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Friday, April 6, 2012

Trade 'white' dominance for Jew dominance.....does that sound right to you?

Things that do not make sense have always bothered me.  Destroying 'white' dominance in America and replacing it with Jewish dominance is one of those things.

If anyone is old enough to remember, people in this nation never said 'this is a white nation' before Civil Rights.  Yes, those in positions of power were not black or Jewish but that is sensible because Jews and blacks are in the minority.  All that changed after Civil Rights and the 60s Revolution.  'Revolution' is a bad word....ask any Russian.

So before 1970, all Americans lived in an idyllic, albeit sheltered world.  Crime before 1970 was committed mostly by white people for things like 'walking while intoxicated,' burglary, assault and robbery.  After 1970, when Civil Rights (run by Jews according to Prof. Robert Weissberg of American Renaissance) arrived, they told American blacks that the reason they were 'oppressed' was because of the white man.  Crime became violent and black.

I entered arrest statistics for the period starting in about 1930 and past 1970.  I saw the pattern.  It was white, non-violent crime and then it became black violent crime after Civil Rights.  Facts don't lie.  Request these stats from Public Records.

So the question is; did we trade white dominance in America for Jewish dominance?  Gene Autry owned many radio stations.  Walt Disney owned Disney Studios.  Henry Ford built the production-line auto industry.  Non-Jews ran the newspapers.  Morality and spirituality dominated our society.  Society controlled behavior by not accepting bad behavior.  The state didn't tell people what to do....they knew what was right.  No one had to say to school kids, 'Good job,' 'You are a hero,' 'You are a leader,' 'I love you.'  No one had to remind anyone that you don't bully other people.  No one had to tell us how to wipe our butts.  We knew how.

Rupert Murdoch is now our radio and television station owner.  Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, Dreamworks movies, MGM, magazine and comic books, newspapers, are all owned/run by people with Jewish names.  We traded the white for the Jew!!

And what is 'white' anyway?  Is it EVERYONE ELSE but the black and the Jew?  That's a lot of people to be pushed aside by minorities.  Is it the people that built civilizations in Rome, Europe and Egypt?  Is it the Greeks that created government run by the people?  Is it Leonard da Vinci, Augustus Cesar, John F. Kennedy or Mother Teresa?  Do you ever in history remember anything built by Edomites or Jews?  Or is it as Bobby Fisher said, "Jews are destroyers." 
And we didn't see it coming.  Look at it this way:  Russia before 1917 wasn't perfect but people lived in peace and many peasants were becoming wealthy.  Jews, thanks to Karl Marx, began telling the peasants and working class that they were oppressed.  Sound familiar?  So, what did the peasants and working class people do?  The same as what the American blacks did.....they took up arms against the Whites.  And what became of Russia?  It became Communist.

Hummmmm.  Could there be a pattern here?  Instead of 'fair and equitable treatment' we got EQUALITY FOR ALL.  Is everyone equal?  No, but the Jews never said that.  The Jews never said that once the American blacks tore up our society, that the Jews would push them aside because they had outlived their usefulness.  During that time, Jews would step into place as the Jewish Establishment replaced the White Establishment, the very same thing the 60s Revolution revolted against.  Remember that slogan?  "Down with the Establishment."

Well, the Jews used the same slogan in 1917 Russia.  "Down with the Aristocracy." 

The facts are there when you research the last hundred years.  We replaced a society/government that WAS working, for a Jewish-run monstrosity that has given us violence, pharmaceutical-dependent unhealthy adults, drugged up kids, violent crime, no jobs, food stamps for white people that have no job, a tanked economy, illegals, an inferior public school system, Hate Crime and Health Care bills.....anything to 'help' people deal with the misery.

Heck, at least Flavius built the Roman Colosseum to entertain the people while he taxed them to death.  And he opened up a few bars to entertain the citizens also but that caused a bit too much violence, so he closed them up.  Oh wait......Jews did the same thing in America.  What was I thinking?

We do have entertainment!  Lots of it.  We have ignorant and immoral television shows produced by Jews.  Violent movies produced by Jews.  Even movies for children are rated PG for sexual content.  Rap music incites sexual perversion and hate and newspapers/television, owned by Jews, refuse to print the truth about what is really happening.  Instead they make people believe they have only TWO presidential candidates to vote for.

So, did our nation 'move up' when the Jews replaced white people?  Did we improve or digress?  I believe we were bamboozled and tricked.  I believe Jews told us a bunch of lies, used their money to buy up our media and strategically place themselves in our government.  We 'thought' these lies were coming from the white politician for forty years.  We were wrong.  Robert Weissberg states in his 1998 paper, 'Jews and blacks.  Everything the goyim want to know but were afraid to ask' that JEWS did it. 

Jews even tell us they did it yet Americans are intimidated into believing they will be insensitive if they speak the truth.....if a fat person really is fat.....if a stupid person really can't learn.....if an illegal really is illegal.....if a poor person really is poor....You can't say that anymore.  You are not allowed to speak the truth.  We have been neutered.

Jews have taken away our right to speak the truth because they don't want to be exposed.  The Anti-Defamation League tells police departments that 'the terrorists are Moooooslims.'  Lt. Fred Bowditch, Homeland Security of the Columbus Police department, told me, "We investigate Hamas and Hezbollah, Susan, not the Mossad."   Can you get any clearer??

I prefer my old nation back, run by the best and brightest.  If they happen to be mostly white, that's the way it is.  I want my industries back.  I want our jobs back.  I want our taxes lowered by getting rid of bloated institutions such as Welfare and Child Protective Services.  I want the mental hospitals and orphanages back.  I want my job to again pay for my health insurance.  I want hospitals for the poor back.  I want perversion and violence gone and the only way to do that is to get rid of the current 'Establishment.'  

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