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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Users and the Takers...same thing

If 'good' people make things bad, then the good is bad.   Seems a simple enough concept but Americans don't get it.  If they did, our economy would not be in the tank, they would not be taking so many prescription drugs and our children would be happy and wholesome.  But things are bad.  So what is really 'good' and what is really 'bad?'

For those growing up in the 50s and 60s, Good was low taxes, small government, negligible welfare state, high morals and values, mother stayed at home with the kids, dad worked because there was industry and businesses.  But Jews running Civil Rights (according to Jewish professor Robert Weissberg) in the late 60s said all those things were Bad.  "Down with the Establishment."  That meant get rid of all that Good stuff and at the same time, introduce what Jews considered Good.

What did Jews consider Good?  Obviously they considered Civil Rights 'good' because that forced black people into schools not considered 'black' and gave jobs (Affirmative Action) to blacks just because they were black and bused black kids into white neighborhoods and visa versa.  What 'good' came out of all that? 

The 'good' that came out of all that was destruction of the family unit, destroyed neighborhoods, young girls having children without husbands, the welfare state bloating, violence, our industries going overseas, subsidized housing, illegals coming into our nation, refuge for Somalians and any other foreigner who wanted to come here including Turks.  The 'good' also introduced perverted and subversive movies, music and television shows.  Jews even took comic books and used adult, sexual format not to mention controlling the banking, credit bard and mortgage industries.

Along the way, the Catholic Church was destroyed along with the Masonic Temple and any other 'white' organization where men gathered.  Jews consider all this 'good' because it is good for the Jew.  Non-Jews consider this 'bad' but when they identify the Jew as the orchestrator of all this madness, he is branded "anti-Semitic,' a phrase created by the Jew.

Today our nation has over 20 million Christian Zionists that profess we must let Israel do what it wants otherwise non-Jews could not get to heaven.  I would think that living in filth on earth was a bit more important to overcome than favoring Jews and making them god.  But then, I lived during the 50s and 60s and know how our nation was and what it was founded upon.

Some of you might bring up the early 1900s as 'proof' Americans were 'anti-semitic' and 'hate blacks.'  And how was it to live back then?  Safe streets?  Minimal violence?  Low taxes?  People taking care of their families and helping others?  Farmers that ran their own farms?  Schools educating children both black and white?  Sounds like a lotta' bad going on there, right?

Jews used blacks during Civil Rights because they were perfect for that.  Why were they 'perfect?'  The blacks were living in their neighborhoods just as other races.  Yes, Jews were discriminated against.  It must have had something to do with happened in the Old Country.  So Jews latched onto the American black and TOLD them being a slave was 'bad,' (of course not mentioning white indentured servants that worked right beside them) and they needed to hurt the 'white' man because 'he is the reason for the black man's woes.'

Why would Jews want blacks to hurt white people?  Could it be because Jews were discriminated against and they used the black to open the doors for THEM?  Could be, if that is considered 'good.' 

When we compare what the KKK did to blacks after 1945 to what the blacks did to the whites after 1970, we find the behavior the same.  In other words, the blacks are doing the same thing to whites that they believe white people did to them.  Only, that was way before any white or black was living in the 60s.  Does the child take credit for what his father did?  Does the child owe anything for what the father did 'bad?'  Seems so, according to the Jew. 

If that were true that the child is responsible for the father then what about the Jews in Russia, the Bolsheviks, that murdered, tortured and overthrew the White Russians and murdered the Czar?  Shouldn't ALL Jews today be responsible for that?  Shouldn't all Jews be responsible for what the Rosenburg's did to our nation?  Shouldn't all Jews be responsible for lying about the German concentration camps?

It doesn't go both ways.  It only goes pro-Jew and pro-Israel because THAT is 'good' for the Jews.  Anything against the Jews such as naming the Jews that own 90% or our media or naming the Jews that wrote false books, or naming the Jews advising our president....that is anti-Semitic.

It was 'bad' when Americans stayed in their place.  That made the streets and schools safe and people were healthy, both black and white.  You worked up the ranks.  You earned your position.  You were polite to each other.   That was 'bad.'

I tried to find incidents of whites murdering blacks before 1970 but could find none.  I'm sure there are some out there.  Allegedly there were some white boys that drug a black behind a vehicle back 20 years ago but I could not locate it.  What I did find was blacks murdering white people, blacks murdering black people, blacks murdering Jewish people and Jews killing blacks.

The only 'race' that doesn't belong in this hateful and violent equation are white people.  They had nothing to do with desegregation or Civil Rights or busing or Affirmative Action.  There was no Affirmative Action out there when our European ancestors came to America nor would they have wanted a handout. 

White people should be cleared of any wrongdoing in the last 60 years.  They weren't involved.  They tried to defend the 'good' but were outgunned by Jews of the media and government.  My conclusion is that since Jews created all this chaos, this should be a 'war' between the Jews and blacks.  Whites didn't do it.  Whites stood for Good and somehow, according to Jews, that is Bad.

This is the first time in history that Jews have had somebody like the United States behind them....because there are too many Jews controlling it.  That would be comparable to the Roman Empire backing the Jews and enabling them to become powerful.  But the Italians wouldn't let that happen because to them, Jews were a problematic group of people that kept to themselves.  KEPT TO THEMSELVES.

And they still do.  Jews don't live in 'diverse' neighborhoods.  Jews now live wherever they want and that is usually in a gated community together or otherwise separated from the general population.  Look at Israel....they don't want Christians or Arabs in their (illegal) nation.  Yet, not many Americans speak about this, do they?  They are afraid to say 'the King has no robes.'  They are afraid to say the obvious.  That would be anti-Semitic.

Other Americans should not be in this squabble.  Jews are USING the American black TAKERS.  Therein lies the problem.  Jews and blacks need to hammer this out and leave other Americans out of it.

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