radio show about his new book, Bad Students, Not Bad Schools, that states blacks and Hispanics have low IQs, he told me that 'blacks don't appreciate what the Jews have done for them' and the Jews want to unburden themselves from the black cause but can't.  http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-20064/TS-308338.mp3

Now, understand, I was pleased as punch to finally find Professor Weissberg in 2010 since he was the person that set me on the correct path as to who was causing American destruction. He is a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Illinois.

 I was impressed with this Jew for telling the truth and wanted to interview him.   But the shock that his original information was put out NOT to inform the American public that Jews did Civil Rights, et el, but because Jews want to get rid of the American black cause....was a huge eye opener.  Blacks were no longer useful to the Jew.

So, recently, I have seen stories circulating about black on white crime and a possible race war.  Jews would love that.  It would cause chaos, which brings in money for them, and cements their mantra that the white man is the problem.  However, Jews live in protected communities, the laws they enabled protect them from violence, and the illegal state created for them on Palestinian land does not abide by the same rules they inflict on the United States and other nations.  In other words, they do not practice what they preach and the American people think that is okey dokey. 

The Catholic Church, after Vatican II in 1963, does not exist.  The Masonic Temple is now associated with high-powered Jews.  Christians now preach that Israel has the right to exist because otherwise, we could not get to heaven.  Israel is guilty of human rights violations, are allowed to continue to steal Palestinian land, American soldiers are dying fighting their hateful wars and yet....Americans stand by because now they can  "get to heaven."

An article by Dylan Byers on April 12, 2011, states in part about Robert Weissberg, "As part of the National Review's effort to disassociate itself with racism, occasional contributor Robert Weissberg was let go yesterday because he gave a speech at a white supremacy conference. The severing of those ties -- not terribly significant for Weissberg, given that he was an unpaid, occasional contributor -- followed the Review's decision to fire longtime contributor John Derbyshire.

The article continues, "But Weissberg, who describes himself to me as a "1960s color-blind liberal" and said his speech at the conference was "anti-white nationalism," feels that the Review's response was "bizarre," and even compared it to a Soviet show trial.

"White nationalism is not really an ideology, its obnoxious," he said. "As I told them at the conference, you’re better off being called a child molester than a white nationalist. So, I said, if you are a white nationalist, why not move to a place that’s all white?"


Weissberg was fired!!  And again, was he fired for the right reason?  Was he fired because he likes what Jews did to American blacks or the power that Jewish institutions now have?  No.  He was fired because he spoke at a white supremacy conference.  And why did he do that?

Well, I know.  Weissberg wants people to believe he is on the 'white' side and not the black.  He wants people to believe he is white.  He wants people to follow him in his cause to rid the Jews of the black and most importantly, he wants the Jews and Israel to remain in power.  In other words, he is using white people as he used the black people.  He is using white people, the very people he destroyed with Civil Rights.

"Tut, tut, child.  Every story has a moral if only you can find it" the Queen said to Alice.  And what is the moral of THIS story?  The moral is, don't be fooled by smooth-talking Jews.  Weissberg's site, American Renaissance, puts out stories about black on white crime.  What does he care?  He's not white.  American Renaissance puts out books and information on how stupid the black is and the white members eat it up because they want to believe they are superior to the black.  If they were superior, they would not have to be reminded, don't ya think?

Weissberg stated concerning his speech at the conference, "White nationalism is not really an ideology, its obnoxious," he said. "As I told them at the conference, you’re better off being called a child molester than a white nationalist. So, I said, if you are a white nationalist, why not move to a place that’s all white?"

White people fell for the race card ideology that Jews introduced in the 60s.  Now many Americans are using the word 'white' and many are sending around American Renaissance's biased information ONLY because it is against blacks.  Remember, it is against blacks because Jews are trying to get rid of them and a race war would be mighty convenient.  Weissberg is bringing up the White Nationalism mantra because he wants the conversation to continue!  He wants that race war--but not against the Jews--so he feeds into the Civil Rights hatred of blacks, the very hatred JEWS created.  That is obnoxious!

But many Americans can't see all that.  American blacks can.  They know the Jews used them.  Remember in 1997 when Michael Jackson came out with his song, 'They don't really care about us" that told of his Jewish handlers?  In the song lyrics you can hear, "Kike me."  The Jewish handlers were upset about this.  Michael is dead.  A black can't do that....they are supposed to appreciate what the Jews have done for them.

So, you see, if you research and don't let your personal feelings and expectations get in the way, you can find the truth.  The question then becomes:  Will you believe it?

Read Robert Weissberg's complete paper below.

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