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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hey Jew! Let me splain somethin to ya.

YOU and the protection you receive for putting out perverted, insulting Jewish 'cartoons' and filmmakers with impunity IS THE PROBLEM. I know you're not that stupid but you think everyone else is.

I just read an article entitled 'Danish Jews, Muslims gird for more violence.' This is the kind of twisted propaganda media Jews put out to make 'the Jew' the victim instead of the truth, which is the perpetrator. If Jewish 'cartoonists' are stopped from putting out those inciting, insulting 'cartoons,' no one would be offended any more. But Jews can't have that.

The article, from Copenhagen, states, “A novel, 'The Best Book,' satirizing religions including Islam, will be released Feb. 27. The book was written by Kaare Bluitgen, who set in motion the 2005 publication of cartoons of Muhammad that sparked worldwide protests and death threats.” “Satire” is another 'innocent' Jewish tool.

This tells us 1. Bluitgen started this gruesome mess and 2. They ain't gonna stop. So, we ask ourselves: 'Why are Jews doing this?' We know it is to anger any religion that is not Judaism. But more than that, think like a Jew. These Jewish 'cartoonists' are hateful people. They want the world to protect them in their quest to insult everyone NOT a Jew and to be protected BECAUSE they are a Jew.

So, the novel includes passages on Muhammad's sex life. Gosh, bet that won't insult Muslims. Jews can't be insulted because they have no leader like Muhammad or Christ. They made everything up. They own the media so they just wrote 'new' versions of the Bible and inserted “Jew” instead of the Judeans they really are.

It was Jewish-run Civil Rights (according to Robert Weissberg) that started all this 'sensitivity' stuff so that no one would allegedly ever say “nigger” to a 'nigger,' I assume. No one I knew did. Then you can't say “fat” to a 'fat' person, I assume. I never did. You can't say any slang words like 'Spick' or 'Wetback' but I guess you can say 'dego' and 'WOP.' I do because I'm Italian but I never would do an insulting cartoon about WOP unless I hated Italians.

So, our 'president' told those Jewish 'cartoonists' that they have the 'freedom' to put their garbage 'cartoons' out and he backs them. I have been sending our 'president' insulting, perverted 'cartoons' about blacks and Jews for several weeks now because HE states we have the freedom to do that.

Anyway, the article continues, “Jewish leaders are negotiating with the Justice Ministry, security forces and police over plans to station armed guards outside schools, homes and shops.” Muslims only said for their communities to not be alone in public and to notify police if they run into trouble. See how passive Muslims are?

Then, the main point: “To be able to continue to live a Jewish life, sadly, means that it looks like we need enhanced security,” said Jeppe Juhi, spokesman for the Jewish community in Denmark. “There is a problem with radicalized Muslim society. It is not a problem just for Jews. We are just more easily targeted.”

Holy day! Jews are on Palestinian land that want it back, and Muslims are the radicals? Jews are putting out insulting 'cartoons' and Muslims are the radicals? They are 'targeted' because what they do is wrong. Same as a murderer is 'targeted' when he kills someone. You can't make stupid right.

They stole the teachings and traditions of the Middle East and made it their own 'religion' after the Romans kicked them out of the Middle East. They steal other people's land and buildings, including Jerusalem. They pretend like they are a sweet people while at the same time murder Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children. And the worst part is they have make Jesus' message their own! They use everything He said and did and fulfilled, but leave the 'Jesus Christ' part out. It now belongs to the Jews because it is in print!

To all those Muslims and Christians out there that are insulted, stay out of it. Let those Jews dig their own hole. Send insulting 'cartoons' to our president and Congress. But don't fall for what the Jew has in mind....to make you the terrorists and not the original terrorists—Jews.

I have no idea who is targeting these arrogant, insulting Jewish 'cartoonists,' but it isn't ISIS. ISIS is killing Muslims and Christians.

Shirley McClain and Ted Nugent will never have to apologize for what they have said because the Jewish 'cartoonists' don't have to. Tit for Tat, my friend.

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