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Friday, August 28, 2015

ADDENDUM to my blog, 'GETTING TO YES' May 19, 2015

In my article, I wrote that I had read that book but reread it again recently and found that every time the author used an example of 'negotiations,' it was this peace treaty. After the third time, I stopped reading the book. But I did not connect Sadat's assassination with this treaty.

When I wrote my blog in May of 2015, I had not realized that in October of 1981, Sadat was assassinated in Cairo, Egypt, during the Egyptian Third Army's parade commemorating the 1973 surprise attach against Israeli forces occupying the Sinai since 1967. 
Oct. 7, 1981 marked Egypt’s Armed Forces Day, so called in commemoration of the Egyptian Third Army’s launching of a surprise attack on that day in 1973 against Israeli forces occupying the Sinai since 1967. The Third Army pushed Israeli forces back toward Israel for several days until an American weapons airlift helped Israel turn the tide in what became known as the Yom Kippur war. Remember the USS Liberty attack? I do remember seeing the murder on TV, however.

The attackers would eventually come to be identified as Islamist nationalists associated with the Muslim Brotherhood under the name of Islamic Jihad. Although the http://middleeast.about.com/od/egypt/a/me081006a.htm article blames Muslims for this assassination, it seems more likely that Israel would have killed Sadat because of his usefulness being over.

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