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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hurricane Katrina and the Flint water crisis

I noticed a similarity between the Katrina aftermath and the Flint water crisis:  That, coincidentally, both local governments, Flint and Louisianan, are both run by predominately black people, including the Flint mayor and the Flint emergency manager.  Flint now has a female black mayor named Karen Weaver.

The New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin, could not be found after Katrina hit.  He had left and wasn't located until after the storm.  He has since been convicted on corruption charges.

Evidently, in Flint, a man named Darnell Early was the one that switched Flint's water from Detroit to Flint.  He is also, coincidentally, the person in charge of the deteriorating schools in Flint. In 2012, Governor Snyder voted against changing water to Flint.

This should not be a racial issue.  It is a competency issue.  Just because a city is predominately black, does not automatically mean a black mayor or emergency manager can run it.  To select someone or vote for someone just because they are black ignores the competency issue.  That's like voting with your heart and not your head.

Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of Chicago and the black residents there despise him and he's Jewish.  He just isn't a good mayor.

It seems to me that the public, or whoever puts a mayor in power, should look at the person's credentials and background before voting for them.  Not just their race...and that includes gender.  Stop being Politically Correct and start being intelligently correct.  Electing someone just because they look like you is dangerous.


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