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Monday, July 13, 2015

Uniting with American blacks over 55...

I just watched a show on 60 Minutes, July 12, 2015, about people over 55 joining a singing group. The stage show is about what these people's lives were like and what happened to them and how singing saved them. But the main idea I got from this is that those older blacks are no different from our parents and grandparents....they overcame adversity and became strong Americans...without handouts There was no one that 'felt sorry for us.' We had no freebies and took responsibility for our lives. No bad feelings, just that you kept going.

That is not the story today. Our media and government has raised a whole group of people, black and white, that believe they are entitled. Our parents did not think that. We all thought that no matter how hard and sad your lives were, you sucked it up and went on. Black and whites...same things. Those Americans are much stronger and wiser than most kids today. Black Americans were Americans long before most Europeans that came over here. And they would have continued being a positive contribution to this Republic except for the media that told young blacks in the 60s that 'being a slave was a bad thing.'

These black people in the 60s had never been slaves, could not identify a slave in their families and did not feel like slaves. And evidently did not believe the lie Jews told them that 'White people are the reason for our woes.' So, being a solution person, I would like to join with these older blacks in trying to save our Republic. It is my responsibility, as an American that remembers before Civil Rights tore our races apart, to make this right. I think the 'over 55' group can be very powerful. We started out in the same boat and we are all now in a much worse boat.

What changed after us? We had jobs. That is not the case today and hasn't been since our government let our industries leave this Republic. And our present government is not about to change that. Instead, our government takes down the Confederate flag. I hope the families of blacks that served during the Civil War are ticked.

This is not about a flag. It is about taking away symbols of our Republic in order to destroy it. Government's response to ANY emergency is always knee-jerk, reactive and wrong. Anyone have an idea how to reach these older blacks?


  1. Here here, Susan. Well stated observations as always.

  2. Jimmy,
    Thank you. I know, at least, that agents and the media read this. No light bulb has come on yet but I found you and that is an honor.