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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The December 14, 2012 Massacre in Connecticut

What can be done to prevent another massacre of innocent children in our schools? For the present, all doors should be locked and the teachers should have magnets in the door frame that they can pull out in seconds to close the door. It takes too much time to use a key to lock it (the teacher would have to stand in the hall to lock it) and substitute teachers are at a substantial disadvantage because they don't even have keys.

Secondly, retired police officers with CCW licenses should be hired to work in the school every day in dress clothes, not uniforms. Since substitute teachers work for about $10 an hour, $15 an hour for the retired officers would be fair.

But to me, the main question is 'how did it come to this' and can it be fixed? Yes. These killers came about because of the change in our society fifty years ago. After Civil Rights and desegregation, which loosened the public's hold on the family, the Welfare State became bloated with girls having babies without fathers. Then, as if this were planned, movies became violent and perverted; comic books became lewd and violent; busing caused violence in schools; video games became graphic and violent; movies like 'The Warriors' glorified street gangs; television shows became senseless, mean and perverted; the music became thumping, violent and perverted; people like Madonna encouraged lewdness, sex, kissing other females and very little clothes. And too many children are being drugged legally while drug manufacturers write that they “don't know why the drug works,” turning intelligent children into zombies.

These killings did not happen in a vacuum. If anyone in our government truly wants these senseless killings to stop, and I do not believe they do, they must fix the media. I listened to some commentator this morning talking about the killings and he blamed guns. He mentioned the lobbies that are crippling this nation like the National Rifle Association but failed to mention the lobbies that ARE crippling our nation such as AIPAC. He wants to ban legal guns but not break the monopoly-hold on all aspects of the media. This shows me the government has no intention of fixing the problem.

The 'media' includes radio, television, newspapers, magazines, book publishers, comic books, movies, video games, clothing, music.....anything that is promoted or published that influences people. The media is owned/operated by one group that began buying it up in earnest fifty years ago and since their ownership, our society has sunk to the present-day level.

President Reagan closed the orphanages and encouraged Children Services and foster care.  He closed the mental hospitals and put mentally sick people into homes in your neighborhood.  He deregulated everything from the trucking industry to the phone company, leading to higher prices and bad service.  He weakened the American dollar.  He did our nation a lot of damage.

Just the same as when a victim confronts his bully and solves the problem, we must confront the truth about how all this came about. Do the research.....you'll find out I am right.

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