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Monday, April 6, 2015


Since Civil Rights and the 60s Revolution, this 'love' thing is not working. In fact, nations are
many times worse because of it. Look around. The U.S. economy is in the toilet. Our morality is perverted. Men want to use the heterosexual sacrament of marriage to validate their homosexual 'deviation' and make it normal.

The experiment did not work. The only people that can control those living in the Middle East were Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi and Bin Laden...and they are all dead and it is possible Bin Laden had been dead for three years when the U.S. shoved his body out of the helicopter. These men were accused of 'human rights violations' and also having a strong dislike for the West. So the imperialistic West removed them and what happened? Those nations were destroyed, there are 'rebels' everywhere and lots of killings, all while the fiddler on the roof played his tune. Just as with the Free Republic of China, the U.S. supplied ammunition to the REDS and those free nations fell to communism. And the U.S. knew this would happen. Even the village idiot knew.

Who is causing the unrest in the Middle East? Why, of course, Israel, the U.S.'s bestest buddy and ally. Israel wants Syria's land and especially wants Iran. The only way these nations can function is under a strong dictator. Not communism....one strong man and the U.S. ruined that.

Vespasian and his son, Titus, built the Roman Collosseum to entertain the people so that they would not notice they were being taxed to death.  And they also opened bars for the people, but that got out of hand and they closed them.  Note that the same thing is happening in the U.S.  The sports stadiums and entertainment centers and large malls are owned by people with last names such as Schottenstain.

Banjamin Netanyahu is 'upset' because the U.S. is talking to Iran, if you can believe anything he says anyway. It is all scripted. Obama is proving by his actions that he wants to destroy other nations in the Middle East that Israel doesn't like. Worse fools than Obama and Netanyahu are the Americans that are afraid to say this. Remember the Oslo Talks lasted for 10 years in the 90s and the only result was the death of Yasser Arafat. The dye is cast...over and over...and 'the people' are fooled.

This 'love' ruined South Africa. Can you imagine a prosperous nation of white people, helping the Africans north of them and even those living among them, and then the anti-Apartheid movement comes in and forces that nation to let other black nations in and, of course, S.A. is a mess now. S.A. even got rid of their atomic bomb because they feared the 'new people' would blow it up. The 'new people' caused their nuclear electric grid to go down.

The dream of love is like communism. It is a dream. It ain't gonna ever work. People don't want 'love.' They want security, prosperity and industries. They want what they had before the Jewish-run Civil Rights and 60s Revolution changed our Republic. But the people followed the Jewish message, “Down with the Establishment,' not realizing our Establishment was doing pretty good. They didn't even know what 'the establishment' meant.  Just as JFK had to die to herald this 'new establishment' in, so too the state of Israel and the holocaust had to come into being to take over the Middle East.

One illegal nation is responsible for the destruction of the U.S. While people were loving it up, our infrastructure was crumbling. It took about 20 years for these Jews, aka communists, to overthrow Mother Russia. It took the same group about 20 years to plan 9-11. The U.S. has been run by the same group for over 68 years. That is not LOVE.

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