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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Origins of Judaism.....according to Jews

This article is about the 'Origins of Judaism.' Well, it is about what is today printed in public school text books. If Civil Liberties are reading this, you need to do something. You're upset with mentioning God in schools....what about telling young minds about Judaism in a geography book? Religion does NOT belong in public schools and Judaism IS a religion.

First of all, these hypocrites are now using 'Christians' and 'Christianity' in place of the Catholic Church. In fact, there is NO mention of the Catholic Church at all. The word 'Christianity' has replaced Catholic and Protestant. The Church, which changed drastically in 1963, is no longer 'Catholic,' but a perverted Judeo-Christian morph. Today it is either 'Christian' or 'Judeo.' The Church and Christ are merely journey men in the creation of Judaism. On Jeopardy! I heard Alex ask, 'What were Christ's disciples called before?' The woman answered, 'Apostles,' and she was right but Alex said, 'No, Christians.' Remember, it was Jewish groups that forced the King James version to change 'Judean' to 'Jew.'

The first thing I saw was a Geography Test. It had questions such as, 'Whom do the Hebrews claim as their ancestor?' A—Abraham. We know from research that there were NO 'jews' in Christ's time. There were Zealots, those Rabbis and Pharisees in Herod's Temple, that He was very upset with because of their greed. He even overturned their money-changer tables in the Temple. He did not approve of their usury and greed. Even in John, it states a couple of time how 'the people were afraid of the Judeans.' Even the money-changers were Judeans.

Another question: 'The Torah is the first part of A) the Hebrew Bible, B) Justinian's Code, C) the Gospels and D) the New Testament. The answer is A. The Torah is the story of Moses because if Jews can put themselves as those exiled into Egypt, they can claim they are the Holy People, not Christ. Those Judeans were exiled to Babylon, not Egypt, by the Assyrians but this Chapter does not state that.

This chapter also states that 'jews' came from the north: Mesopotamia. They are actually Turkish-Mongolians.

To the best of my research, Hebrew was the sacred language of text, like Latin was in the Catholic Church. Most people do not speak Hebrew or Latin today, but Jews now say their language is 'Hebrew' instead of Yiddish. It was Yiddish when Communists Jews took over Mother Russia in 1917, in their failed attempt to change Russian language to Yiddish. But people have short memories and certainly never research.

Besides making the Exodus theirs, Jews use the Ten Commandments as theirs. The text states, “Many explanations can be found in the Talmud, a set of commentaries and lessons for everyday life. The writings of the Talmud were produced between AD 200 and 600.” THIS is in a public school geography textbook! We know Constantine created the Catholic Church in the 300s AD to control the masses. We know Islam was created by Mohammad in about 400 AD. So, 'jews' stole the Book of Moses after that.

Another question on this test is, 'The Trinity is...' The answer is 'a Christian belief that God is made up of three persons.' PERSONS?? No one in the Catholic Church ever said the Father was a person. An entity is not a person. Today, they don't even say, 'Holy Ghost.' Students think that is somehow funny.

It also states that Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire after 'the conversion of Constantine to Christianity.' Does anyone listening know the history of Constantine? He was a Roman Emperor that knew of the Christ story and The Cross and thought he could control the masses if he pushed this as a religion. He called it the Catholic Church and after corrupted centuries, it developed Bishops and a Pope. The Popes were quite perverted for centuries, having illegitimate children and making them rulers. By the beginning of the 20th century, the Catholic Church had evolved into a correct and strong religion. It was the Jews' major obstacle to their lie. So was the Masonic Temple.

Together, this Chapter on Judiasm is slowing weaving the Catholic Church into Judaism, and replacing it. It seems that these 'jews' came from somewhere else and 'God told an early Hebrew leader to travel west to a new land,' which I guess was the Middle East. It states, 'Sometime between 2000 and 1500 BC a new people appeared in Southwest Asia. They were the Hebrews. Most of what is known about early Hebrew history comes from the work of archaeologists and from accounts written by Hebrew scribes.” It states that, '...in time, these accounts became the Hebrew Bible.' These people came from Mesopotamia and that Abraham led them out to Canaan. From Bible accounts, Canaans were not a desirable people and Christ's followers were upset when he went to a wedding there.

The text states that after Canaan, some Hebrews moved to Egypt, perhaps because of famine in Canaan. Then it states that the Hebrew population grew and the pharaoh made them slaves. From what I've researched, it is true that people from the Middle East were conquered by Egypt and taken to there and were made to build their monuments. As for Moses, he didn't lead anyone out of Egypt as he was fortunate to get out alive himself after he was nasty to his mother there. The people left Egypt because the pharaoh kicked them out because they were multiplying. That is most certainly why they wandered around the Middle East for YEARS, not knowing where to go. They were leaderless.

These escapees from Egypt returned to their land and build Solomon's Temple. After that was destroyed, Herod built his Temple, the one that Jews now call the Wailing Wall. It was during their rule in Judea that they turned Christ over to the Romans and he was murdered. Herod's temple was destroyed by Rome in about 70 AD because those zealots had become too much of a problem. Some escaped to Masada, where they committed suicide, and others to Europe.

Just as the followers of Christ were stunned about his murder and wandered around, those Zealots that fled Rome wandered around trying to figure out why people didn't like them. They had plenty of knowledge from the Bible and decided to take Moses' story as theirs. Finally, they felt credible but they needed it in writing.

Somewhere around the 16th century, Jews forced those that wrote the King James version of the bible to replace, 'Judean,' with the word 'Jew' and Jews were born. Because of this change, many 'Christians' today believe Jews existed in Christ's time. Some even think Christ was a Jew. His real name could be Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Not only did 'jews' not exist as 'a people,' religion did not exist either. The Middle East was tied together by ceremonies and traditions set down in the Old Testament.

Why would a group of people, without land, want to insert themselves into the Bible and say they deserve Palestinian land? To make them legitimate and worthy. The only problem these people had was they were so greedy and unpleasant that country after country kicked them out. It wasn't until the United States, in the early 1900s, began to show sympathy 'to their plight' that Jews became powerful.

First, Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto. Jews tried to install it in one country and could not. Then they tried Russia. It took 20 years of liberal ideas thrown at the Czar and chants of 'the poor peasant,' that Jews took control of Russia by murdering the Czar and his family. For decades, Jews massacred Russians until Stalin. Stalin took control of the by then 'Soviet Union' and ran WWII.

During WWII, Communists had infiltrated the federal government. Truman, the Brits and the U.N. gave Palestinian land to Jews to establish the state of Israel and the fight we have today, began. General Marshall and Dean Acheson gave ammunition to the REDS in free China, enabling them to take over China. Formosa, North Korea and Manchuria also fell to the REDS. All the while this was happening, the U.S. proclaimed to be anti-Communists.

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