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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What IF the Romans had done for the Zealots....

What IF the Romans had done for the Zealots then what the United States is doing for the Jews today? Through Roman time, they didn't fight for any other nation and they were in complete control of their territory for over 700 years. If we compare the relatively short reign of the United States, why would they put their neck out for a chaotic group of people and why give them legitimacy?

I think the answer lies in the hatred these Zealots had for other people in Judea. Their leaders, Rabbis and Pharisees in Herod's Temple, had wormed their way into convincing the Romans they deserved land and the right to govern it. Same with the Brits, Truman and the U.N. did in 1948. Then why did the Romans finally tire of the Zealot's hatred toward non-Zealots and destroy them?

Evidently these Zealots, who now call themselves 'Jews,' formed a new ideology and peddled this ideology for thousands of years, changing the wording in the Aramaic Bible to include the word “Jew.” I am not going into the 'birthright' to Palestinian land that Jews now live on. The fact is Jews are there, stealing more land, torturing the Palestinians and taking over their religions sites and towns. I have found that one tactic Jews and psychopaths use is not listening and pounding away over and over that they are right. Most people give up. I think the Romans did for a time but they learned.

The U.S. has not learned this lesson yet. Zealots/Jews do not build anything. They take over the building (Herod's Temple) and now, thanks to the U.S., have taken over Palestinian land, including Jerusalem. Right now, Jews won't let anyone else in at the excavation site of Herod's burial. That, Jews believe, will cement the fact in history that THEY own that land.

While these Zealots were plotting for decades to find the right sucker to defend them, let us talk about what Arabs have done. According to http://www.cogwriter.com/arabprophecy.htm

As far as greatness is concerned, throughout most of the "dark ages" in the West, the Arabic peoples were the leaders in science and culture--perhaps the greatest of all peoples at that time. The Arabs are still a major people, and have partially fulfilled this prophecy.”

While Europe languished in the Dark Ages, Arab scholars were pioneering developments in algebra and the study of modern astronomy” (Nature magazine, March 14, 2002)

While the rest of Europe was in the midnight of the Dark Ages, the Moorish universities of Spain were the beacon of the revival of learning. The Christian teacher was still manipulating the bones of the saints when the Arab physician was practicing surgery. The schools and monasteries in Italy, France, and Germany were still grappling with poor scholastic knowledge when Arab scholars were well advanced in the study of Aristotle and Plato. Stimulated by their acquaintance with the works of Ptolemy and Euclid, Galenus and Hippocrates, they extended their researches into the dominions of astronomy, mathematics, and medicine.” (page 7, History of Egypt from 330 B.C. to the Present Time by Angelo Solomon Rappoport, Published by Grolier Society, 1904)
“Schools and universities flourished in Moslem lands when Christian Europe was still in the “Dark Ages.”" (page 383, Early European History by Hutton Webster, Published by D.C. Heath & Co., 1917)”

Now while the Arabs were building civilizations of architecture and learning, what were 'Jews' doing? They were merchants. They went into cities like Florence (Medici family) and took control, sort of behind the backs of those living there. When that nation caught on as to what these merchants were doing, they kicked them out. Just as the Romans did in 70 A.D., the 'Jews' were dispersed around the world, taking on German and Spanish last names so they would not be noticed. But their behavior is noticed. Here is a list according to http://www.cameldog.net/war-peace/26529-list-countries-jews-have-been-kicked-out.html:

Africa (1147, 1790)
Arabia (624)
Austria (1298)
Babylon (586BC)
Bavaria (1551)
Belgium (1370)
Czechoslovokia (1745)
Denmark (not allowed in until the 17th century)
Egypt (1571BC, 38BC, 3BC, 66)
England (not allowed in until the 12th century, expelled in 1290)
France (561, 1182, 1242, 1306,1394,1540, 1682)
Germany (1012, 1096, 1146, 1298, 1510, 1614, 1935-revoked citizenship)
Hungary (1360, 1582, 1717)
Italy (1492, 1540, 1550, 1846)
Iraq (not allowed to emigrate to until 2003)
Lebanon (Jews not allowed entrance)
Palestine (70, 324)
Lithuania (1495)
Netherlands (1444)
Norway (1814)
Poland (1453, 1772-Pale of Settlement)
Portugal (1498)
Prussia (1510)
Rome (315,379)
Russia (1772-Pale of Settlement, 1881)
Saxony (1349)
Slovakia (1380, 1744)
Spain (612, 694, 1391, 1492-1968, officially)
Sweden (until 1782)
Switzerland (1939)
Syria (Jews not allowed entrance)

Can 32 nations be wrong? While Jews try and say they are the scapegoat of problems in those nations, the truth is THEY caused the problems. So, I go back to the original premise, What IF the Romans had done for the Zealots what the United States is doing for the Jews? We would have to be talking about a nation that backs these Jews. Without tremendous protection, monetary and weapontry support from that nation, the Jews would again be looking for a new place to land.

Without getting into the rise in power of Jews in the world thanks to Karl Marx and Zionism, I would like to propose a solution. Each one of us must stand up to this insanity. We have to be aggressive to the bleeding-heart Liberals out there and tell them, 'Have you gone insane?' We must be as aggressive as the enemy that has taken over our Republic. Just remind them of how our forefathers thought. Without them, we would not be living here and now that is being taken away and destroyed from within by a group of ideologists that hide behind 'religion.'

We don't have a 'Roman' government. All the people that know what is happening such as Patrick Buchanan, Ron Paul, Paul Findley and Cynthia McKinney need to be supported. Sadly, Senator Joseph McCarthy, JFK, Henry Ford and even Thomas Jefferson tried to warn us. Without these peoples' support, we are helpless to do anything except write an article here, do a radio show there and send gloom-and-doom emails.

That is it. We must support the 'Romans' of our time because we don't have good guys running this nation any longer. We have a pure Communist agenda. Kids repeat what they are being told. Forget them. Go to the people that have proved they want our Republic back. When the U.S. removes its total support for Israel, water will seek its own level and we didn't even have to kill anybody.

IN CONCLUSION: The Romans would have never relinquished any of their power to the Zealot extremists, aka Pharisees and rabbis. They gave them land and buildings to live on and a Temple, but still collected taxes from them. Then the Romans had enough of their malicious ways and banished them. The U.S. has been run by Communists, aka Jews, since WWII. Jews need a host and they finally found one that will give them anything, even at the expense of our nation.

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