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Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am offended by ignorant people that think race matters. I am offended by people in high places that manipulate the public into being OFFENDED by things no one should be offended by, such as intelligence or race.

I am offended that our Republic and assimilation have been distorted into covering illegals and 'refugees.' I am offended that the stupidity keeps going and now includes whether Mexican food should be served in a school cafeteria. More than what food is served, what ever happened to Food Handler Permits?

I am offended that Hillary Clinton even thinks she has a chance of being president or that Bill Clinton is doing lectures knowing he desecrated the Oval Office. I am offended that the difference between male and female is being blurred and that those homosexuals might 'be offended' if we ask what sex they are. I am offended by two-daddy cereal commercials.

I am offended that seniors are being treated so badly and that they don't automatically get food allocations each month. I am offended by socialized medicine and the fact we now have to pay for this sub-standard medical treatment. I am offended that social security is being robbed by liberal programs for illegals, alcoholics and drug users.

I am offended that Cubans get $30,000 when they come to America to buy a home (under the guise of the American Dream) and that Arabs and Somalians don't have to pay taxes on their businesses. I am offended that our industries went overseas. I am offended that we send over $20 billion a year to Israel (the Cranston Act 1984) and fight their trillion-dollar wars for nothing. Well, nothing but for dead or mutilated young American men and a ruined economy.

I am offended that Americans won't research anything; that they blindly follow the trendy opinion of what they read in our Jewish-run newspapers. Not to mention the training films they put out so that our young people are promiscuous, violent and bully. I am offended by the Americans that think these problems 'just came into being.'

I am offended that the very people who destroyed our Republic and are responsible for having Christ murdered, are now the Holy People. I am really offended that white Americans don't know our history and won't research it. I am offended that Senator Joseph McCarthy is defiled by Jews and not as an American National Hero for telling the truth.

I am offended that our judicial system is pushing the legal limits and raking in cash when they incarcerate someone for years with no trial. Did you know it costs $12 a minute to talk to someone in jail? I am offended that social media has ANY credibility. I am offended that the only people that seem to be able to unite are minorities.

I am offended that most Americans think Muslims did 9-11. I am offended by orders from 'up above' that no one checks out. I am offended that the Rights of the Englishmen are gone. I am offended when a homosexual adopts a child and is against abortion. I am offended when high schools have 'holocaust survivors' in their auditoriums to speak but not David Irving.

And Americans let all this happen when they say nothing. This offends me the most.

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