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Thursday, March 19, 2015


I sent Dr. Phil an email about a guest that would present factual evidence about Jews and the holocaust.  Instead of sending the following letter to him, I decided you should read it.  At least I will know intelligent life read it.

Dr. Phil,

I watched your show on March 17, 2015, about the man who didn't like race mixing (only because my neighbor called me to turn it on) and thought Jews were beasts.  You are one step above Jerry Springer.

I stopped watching your show long ago because of your sensational technique of picking the strangest people and if you don't agree with a person, you brutally tear him down so that the audience will be influenced. That is a propaganda interview.

Now, the person reading this is probably saying 'better not read this rest of this email' because it could hurt Dr. Phil's ego, but read on. I am not nor ever been a 'racist.' That idea came about because Jews introduced the words 'black, racist, anti-semitic and bi-polar' to make Americans they THEY are the problem. Read Jewish professor Robert Weissberg's paper entitled, 'Jews and blacks. Everything the goyim wanted to know but were afraid to ask.' He disparages the American black by writing books about how stupid they are. He admits Jews used blacks for desegregation and Civil Rights. He told me, “The blacks don't appreciate what Jews have done for them.”

You don't do enough research. You are one-sided just like Lexus Nexus and their case laws. You are making people believe in the 'sound bite mentality,' first mentioned by John Stossel. That means they think 'it just happened' instead of researching for the CAUSE. It's the cause, boss, the cause.

Let me go over some things you said during this show:

  1. That one 'expert' man on a TV monitor was saying the man's daughter was messed up (with a black child) because he wasn't home. Gee, he was in prison! The man admitted his daughter was messed up! The father missed that one.
  1. So, if dad caused his daughter to have a black child and at the end, Dr. Phil is telling the girl to call her father a “Beast,” how is that any different from the father calling Jews and blacks “Beasts.” Well, because Dr. PHIL said it. The street doesn't run both ways on your show, does it? And then you told the daughter that got messed up because dad wasn't there that she had to 'stay away from your father' and keep that baby away from him too.
    I'm not talking about 'racism' here. I'm talking about listening exactly to what is said and being an impartial interviewer.

I was a police officer for 16 years, although I never talked about politics on the job. My job was protecting and saving no matter who they were. I have a B.A. in Political Science, summa cum laude. I studied hard and for three years had fair and conservative professors. But the last year I had to take elective classes with the traditional students and ran into the Liberal professors. Stark contrast. My adviser was Jewish and so was one of those fair professors but they were in the minority. When Jews and Liberals get to be the majority, they get mean and lower your grade if you don't agree with them. Law school is brutal because of this Liberalism.

Compare Pixar movies before January, 2006 with those afterward. Check out Senator Joseph McCarthy's book, America's retreat from Victory. He banned Jewish movie directors from making subversive movies until 1965. Check out what happened to movies after that, and TV shows, and video games, and clothing, and music. Think that is just a coincidence? No, it is a Changing Of The Guard.

That father had the right to say what he did and you had the right to fairly interview him and not make fun of him. Did you see the daughter's face when she didn't know the camera was on her? She pouted and shook her head in a baby way and then saw she was on camera, saw the camera and had an 'Oops” look. I give your cameramen credit for that snippet.

Now, I could be wrong. It could be that you know what is going on and put this father on so he could get his message out. You just pretended to be egotistical and judgmental. Could be. But from what I saw, you were trying to diminish his message and make people think the father was wrong and to hate him. That is coercion.
It doesn't really matter if you find out the truth. Those Jews will destroy you just like they are going to destroy this father. They will either ruin his income, have him killed, shoot through his window, encourage others to burn down his house or the ATF will visit his house and find 'something.' Hopefully they didn't plant it there in the first place, but don't count on it.

At my department black officers had a web site called The Shield or something. Only blacks could join but not the ones we liked or trusted. These were the disgruntled ones, the ones that think they aren't liked 'just because we're black.' But if white officers had an white-only web site, well, that would be racist. That is why Vatican II made the Church secular. That is why Jews say the Masonic Temple has a degree above 32nd. There is no 33 degree. The Masonic Temple's 'crime' was not letting in Jews, women and blacks. As a woman, I have no problem with that. Men like to be in groups sometimes.

These Jews have separated Americans into 'black and white.' The people were fixing the mess Civil Rights created and Jews can't have that. Hence Ferguson, MO. Make people think there IS a racist problem in policing. Heck, they own the newspapers and TV stations. They must bring 'racism' back into the limelight and make people believe it exists.

You could be such a savior of this Republic (not a democracy) if you were impartial. However, you are just like the rest...sensational.

Hey, thanks to whoever read this. I hope more people will actually LISTEN to what is said and not jumble it up in their dyslexic brain and 'assume' they meant something else and hurl it out of their mouth as something that wasn't said in the first place.

1 comment:

  1. Way to go, Susan! You nailed Phil.

    He's bought and paid for just like all the other TV 'personalities'. Pushes politically-correct retardation.