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Monday, December 31, 2012

Messiah, Menorah and MAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association )

Who knew? Who knew what honoring the Menorah and and the Jewish zealot's holiday of Hanukkah could produce? Who knew that letting three percent of the American population celebrate their holiday at the same time as Catholics and Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ could produce?

Well, we have found out. Three percent of America's population has dictated to the other ninety-seven percent that the Jew Zealots are the rulers. So, what comes next? Yep, you guessed it. NAMBLA celebrating THEIR holiday....sex with young boys.

After five years of investigating Jewish control of U.S. media and government, I have found that Americans are really stupid. 'Ignorant' comes to mind as a word to describe liberal Americans but 'stupid' seem more appropriate. If three percent of the population can dictate how we celebrate the birth of Christ, it is an easy next step to understand that NAMBLA is close to celebrating the sexual revolution of our young boys.

Oh, I'm sorry if you have a son that is under the age of 18. Or an grandson. Sorry that your child could be victim to some adult predator. But that is the way it is. You see, Jewish Zealots are single-minded psychopaths and WAY beyond your compassion or understanding.

So, let your young boys be gobbled up by male adults because that is their 'religion.' You may not call it 'religion' but it is. It is an ideology. You have unwittingly played into the hands of the enemy.

My son is grown. He won't fall prey to NAMBLA. I don't particularly care if your son or grandson does. But you let the stupidity grow lethal when you do nothing. It's up to you. 'Who Knew' is an Israeli phrase to promote tourism to Israel. I say 'have at it' you Jewish perverts at taking our young boys and sexually perverting them. I don't care. I don't have any young boys you can prey on.

Call me apathetic. I am realistic. Let your sons and grandsons fall prey to the next 'religious holiday' called NAMBLA. I don't care. Do you?

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