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Thursday, March 19, 2015


I just heard on the news that this was the warmest winter on record...ever:


But more importantly than this is that The Weather Channel wants to shut down these anti-global warming proponents. And a man named Coleman said Climate Change is a myth and he said that on FOX.

Paige Lavender stated that news outlets are being told to limit their information against climate change proponents because it is not backed by facts. They also said something about people think presenting both sides is a good thing but they should not be allowed to state what is it not factual.
Now, I don't know about you but the holocaust isn't factual either and Jews won't let 'the other side,' which happens to be factual, the right to talk about. I read last year about a school teacher that gave an assignment to his students about 'Did the holocaust really happen?' But the school prevented him from doing this. I wrote to the teacher.

Can you tell me when Americans will wake up to the FACT that they are being censored? And not only censored but put into a narrow box that limits what they are allowed to think about.

I'll tell you who censors and intimidates—Dr. Phil. Read my following article on this arrogant guy.

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