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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Friends, Romans and countrymen. Lend me your ear

It took the Romans almost a century to realize how bad it had become around and in Herod's Temple in Judea. These Judeans that took control of the temple had great confidence that no one could stop them because they had gotten away with having Christ murdered. They were out of control....a real terrorists group.

We are in that same situation in America today. These zealots control our media and our government. These zealots are today called 'jews' because these groups forced the King James version of the Bible to insert 'jew' in place of 'Judean.'

Michael Hayes shot nine people in North Carolina and because one of his pictures had a Confederate flag in it, 'someone' wants the flag taken down. Can you imagine going off on this flag tangent? I had a difficult time even coming up with Hayes' name. The stuff is all about the flag, a U.S. symbol of the War Between The States. If Hayes had an Israeli flag, do you think that flag would be banned?

And that is what jews in the media do...they go off on tangents. They said they were standing up for blacks, but discrimination is WAY worse today than in the 60s. More white people are being murdered by disgruntled blacks. Jews like it that way.

Christ was against those Rabbis and Pharisees that took over Herod's Temple for financial gain and perverted rhetoric. That was the moral thing to do. But He failed. The Romans succeeded. So much for faith. Might wins.

And that is what jews do. They pound away at people until they give up. Those zealots circulated gold among the people to vote to release Barabbas and not Christ. This gold came from Herod's Temple because the money changers collected gold and gave the people tokens to offer to god. That made Christ (Yoshua) angry.

Separate jews from the 'religion' they hide behind. Don't fall for their lies. Stand up and tell the truth. Jews stole everything that belonged to Christ's followers; their Old Testament and scriptures and perverted those words to apply to them. Unless you want to follow Christ's killers, better blow off what jews say and write. They are the destroyers of peace.

Almost worse than what jews have done are the non-jew enablers that let this destruction continue. Politics is a dirty word. Democracy is a dirty word. I want my Republic back and thank goodness I'm Italian because it seems no other race can fix this.

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