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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Are you Islamic or extremest? You can't be both.

I am getting quite tired of this 'religious' mislabeling. You are either Islamic or an extremest. Islam is the religion and Muslim is a practitioner of Islam. In the Catholic Church, which developed a hundred years before Islam, they have always had excommunication for those that did not follow their laws. Evidently, Islam has no such ability.

I have not heard of Catholic Terrorists or Lutheran Terrorists because most likely, both religions would distance their name from those terrorist groups. But not Islam. They have Sunnis and Shiites that have been fighting since the 7th century, Sunnis being the majority. That is a recipe for disaster. The Catholic Church was created by Constantine in the 4th century and came long before Lutherans, Baptists or say, Quakers. Only Lutherans broke from the Catholic Church but they are separate. I say there should be a Sunni religion and a Shiite religion that are separate, but believe in, basically, the same things with their own exceptions.  As long as the cat's tails are tied together, they always will be fighting.

In any group, they must have common laws and beliefs. The Church does and they don't have anything within it like the Sunnis or Shiites. If you don't believe the same things, such as Martin Luther had issue with, they should separate. And Islam respects what Catholics believe. Jews could have just as well adopted Islam because they all lived in the same area and practiced the same traditions.  But the Romans kicked the Zealots out of Herod's Temple and then from the whole area so, the Zealots were ticked.  

It is strange that Islam and Catholic are close in beliefs and they get along...separately.  Judaism 'believes' in the same beliefs also but with a twist:  Judaism is all about making Jews 'The Chosen People.'  To make them legit.  Their message is pure propaganda and their hearts are filled with hate towards those that do not like their behavior and anyone not Jewish.  They will never separate and that makes them powerful.   Finally, with a big brother like the United States, they are getting what their mantra states.

And if they can't do that, at least DENY THAT A TERRORIST IS ISLAMIC. Excommunicate them. Distance yourself. You're putting any true Muslim into the same class as idiots. Judaism has different sects of Jews in it but they are ALL united.  An Israeli terrorists is a Jewish terrorist.  Same thing.

Muslims have to stop fighting among themselves or they will never get their land back that the Jews stole. ISIS is supposed to be an 'Islamic extremest' group but they go against what good Islam stands for. They are not Muslims! They are extremest...beyond the pale.  They are killing Muslims and Christians, not Jews. That doesn't make sense.

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