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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DIABETES—I have a question

Is there anyone out there that understands what diabetes is? Like a doctor? I have a theory. I think a lot of people are told they have diabetes and they don't. Same with breast cancer. I'm sure there are more misdiagnosis, but let's talk diabetes.

My mother lived to be 86 years old and she didn't die of diabetes. She died of a heart attack. She was not overweight and had no symptoms but her doctor, a female Asian, prescribed thyroid medicine in about 2002. She immediately got very thin. I told her she had no symptoms and tried to talk her into reading up on it. She said her doctor knows what she's doing.

In about 2005, the same doctor said she had diabetes. Again no symptoms. She gained some weight back, though. In about 2009, I sent this doctor a Notice of Intent about not watching my mother's depression medicine and said that if she hurts anyone, I would blame the doctor. Not too many years after that the doctor dropped her. She continued to take diabetes insulin, though.

In about 2010, her sugar level went out of control, sometimes dropping to 60 and then going to 600 but she still had no diabetes symptoms; no weight gain, no burning feet, no amputations. Other than the fluctuating sugar levels, she was OK.

By 2013, I had to go back to where she lived to give her injections and watch what she ate. Her new doctor said she could not live alone in her home. We tried to get people to come in but she ended up in a nursing home. She was very angry. That's where she had the heart attack that killed her.

This is my theory. She didn't have a thyroid or diabetes problem. Does anyone know what happens to a healthy body that is given these medications for years that does not need them? Would it deteriorate the body, such as kidneys and brain? Has anyone ever done experiments with mice to see what happens when they are given drugs they do not need?

My son has an old cat that has diabetes. The vet found the cat's sugar level to be very high after the cat was brought in for not feeling well. I gave it shots for 10 days recently. The cat peed a lot and drank a lot of water and it is overweight. Symptoms of diabetes.

What do you think?

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