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Monday, December 3, 2012

European Superiority Complex, Jewish Persecution Complex and Self-Hating Blacks, oh my

Of the three destructive groups listed in the title, the Self-Hating Blacks are the least dangerous because American blacks realized long before whites how destructive Jews are, even though Jewish-led Civil Rights and the 60s Revolution tried their darnedest to change that. American blacks are more assimilated then the other two groups. Although Jews targeted the blacks as being a weak and needy group, after the glow wore off, blacks realized Jews were only interested in themselves.

The Europeans that came to this 'untamed' nation were English, French and Spanish, although the English took the lead. All three imperialist nations had done this many times and were accomplished ravagers of nations. They used their 'superiority' as an excuse to squash 'untamed' nations and devoid them of their natural and human resources.

This superiority is evident again in the thought that 'Europeans settled this land and therefore it belongs to white Europeans.' The problem with that argument is that until George Washington, this nation had a European attitude. That attitude was changed and was explained in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. President Washington became an American, not a European.

Yes, the forefathers were white but even then, it was a struggle to convince the people here that they must separate from England. It was the first time in history that I know of where a nation in the grips of imperialism broke from England. We were indeed The Great Experiment.

Where did the Jewish Persecution Complex come from? Actually, no where but in the minds of Jews. Today's Jews were the Zealots that fled Jerusalem when Herod's Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD and fled to Masada. The rest of the people in the Middle East, mostly Semitic and assumed to be of the House of David, were not Zealots. The Zealots, aka Jews, were dispersed throughout Europe. Jews had no right to that land then and do not now.

And there has been much reliable research done on the 'holocaust' and that has proven (through records) that there were probably not even a million Jews in the camps (besides Catholics, political dissidents and impaired people) and that most did not die and certainly did not die from being gassed. This assertion defies logic and facts.

Decisions, negotiations and peace can all be worked out as long as emotions and vindictiveness stay out of the picture. Emotions include superior attitudes, persecution complexes and religion. Peace in the Middle East will never be accomplished as long as the illegal state of Israel exists. There was peace before Israel and there will be peace when Israel is dismantled and the U.S. stops supporting them.

What those 'superior' Europeans did to the native Americans and by bringing in African slaves is no different that what Jews are doing to Palestinians, YET people cry about the American Indians and do nothing to help the Palestinians. Well, some strong Americans did try like former Ambassador Edward Peck and Cynthia McKinney, Lebanon and some guys from Turkey.

Americans won't save our Republic. It will be done indirectly though Russia and China who should be our best buddies in the first place and not Israel. Israel is draining our nation of money and morality. Our forefathers got it right and so did our first legal immigrants from Ireland, Italy and Germany but Jews have the present-day American mind and heart and have given moral cowards the right not to think at all.

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