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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Jewish question...

Why would Jews of today, mostly Ashkenazi (or however you spell it), want themselves inserted into the Bible to replace 'Citizens of Judea?' To do that would identify them as the ones responsible for the murder of Jesus Christ. They did this because 'Citizens of Judea,' as stated in translations such as the older Aramaic, is too general. They needed to specifically insert themselves into the Bible so people would think 'Jews' existed in Christ's time and therefore, they could take over the world. Seems a bit ambitious but not unrealistic as long as things fell into place.

Jews did not exist in the Middle East during Christ's time. The Rabbis and Pharisees in Herod's Temple were Zealots. Christ chastised them and eventually the Romans did also. These Zealots, by their own admission, came 'from the north,' meaning north of Syria. Jews of today say them came from Mesopotamia but many people believe they are Turkish-Mongolians. Either way, they have no property right to Palestinian land. But by inserting themselves into the King James version, however, they claim they do...as if religion matters in this country.

A group 'of people' pushed the publishers of the King James version of the Bible to change those two words to 'Jews.' At first the publishers resisted but gave in. The King James English version of the Bible came out early 1600s. Read and compare the earlier translations of the Bible to note this, especially John.

Any book such as the Bible or the Koran are strong binders of people. Religion has caused wars for centuries. That is why Constantine created the Catholic Church...to control the masses.

Hebrew was a written language that the Bible was written in, same as the Catholic Church used Latin. The Jews of today claim they speak Hebrew instead of Yiddish because 'they are the Chosen People.' They have no problem changing these things because Jews own the publishing companies and almost all the media.

Just as Jews worked on the Czar for 20 years with their liberal mantra of 'The peasants need to be treated fairly, and then later, 'The workers need to be treated fairly,' Jews have worked on the United States for almost a century to introduce Communism. Communism was created by Karl Marx and Engels, both Jews, as a plan (or philosophy) to take over the world. They chose Russia because their first choice didn't work. If a nation is healthy, Communism could not exist. So, Jews made the U.S. sick.

Jews worked relentlessly working on our government, creating and running the Federal Reserve and the NAACP and newspapers in the U.S.  Senator Joseph McCarthy found “Jewish-Soviet Spies” in our Federal government after WWII and correctly identified them. He imprisoned 40 (who were confirmed in early 1980) and the 200 he could not quite get, he banned them from making subversive movies until about 1965. 

After that (and desegregation and Civil Rights and the 60s Revolution) the movie industry exploded with perverted movies, TV situation comedies, books, magazines, music, video games, clothing, public school books, slogans, derogatory 'racist' terms, laws...and all things 'civil rights.'

The evidence is there if only people would look for it. But people don't want to research. They want to be entertained and Jews can be VERY entertaining because the dream world is their world. When exposed for lying they reply, “But it should have been that way.” Well, it wasn't.

Today Jews have succeeded in inserted themselves, however incorrectly, into the Bible. They call themselves 'Hebrews.' They say they speak Hebrew. Even Christ spoke Aramaic. They destroyed the Catholic Church and 'Christians,' whatever or wherever they came from, are now the big 'C,' not catholics. The Church HAD to be destroyed (by Vatican II) because they were too strong, ceremonial and too rich—a huge threat to Jews. Vatican II took away the Latin, the nun's habits, the spirituality of the Church and their strength.  Today leaders want a Vatican III 'to right the wrongs done to the Jews.' Same with the Masonic Temple. 

There is NO 33rd degree, only the 32nd Scottish Rite, of which my husband was a member. He was proud because it was the highest degree. Back then, before 1984, no Jews or blacks were allowed in it.

So, what are we going to do about this? Nothing because we don't have the money to change it and not many Americans want to do the research. They are afraid of hurting the feelings of the Jews. Sly devils.

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